MTL - Rules Strange Story: My Family is Not Normal-Chapter 485 monkey mind

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  Chapter 485 Monkey's Little Thoughts

  Seeing Fatty Peng's innocent appearance, Zhou Bai couldn't help chuckling.

   "Take him with you?

  You mean, take him back to make soup for Linda? "

  Hearing what Zhou Bai said, the monkey turned pale with fright.

  Fatty Peng also remembered the **** thigh that was placed on the front desk a few days ago.

  So his whole person became bad.

   "However, he doesn't look delicious, and he may not be able to catch Linda's eyes."

  Hearing such an evaluation, the monkey didn't know whether to be angry or grateful.

   There was only a slightly embarrassed expression on his face.

  Zhou Bai stared at him and walked over, grabbed his hands with a smile, pulled them closer to his eyes, and looked at them carefully.

   "I'm just curious.

  So many people want to rob you, what is it for?

   Could it be for these hands? "

  The monkey showed an innocent expression, and quickly shook his head.

  Zhou Bai stared at his frightened expression, and the smile on his face became more perverted.

   "Well, I'll chop off your hand and study it carefully."

  Hearing this, the monkey shrank his hands suddenly, and the ruthlessness that could not be hidden in the red eyes disappeared in an instant.

   Soon, he became nervous and afraid again.

   Zhou Bai thought it was very interesting, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but curl up slightly.

  He smiled and folded his two hands together, using only his own hand, he firmly grasped his two slender wrists.

   Then, he took out a knife from his pocket.

   came to the back of the hand with long yellow hair, and used the tip of the knife to stroke it lightly back and forth.

  The monkey was trembling with fright, showing help-seeking eyes, and quickly looked at Fatty Peng.

  Fatty Peng didn't know what was going on today, he just felt that his brother Bai was really fierce today.

   In order to be afraid that his elder brother and his younger brother would fight, Fatty Peng could only "know the overall situation" and reached out to hold their arms respectively.

   "Brother Bai, don't be impulsive, just speak up if you have something to say."

   Zhou Bai ignored him, continued to hold the knife, and looked at the monkey with a smile.

   "So many people want to chase you, we take you away, won't we become a living target?

  That might as well chop off your hand and find a good buyer.

  In this way, we will not be in danger, and we can exchange for some good things. "

  After Zhou Bai finished speaking, he raised the knife high, as if he was about to swing it down forcefully.

   Fatty Peng stood aside, his eyes were so frightened that he stared into a circle.

  Brother Bai, what happened?

   Is he crazy? Or was he hallucinating?

   Seeing that the little brother he worked so hard to save is about to suffer even more cruel treatment.

  Fatty Peng was so anxious that he didn't know what to do.

  Seeing that Zhou Bai's knife was raised above his head and was about to fall heavily, the monkey also clenched its teeth nervously.

   "Wait...wait a minute..." the monkey shouted at Zhou Bai.

  As soon as Zhou Bai heard this, he stopped what he was doing, and a triumphant smile appeared on his face in a subtle way.

   "What's wrong? Is there a better option to tell me?"

   Zhou Bai looked at him, carelessly, and aimed the knife at his wrist again.

   "There is... there is a place...

   I can go there.

   Guaranteed not to drag you down.

   And you can get a lot more just by going there.

   Much more than cutting off my hand. "

oh? Monkey's answer was completely beyond Zhou Bai's expectation.

   "How do I know if what you said is true?"

   Zhou Bai deliberately wanted to obtain more information.

  The monkey looked at Zhou Bai, and slowly turned his wrist when he was relaxing, trying to distract him with his own explanation.

   "I don't know how to convince you.

  I can only tell you the truth, it is a large supermarket.

  In that supermarket, there are many delicious foods.

  I have seen people take things out of this supermarket.

  I can guarantee that there must be many good things in there. "

   Zhou Bai recalled the content of the map he had seen.

   Isn't the nearest large supermarket from here the one that is shrouded in black smoke?

  The monkey used this supermarket to block arrows. Could it be that he knows something?

  While Zhou Bai was thinking about these questions, the monkey's two restrained wrists were quietly changing directions.

  His long nails tried to reach Zhou Bai's skin.

  So that he could thrust his long, sharp nails into Zhou Bai's hand with a single effort.

  He changed direction with great effort.

   Just when he thought that he was about to succeed, he suddenly felt a force to hold his hand.

  Suddenly, his hand became completely immobile again.

"you you…"

  The monkey was too painful to speak.

  Just when he thought his hand was about to leave him, he heard Zhou Bai say.

   "Okay, let's go to that supermarket."

  He suddenly looked at Zhou Bai in disbelief.

  How could anyone still believe such a clumsy lie?

   "Didn't you say you were going to the supermarket?

  Why don't you want to go now? "

  The monkey felt another force in his hand, and quickly shook his head.

   "No, no, let's go."

   Zhou Bai let go of his hand.

  I still hold the knife in my hand and let him lead the way.

   Seeing this, Fatty Peng quickly walked a few steps, came to the side of the monkey, and comforted him.

   "Don't worry about it.

  My elder brother is a little more cautious in doing things.

  He is actually quite a nice person, don’t be afraid. "

  Hearing what Fatty Peng said, Monkey turned his head to look at Zhou Bai.

  But when he saw that he was holding Sen Leng's knife and was just looking at him, he was so frightened that he turned around quickly.

   Is this what you said is a nice person?

  The monkey didn't dare to turn back, and walked ahead of the team all the way to lead the way.

  After turning out of this building with complicated road conditions, the street in front of me quickly became familiar again.

   It seems that he is not leading the way.

  The street in front of me is indeed the only way to the supermarket.

  As we get closer to the supermarket, fewer and fewer pedestrians can be seen on the street.

   When the three of them turned into the street where the supermarket was, there wasn't even a single person to be seen on the street.

  The monkey walking at the front of the line looked at the supermarket shrouded in black smoke ahead.

   Turning his head, he pointed to Zhou Bai in the direction ahead.

   "That's it."

  After he finished speaking, he stopped in place and looked at Zhou Bai.

  Looking like that, it seems that there is no intention to move on.

   Zhou Bai also stopped.

   "Since it's here, why don't you go there?"

   Seeing Zhou Bai's cold look, the monkey could only turn around again.

   Hesitantly, he took a few steps forward.

  However, before he could take a few steps forward, suddenly, as if he had felt an electric shock, his body trembled and he bent down.

  (end of this chapter)