MTL - Supermarket Space: Traveling Through the Ages and Marrying a Rough Guy-Chapter 688 Song Can's Story 【58】

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  It's so tiring for a person to maintain a high level of tension all the time!

   "You two are the ones who have no results." Seeing that Song Can ignored it, Xu Weiran took back the manuscript paper and added another sentence on it.

   I want you to control!

Song Can was inexplicably angry, tore up that page of manuscript paper, crumpled it into a ball, threw it into the trash can, and wrote on a new page, "Don't meddle in your own business, whoever I like or hate has nothing to do with you anything."

  One of them is a celebrity and the other is an amateur. After graduation, they will no longer have any contact.

Xu Weiran read the words written by Song Can, did not speak, but got up and went out. The textbook was confiscated, and he came back a few minutes later. Song Can hurriedly got up to close the door.

  When he was about to complain, he turned around and saw that he had already made three cups of steaming milk tea, and he had put the taro-flavored one by Lu Weiguang's hand, and the vanilla-flavored one by Song Can's seat.

  Looking at the slight grievance in his dark eyes, Song Can suppressed the words that came to his lips.

  He has a thorough understanding of the tastes of the two brothers and sisters.

   "Thank you." Song Can held up the hot milk tea to warm her hands. The fragrance entered her nostrils, making people feel very sweet and warm. While drinking the milk tea, she flipped through the information books, as if nothing would affect her.

Xu Weiran just looked at her with one hand on her chin. Song Can was very serious in everything she did, and did her best in everything. In terms of study and taking care of Lu Weiguang, she didn't know that she was serious when she was serious. How charming.

   "It's almost time, you should go back." The alarm clock rang, reminding Song Can that it was time to make dinner.

   "Let me make dinner for you, and you give me an evaluation." He looked at her, his eyes were dark, with a glint of expectation.

  Song Can was very afraid of his eyes, and always felt that his eyes seemed to be able to see through people. She lowered her head and didn't look at him, but just nodded, "There are vegetables in the refrigerator, you can cook by yourself!"

  Xu Weiran was overjoyed, closed the book, and ran to the refrigerator excitedly.

  Having learned how to cook a lot of dishes, he finally had the opportunity to show off his skills in front of her.

  There was nothing in Song Can’s refrigerator, so Xu Weiran used the only ingredients in the refrigerator to make a braised chicken wing, stir-fried a vegetable, and made a tomato and egg soup.

  After putting the food on the table, he pushed Lu Weiguang to the table for Song Can.

   "How is it?" Xu Weiran looked at Song Can expectantly, waiting for praise.

"The stir-fried green vegetables are too yellow and have no nutritional value. Too much soy sauce is added to the braised chicken wings, and the chicken wings are all black. You can't taste it. The tomato and egg soup is too bland, so you need to add salt." Song Can Helplessly shrugged his shoulders, maybe some people don't have the talent to cook, even if they secretly practice at home, it won't work.

  Song Can took the salt and added a little to the tomato and egg soup, "Just eat like this!"

  It’s all done, can it be dumped and redone?

  That would be too wasteful.

  Xu Weiran was a little injured. He didn't expect that after studying for so long, he would still make dishes like this. But he won't give up. He will definitely work hard to make delicious meals with his own hands.

This day it was Song Can and Xu Weiran's turn to be on duty together. After everyone finished walking, Song Can got up and went to the back of the classroom to get the broom, but Xu Weiran snatched the broom as soon as he got it in his hand. Song Can Chan frowned in confusion, "What are you doing?"

   "Aren't you going back to make dinner for Lu Weiguang? Then you go back first, I will clean it by myself."

"No need, I'll finish it at noon." Song Can took the broom again, walked to the last row of the classroom, and began to sweep the floor seriously. She can't take advantage of Xu Weiran to clean for her every time, she wants Going home for dinner, Xu Weiran also needs to go back to eat!

  Xu Weiran followed Song Can, with a smile in his eyes, he was very happy, "You start to feel sorry for me? Are you in love with me?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Song Can hit his leg with a broom in displeasure, Xu Weiran nimbly jumped away, he ran away, she chased after him, Song Can still couldn't catch up with Xu Weiran, so he gave up and went back again Go to the back and sweep the floor carefully.

  Xu Weiran stopped making noise and worked hard.

  After sweeping the floor, the two went to take out the trash together. They carried the trash can out of the teaching building, only to find that it was snowing, and the snowflakes were falling lightly, falling on the trees, the ground and them.

Song Can put down the trash can and reached out to catch the snowflakes. The light snowflakes fell into her palm and melted in an instant. She was slightly chilled. She was wearing a red padded jacket with two fluffy **** hanging from her hood. , It looks like a painting in the snow.

  Xu Weiran couldn't help staring blankly.

  He saved the galaxy in his previous life, otherwise how could he meet such a nice girl.

   "Let's eat cross-bridge rice noodles later!" Xu Weiran suggested.

   "No." Song Can directly refused. A piece of cross-bridge rice noodles costs fifteen yuan, how many steamed buns can she buy!

"The two of us share one share, how about it?" Xu Weiran did not give up, "It's such a cold day, eat something warm, so that you won't be cold for self-study at night! And there is really a lot of cross-bridge rice noodles, two One person may not be able to finish it all, and if it is not enough, you can add rice for free, which is really a good deal.”

  Song Can was a little moved by what he said, so he accepted his proposal. The two took out the trash, sent the trash can back to the classroom, tidied up the classroom, and set off.

  I don't know why, seeing Xu Weiran wearing the scarf and gloves she sent every day, she always feels her face is hot.

   When he came to the Guoqiao rice noodle shop, Xu Wei lit a large portion of Sanxian rice noodles, and then went to the disinfection cabinet to get a double portion of bowls and chopsticks.

  The two sat on the seats by the glass window, and when they looked up, they could see the snowflakes falling outside. Song Can's cell phone suddenly received a series of messages, and she quickly took it out.

   is a photo sent by Luo Chenxi.

  The hotel, examination room and potted snow scene in the imperial capital.

  He wrote her name in the snow, and he smiled brighter than scissorhands in the snow, looking like a child.

  While waiting for the rice noodles, Song Can flipped through the photos sent by Luo Chenxi, the corners of his mouth involuntarily raised.

  He is so cute!

  Like a child.

  Seeing Song Can staring intently at the phone screen and giggling, Xu Weiran straightened his spine curiously, turned his head to look over there, and saw clearly the photos on her screen. Xu Weiran fell into an abyss, his whole body was cold.

  Although she wasn't sure if she liked Luo Chenxi, her attitude towards him was different from that of Luo Chenxi.

  Up to now, there are only two of her wechat friends, one is Lu Weiguang, and the other is Luo Chenxi. She hasn't added any of them, which shows that Luo Chenxi is a different existence in her heart.

   I don't know how she usually keeps in touch with everyone, but she doesn't even have any friends.