MTL - There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era-Chapter 840 want everywhere

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  When He Jinxuan came running over, Xinyan managed to stabilize the car.

  Not to mention He Jinxuan, in fact, even she herself was taken aback.

   He Jinxuan supported the handlebar with one hand: "Are you okay?"

   Xinyan put her feet on the ground, let go of one hand holding the handlebar, and patted her chest: "I was scared to death."

  After that, looking at He Jinxuan, he laughed outright.

  He Jinxuan originally wanted to raise his hand to knock her on the head, but seeing the ashes on his hand, he withdrew his hand: "You still laugh, if you really fall, let's see if you can still laugh."

  That's what he said, but anyone can see the doting in his eyes.

  Xinyan gave him a playful smile: "With you here, I will definitely not be able to fall."

   As he spoke, he got off the bike and handed the bike to He Jinxuan: "When did you come back?"

  He Jinxuan pushed his own car, and said in a gentle voice, "I'll be back in the afternoon."

   Xinyan said with some distress: "Then you don't know how to take a break, and you even ran over to help."

  He Jinxuan pushed the car against the wall of the shop: "I know you're busy here, so I'm a little worried."

  Looking around, she approached Xinyan and whispered, "The most important thing is to miss you."

  Xin Yan blushed suddenly, seeing that no one was looking this way, she couldn't help thinking of what adults used to tease children: "Where did you think?"

  Just as soon as the words came out, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, and his face turned even redder.

  Seeing the change in the little girl's expression, He Jinxuan smiled, and approached Xinyan: "I want to think about everything."

  Before Xinyan could react, she heard the new recruit Qi Baocheng shout: "Boss, the garment factory has delivered another batch of goods, and there is also a file bag. The delivery person said to give it to you."

  Xinyan glared at He Jinxuan, and ran away quickly: "Give it to me."

   This is a new summer dress sent by the clothing factory. Lin Kaixin said that the price given to her is the most favorable.

  She took the file bag and opened it, looked at the price list inside, thought that Lin Kaixin had done a good job, so she must treat her to a good meal instead, but she knew that it was also a favorite.

  Put the list back into the file bag, and then enter the store to see their progress.

  In addition to Ling Tianze, the general manager, and Chen Manjuan, the store manager, they are four newly recruited people. One is Qi Baocheng, a retired engineer. Although his feet are a little lame, it does not affect his work.

  The remaining three are all women, one is Gao Fu'e, the man in the family is not in good health, and there is a son and a daughter in the family who are not married, so she cherishes this job very much and works very hard.

  Another named Fang Runmei married someone directly in order not to go to the countryside.

Originally, her husband's family promised to find a job for her, but now the jobs in the city are full of carrots and pits, and they have not been able to arrange for her. In addition, they don't want to look at my sister-in-law's face every day at home, so I heard that they are recruiting people here. Come sign up.

  Xinyan saw that she was very straightforward, and she was very organized in speaking and doing things, so she also stayed with her.

  The last one is Mao Lili, who was married from a suburban county.

   waited for the official opening, and Qi Baocheng and Gao Fu'e were in charge of the consignment store.

  Fang Runmei and Mao Lili are in charge of the clothing store, and both stores are managed by Chen Manjuan.

  Xinyan walked around the store and was very satisfied. She should be able to tidy up everything today. She asked the master to find someone to help him look at it a few days ago. The day after tomorrow is an auspicious day.