MTL - There is Room For a Beautiful Daughter-in-law In the Rebirth Era-Chapter 841 No one blocked

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  Chapter 841 No one is blocked

   So Chen Manjuan called everyone together: "The two stores are almost cleaned up. Everyone has worked hard these days. Everyone will rest for half a day tomorrow morning and come back to work in the afternoon. The day after tomorrow, our two stores will open at the same time."

  When they heard that the opening date had been set, several people laughed.

  They are looking forward to the opening, but the boss said that in addition to low wages and attendance bonuses, there are also sales commissions. As long as they think of selling more in the future, they will get more and more, and their hearts will be full of enthusiasm.

  Of course, the commissions for consignment stores and clothing stores are based on Xinyan's considerations. The commissions given at the beginning are not very high, so you have to leave room for adjustment.

  After making arrangements here, Xinyan took He Jinxuan back to the main courtyard behind.

  He Jinxuan entered the courtyard and washed his hands first, then hugged him: "I miss you so much."

  Xinyan felt that something was wrong with him: "What's wrong, did something happen?"

  He Jinxuan didn't want to hide this incident from Xinyan, he was afraid that Jian Minru would lose his mind and do something secretly, so he had to make Xinyan take precautions.

  After smelling the fragrance of Xinyan's hair enough, she murmured: "I told you about Jian Minru before, she has returned to Beijing now, and I heard that she caused a lot of trouble in the south, and she is divorcing Lu Changjun.

  Maybe my brain was stimulated and I went crazy, always doing extreme things. "

After that, he briefly told Xinyan what Jian Minru did this time: "I believe that she must have investigated my situation when she came back, and she must know your situation well. trouble."

  Xinyan was a little helpless: "It's really tiring to be with you."

  Apologetically, He Jinxuan hugged him even tighter: "I'm sorry, but don't worry, this time, no one can protect her, even Mr. Jane will be implicated by her."

  Xinyan thought that if it wasn't for that Mr. Jian, He Jinxuan might still be doing well in the military army: "Then he deserves it, and what he sows will naturally reap the fruits."

  He Jinxuan agreed: "You are right."

  Mr. Jian's lifetime of wisdom was completely ruined by his daughter.

  Usually, he is fairly fair in doing things, but when it comes to his family's Jian Minru, he loses his mind.

Or to say that habit is like killing a son, it’s better now, the sons turned against him, and almost broke away from him, and the daughter is now in jail, no need to guess, the current Mr. Jane is sure I also regret it.

  He Jinxuan let out a sigh of relief: "Okay, let's not talk about these bad things, let's see what I brought back for you?"

  Xinyan saw dried lilies in the pile of things he brought back: "How did you think of buying lilies?"

   He Jinxuan saw that she liked it: "It just happened to happen. It looks good. I saw you cooking porridge before and let it go, but I brought some back. If you like it, I will bring it back to you later."

  Xinyan smiled happily: "I'll go back later, and I'll make a pot of lily porridge first. If it tastes good, you can bring it for me later."

  He Jinxuan's eyes were filled with pampering: "Okay."

  The two people here are sweet and sweet, but the Yin family is in vain.

  Yin Jinshi's family members chased from the factory office building to the family courtyard, but they didn't block anyone, so they all changed their faces.

  His wife sat down on the ground, patted her legs and began to cry: "I really can't live anymore. He's just in charge of scheduling, so he has to listen to the leaders above. What does this have to do with him?"

   Originally, there were still many people in the family courtyard who didn't know about Yin Jinshi's arrest. After she yelled like this, it didn't take long for it to spread throughout the family courtyard.

   Sorry, not tonight.



  (end of this chapter)

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