MTL - Yuan Tianzun-Chapter 424 Ming Jian out of the mountain

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  Chapter 424 The sword comes out of the mountain

   Xiashan World, the imperial city of Middle-earth.

  In a hall.

   "Mr. Xing, thank you for this trip." Wu Yuan bowed slightly.

"It's a trivial matter, and this Fang Xia is indeed a talent." Hou Qu Xingjun said with a smile: "The matter is over, I will no longer maintain this avatar, you guys talk first, what you said about the formation, I will It will be arranged as soon as possible.”

   "Trouble Xingjun." Wu Yuan stood up and cupped his hands.

  Wow~ The incarnation of Houqu Xingjun disappeared quietly. His real body could not enter the world of Xiashan, only the incarnation came.

   as alien life.

  With Xingjun's terrifying strength, if the real body forcibly descends on a small world, it will only cause the whole world to collapse.

  In the hall, only Wu Yuan, Fang Xia, and Wu Yijun were left.

   "Thank you young master this time. Without the young master's help, I'm afraid I will be trapped in Shanyuezong forever until the end of my life." Fang Xia said respectfully, and even wanted to kneel down to salute.

   "Old Fang."

  Wu Yuan waved his hand, and an invisible force immediately supported Lao Fang.

   made him unable to kneel down and stood up directly.

   "There is no need to say too much between you and me. I will try my best to find out if you are missing." Wu Yuan smiled and said, "You are still my ancestor. Without you back then, how could I be where I am today?"

   "It's the young master who is extremely talented." Fang Xialian shook his head.

   "Fang Zushi, big brother, stop praising each other, and taste the delicious food I ordered first." Wu Yijun smiled and said.

   "Old Fang, sit down and eat first." Wu Yuan laughed.

   "Yeah." Fang Xia also nodded, looking at the table full of delicacies and fairy wine, said with some emotion: "I have been trapped in Shanyuezong for these years...but there are not so many delicacies, Yijun has a heart."

   Immortal cultivators eat food not because of hunger, but only for appetite.

   The three of them chatted while eating and drinking.


  Wu Yuan also knew Fang Xia's many experiences over the years, so he couldn't help laughing and said, "Old Fang, how could he get the inheritance of the Thousand Snake Star Lord? Not bad."

   "The core inheritance has been taken away a long time ago. What I got is only some secret arts, nothing precious." Fang Xia smiled bitterly: "It almost died because of it."

   "The secret technique of the method is the priceless treasure." Wu Yuan said.

"The Thousand Snakes Forbidden Valley is controlled by the Mountain Moon Sect, and the Mountain Moon Star Master is very powerful, so he probably paid attention to it early in the morning." Wu Yuan said softly: "It should be just worried about the destruction of the inheritance land by forcible seizure, so I waited patiently outside. If someone gets the inheritance, they will be imprisoned."

   "It's no wonder that when it comes to the inheritance of the Star Lord, he will not sell the face of other gods." Wu Yuan said.

   "It should be as the young master said." Fang Xia also felt that Wu Yuan's speculation was reasonable.

   "Old Fang, you have reached the Void Refining Realm now, do you have any plans for the next step?" Wu Yuan asked with a smile.


Fang Xia hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said: "Hou Qu Xingjun ordered the mountain and moon star master to give me a treasure of one hundred thousand **** crystals, which can be regarded as the end of this karma, and there is no need to wander around and take risks for the time being, I want to practice first Let's go to the Ninth Level of Void Refining."

   Wu Yuan listened quietly.

  He knew that Fang Xia had suffered a lot. If he had his temperament, it would be inevitable to retaliate and recover when he became stronger in the future.

   But the cause and effect of the Hundred Thousand Divine Crystals was settled, the essence was determined by Houqu Xingjun.

  Fang Xia also agreed, so Wu Yuan decided not to say more.

   "Fang Patriarch, since this is the case, you might as well live in Xiashan." Wu Yijun smiled and said: "Next, elder brother will also live in Xiashan forever."

   "The young master is going back to Xiashan too?" Fang Xia was startled.

   "Yes." Wu Yuan nodded.

"The young master is not a member of the original witch world. He seems to be a talented witch now. It stands to reason that he should stay in the original witch world for a long time." Fang Xia wondered: "Besides, I heard that the former members of the witch world still have many trials. You have to prepare for becoming a witch in the future."

   "No need."

   "If I want to, I can almost become a shaman now." Wu Yuan smiled and said, "Old Fang, what you said are ordinary former members of the shaman world. I don't have to do those things, I can practice as I like."

   "Now, can you become a shaman?" Fang Xia was secretly startled.

  He thought of Hou Qu Xingjun's attitude towards Wu Yuan, and felt relieved.

  If not, how can the legendary Xingjun treat each other equally.

   "Xiashan is my hometown. Living in my hometown for a long time, my heart will be peaceful, and my cultivation will be smoother." Wu Yuan said: "So, I should live in Xiashan for a long time to come."

   "On the other hand, you, Fang, have already obtained many inheritance methods and secret techniques, and you have the treasures of the **** crystal, so why not practice hard for a while."

   "Well, just listen to the young master." Fang Xia nodded.


   Six days later.

  A towering tower about a hundred miles high was built about ten thousand miles away from Yunjing City in the Middle-Earth Continent.

  The whole body of the tower is as white as jade, with nine floors.

   Standing between heaven and earth, it looks like a tower reaching to the sky. Outside the tower, there are thousands of immortal cultivators. Except for a few with strong aura who have reached the level of Zifu mountains and rivers, most of them are Jindan spiritual monks.

  They are a group of elite cultivators who have lived in Xiashan for a long time.

   "Is this the Xiashan Pagoda from Teng Snake Guard's communication?"

   "Is it established by the master of the world? There are countless Taoist methods inside?"

   "You can go in."

   "Let's go." When the tower was fully formed, several gates were opened, and thousands of immortal cultivators entered the tower one after another.

   Soon, exclamations broke out among them.

   "This? There is such a secret technique on the first floor?"

   "Suitable for me, this kind of swordsmanship is very suitable for me, it goes straight to the root of swordsmanship."

   "There is also the way of formation..." These thousands of immortal cultivators were dumbfounded, and the countless Dao Zang methods hidden on the first floor alone made them dumbfounded.

   Immediately, they scattered again, searching eagerly on the first and second floors of the tower.

  Xiashan Tower is divided into nine floors.

  According to Wu Yuan's order, the Spiritual Body Golden Core Realm can enter the first floor; the Zifu Mountain and River Realm can enter the second floor.

  Each floor, you can choose five secret techniques for free, more? You have to accept many tests, and you can choose at most one hundred kinds.

   To enter the third floor, one must either reach the level of the Void Refining Sanctuary, or pass the test set by Wu Yuan.

time flies.

  Many cultivators from the Mountains and Rivers of the Zifu were not in a hurry to choose the method, but tried to pass the test left by Wu Yuan, wanting to enter the third floor.

  Failed one by one...

   In the void.

   "Young Master, Great Virtue." Fang Xia smiled and said, "With such a Daozang Pagoda, monk Xiashan's progress will be much faster."

   "It's a pity that no one can succeed." Fang Xia shook his head and said with emotion: "It's still not as good as you, Yijun."

  Wu Yijun also tried these three tests.


   "Patriarch, don't make fun of me." Wu Yijun smiled and shook his head: "In terms of innate talent, I am actually very average, and I only rely on the help of my elder brother."

   "That's your own efforts." Fang Xia laughed.

  Wu Yuan smiled, but didn't speak.

  The so-called talent on the road of practice is essentially a combination of fundamental potential, spiritual potential, comprehension, perseverance and many other aspects.

   And these are never static.

  Foundation and soul have external forces that can help to improve, while comprehension, perseverance, etc., will also change greatly with the various experiences of the immortals over the long years, so there will be late bloomers and disappearing from everyone.

The younger sister, Wu Yijun, was indeed not a person with high talents in the earliest years, but Wu Yuan accumulated a lot of resources along the way, and she cultivated herself extremely hard. She served as the empress for hundreds of years, got married and had children. Cen Jiang Shangxian, Xu Caitianxian and other seniors pointed out that the present is not what it used to be.

  At least, in today's Xiashan world, in Wu Yuan's view, her sister's potential ranks among the top five among countless immortal cultivators other than himself.

  With the help of oneself, it is not difficult to become a god.

   "However, if we really want to talk about potential, it's Lao Fang and Gu Qi." Wu Yuan thought to himself, thinking of the child he pointed out before.

  Fang Xia, relying on himself most of the time, struggled all the way, his cultivation path was very bumpy.

  Gu Qi, that's really high innate talent, Wu Yuan believes in his own vision.

"Let them choose the method first." Wu Yuan said: "When the whole world is expanded, I will invite a celestial being to rebuild the Xiashan Wonderland, and then build the Xiashan Tower in the God Void Realm, so that my Xiashan lineage Immortal cultivators don’t have to come to Central Earth specifically.”

   Both Wu Yijun and Fang Xia couldn't help but nodded, their eyes lit up.

  A summer mountain wonderland built by angels?

   "Brother, is the world expansion you are talking about dangerous?" Wu Yijun couldn't help but ask.

   "No danger, these are the fairy stones and formation disks that I bought at a huge price, integrated into the origin of the world." Wu Yuan said.


   World Expansion.

  The big world is vast, and under the operation of the rules, hundreds of millions of small worlds are born and destroyed, and after being destroyed, they are born again.

  The expansion of the small world is a natural expansion under the rotation of heaven and earth, which takes a long time.

  One is artificial expansion.

   "In a hundred years, the maximum diameter of Xiashan World will expand to hundreds of millions of miles." Wu Yuan smiled and said: "At that time, the population of my Xiashan World can still multiply wildly, and it is normal to reach tens of trillions."

   What restricts population reproduction is land space and resources.

  The bigger the world, the more people it can carry.

   "Ten trillions?" Both Wu Yijun and Fang Xia's eyes flashed with anticipation.

  The larger the population, the more immortal cultivators will be born, and the more geniuses will emerge.

   "With the guidance of Xiashan Pagoda at that time, and the population will increase, I am afraid that many monks in the Void Refinement Sanctuary will be born." Fang Xia smiled and said: "It is estimated that immortals will be born."

  Now, in the entire Xiashan, apart from Wu Yuan, there is only Fang Xia who is in the Void Refining Realm.

   Actually very weak.

   "Do your best to strengthen the Xiashan lineage." Wu Yuan said silently in his heart, this must be a weak obsession of his.

   It can be regarded as a kind of feedback to Xiashan.

  Like this world expansion formation, it cost Wu Yuan tens of millions of crystals. Fortunately, he got the treasure left by Wan Lei Xingjun.

   Don't care much about these costs.

   "Old Fang, Yijun." Wu Yuan said: "Although I have lived in Xiashan for a long time, you are still in charge of many affairs in Xiashan. I will let Cen Jiang assist you and listen to her opinions more."



   Another half month later.

  I saw the huge void outside Xiashan World.

  哗啦啦~ A series of purple brilliance spanning tens of millions of miles, like chains of chains criss-crossing the void.

  Thousands of purple brilliance are intertwined, like a big net forming a whole, faintly covering the entire Xiashan world.


  Wow~Countless purple brilliance burst out into the sky, absorbing a huge amount of heaven and earth aura.

   This process lasted for nearly a day, and finally, the countless purple brilliance absorbed enough aura of heaven and earth to form a whole with the entire Xiashan world.

   "Wu Yuan, the nine-fold formation has been completely deployed."

  After that, Qu Xingjun stood in the void, and said with a smile: "From now on, even the existence of the Xingjun series will not be able to forcibly destroy Xiashan."

   "Excuse me Xing Jun." Wu Yuan cupped his hands.

   "It's a small matter, the formation has been set up, so I'll go first." Hou Qu Xingjun smiled, and his dharma body left quickly.

   "The nine protective formations are perfectly combined with each other. From then on, the entire Xiashan world will be a safe place." Wu Yuan smiled.

   This formation was not arranged by him.

   Instead, after he decided to live in Xiashan for a long time, Emperor Kuachi ordered Queen Qu Xingjun to arrange it. It can be called an extremely powerful immortal formation.

  First of all, the world of Xiashan surrounds the Cangfeng Continent, which is already at the core of the Cangfeng Witch Realm. The vast time and space of the entire Cangfeng Continent has been covered and protected by numerous formations of the Witch Realm.

   Coupled with the specially deployed formation, it can be described as impenetrable.

"Unless the monarchs of the Immortal Court are space monarchs, if they want to sneak in silently, there is a high probability of being noticed." Wu Yuan secretly said: "Even the Anzi at the level of Xingjun has authority and can sneak in." He came out of Xiashan World silently, but he couldn’t sneak into Xiashan World.”

   "If you want to forcibly destroy the world of Xiashan? With the nine-fold guardian formation, the Xingjun peak powerhouse will have to attack many times to do it."

   It's not that the power of the formation is not enough, but the limitation of Xiashan World itself.

  However, once Xiashan World is attacked, Wu Yuan, who controls the formation, will call for help immediately.

   Naturally, the monarch of the witch world will take action.

   It can be said that there are many means to ensure that Wu Yuan can be absolutely safe during his stay in Xiashan.

  If you go out and wander? Then there is no absolute guarantee.

  For example, the reason why Wu Yuan wants to expand the Xiashan world is not only to make the Xiashan lineage stronger and multiply more people, but also for his own safety.

  The bigger the world, the less likely it is to collapse, and it will not be destroyed by a single move when facing the Star Lord.


  Wu Yuan took a step forward and returned to the Xiashan world, descending into a special world in the world.

  Thousands of miles across the small world, the vast sky, the mist, seems to be the beginning of chaos.

   Only one temple stands.

   It is the residence that Wu Yuan opened up in Xiashan World for the body-refining deity, which he arbitrarily named the "Hall of Creation".

  With his current state, he can easily feel the original existence of the world without being rejected by the world, so he can naturally mobilize the massive power of heaven and earth in the Xiashan world. ,

  Flying into the temple, Wu Yuan sat cross-legged on the jade platform.

   Flip your palms.

   "30,000 units of divine crystal source liquid." Wu Yuan looked at the jade bottle in his palm and smiled.

   These divine crystal source liquids will naturally not really hurt Master Kuachi.

   But it is true that it cannot be ignored.

  At least, as far as Wu Yuan knew, Master Kuachi had never paid such a high price for cultivating a disciple who had not crossed the calamity before.

"let's start."

  With a thought in Wu Yuan's mind, the jade bottle moved directly into the mountains and rivers in his body, and with the emergence of drops of the divine crystal source liquid, the mountains and rivers in his body instantly became violent, and a new round of crazy evolution quickly began.

   "It is estimated that in twenty years, you will be able to reach the ninth level of earth witches." Wu Yuan secretly thought.

  Even with the source liquid of the **** crystal, the improvement speed of the extreme foundation is much slower than that of the first-class foundation.

   But not much.

   "The power of faith has also increased." Wu Yuan also felt that the power of faith in the mountains and rivers in his body, and in the miniature world of destiny, was increasing sharply.

  Massive power of faith.

   Refining them requires crazy consumption of blood mist!

   "I really didn't expect, Master, to get the power of faith of five hundred Wuzhou units at once." Wu Yuan muttered to himself.

  Ordinary star kings in the witch world probably don't have so much faith.

  Although I have good talent, I am only a witch after all.

   "At the witchcraft stage, if you have the peak strength of the star master, you can get the power of faith from one of the witch kingdom units."

  A few days ago, Wu Yuan had communicated with Master Kuachi, and knew the attitude of the highest level in the witch world.

   Very supportive of myself.

But Lord Kuachi also made it very clear: "The resources of the witch world are limited, and the kings of the witch world also have to consider the ideas of many star kings. At the same time, they are not familiar with you after all, and their talents and potentials are empty. Only Strength is real."

  Wu Yuan can also understand this.

   "For the time being, the power of faith in these five hundred Wuzhou units is enough." Wu Yuan secretly said: "Wait until you become a senior witch for a while, if the power of faith is not enough, let's explode the peak strength of the star master."

  Other peerless geniuses are immortals and witches, and it is difficult to explode the peak power of the star master, because the foundation is not enough.

   And Wu Yuan does not exist.

   It won't be too difficult to unleash the star master's peak strength after practicing "The Holy Forbidden Fortune" to the completion of the first chapter, or even to the middle chapter.

   And his understanding of the Tao will continue to improve.

  The deity of body training is now focusing on two words - low-key!

   "But occasionally, I still have to send Yuanshen to enter the Wuxian battlefield under the guise of heavy body, and kill some enemies, so that the black tower can continuously generate the power of Shiyuan for me to practice." Wu Yuan secretly said.

  The black tower is too mysterious, and what is revealed in front of Wu Yuan is only the tip of the iceberg.

  The fortunes brought about by the past are very important to Wu Yuan.

  As for some of its own functions, up to now, the only help to Wu Yuan is the power of Shiyuan.

  Even if it is the protection of the soul, it will not help much.

   "The protection of the spirit of the Black Tower is basically limited to below the seventh level of the Celestial Immortal." Wu Yuan thought to himself.

   This is the conclusion he reached after fighting Master Bai Haixing.

   For spirit attacks below the seventh level of the Celestial Immortal, once the Black Tower absorbs the power of Shiyuan, it can basically be directly blocked.

   But above the seventh level of the Celestial Immortal, it seems that the effect is very weak.

   This is also the reason why Wu Yuan decided at that time to find a way to get a secret treasure of soul defense.

   "Perhaps, it's because I haven't really understood how to use the Black Tower." Wu Yuan thought silently: "Or... it's because I haven't been recognized by the Black Tower."

  Others, Wu Yuan can't be sure yet.

  But there is one thing, Wu Yuan can basically confirm that the black tower may be some kind of powerful artifact from the supreme existence.

  And the so-called 'black tower' in the Dantian Palace of my two true deities should be just a projection of the black tower itself.


   "I will go to the Black Demon Blood Cave soon, and I can get some more detailed secrets about the Black Tower." Wu Yuan thought to himself, closed his eyes, and continued to practice.


  Time flies like water, and nearly twenty years have passed in the blink of an eye.

   Cangfeng Witch Realm.

  That side belongs to the vast world opened up in the space mezzanine in the calm void where the Thunder Feather Temple intelligence organization resides.

   "Xing Jun."

   "In the past twenty years, we have made many attempts to target Wu Yuan, who ranks second in the assassination sequence." A black-robed figure in the temple saluted respectfully.

   "We tried to investigate his whereabouts for hundreds of years, but to no avail..."

   "We tried many things to determine Wu Yuan's real body, and basically ruled out staying in the original witch world. With a 90% probability, he stayed in his hometown Xiashan World."

"But the Xiashan world is a small world, and the assassins we sent couldn't sneak in, so we tried to make an appointment with him first, but even if the star master Anzi was dispatched, either we would only see the source body, or we would only meet in the Cangfeng witch realm... All that remains is to storm the Xiashan world."

"Xiashan world is quite huge. If you want to destroy the world and find Wu Yuan's real body to kill, all of this must be done before the star king of the wizarding world and even the king can react. 90% sure." The man in black said respectfully.

   "Giving up for now."

"Just pay close attention to his whereabouts." The leader of Xingjun shook his head directly and said: "For a genius, pay a dark child of the Xingjun rank? It is absolutely impossible, unless there is evidence to prove that he will be 100% successful. monarch."

   "Let's stop here for now."

  Don't say he doesn't want to, even if he wants to, it's useless. With his position and authority, he can only contact some of the star masters.

  As for the dark child of the Xingjun series?

  Everyone is of great importance, and they all have a single-line contact with the monarch of the Thunder Feather Temple to ensure that no news will be leaked.

   "Yes." The black robe said humanely.


  When Wu Yuan was cultivating his body, he was quite leisurely cultivating subconsciously.

  The distant space-time island.

  In the palace of Qi Refining Deity.

   "The body-refining deity has to face the pressure from Immortal Court, so he has to keep a low profile. There is no need for the qi-refining deity."

   "Practice the road, there is always some fighting and killing." Wu Yuan's qi refining deity showed a smile: "Besides, the power of faith has been cultivated a lot these years, and the power of Shiyuan is almost used up."

   "It's time to go out and do some adventures."

  The deity of body refining can go to the Wuxian battlefield, but the deity of qi refining does not have such good conditions.

   "If you really only look for some earth immortals and gods, it's not too challenging." Wu Yuan's eyes were shining: "Although the Qi-refining deity is not as good as the body-refinement deity when fighting head-on, it must be somewhat challenging."

   "Let's go to the snow light fog environment."

   "Fortunately, I can still meet some 'old friends' from back then." Wu Yuan grinned.

  Before he got the Black Demon Star, he encountered many kinds of siege and interception during his escape.

  Even the dharma body eventually fell.

   This decades.

  Even if he condensed the true meaning of time and space, he kept holding back and didn't make a move. He just wanted to cultivate until he was strong enough, and then went to kill a lot.

   "Secret of cause and effect."

   "Cooperating with the true meaning of time and space, I would like to see how many people can avoid my pursuit." Wu Yuan's eyes were cold.


  An identical white-robed figure appeared, which was the Dharmakaya.

  The strength has undergone earth-shaking changes, and Wu Yuan no longer has so many scruples. Not only does he carry many fairy swords and magic weapons, but he also carries a Shiyuan Divine Pillar.


   Wu Yuan took a step forward, left the palace, and quickly flew to the space-time teleportation array in the sky far away.


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