MTL - Yuan Tianzun-Chapter 425 i will kill you

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  Chapter 425 I will kill you

  Snow light fog environment, snow devil cave.


  An extremely powerful time-space fluctuation suddenly descended, followed by a white-robed figure appearing out of thin air, and this powerful time-space fluctuation quickly dissipated.

   "This time, you actually teleported me directly to the Snow Demon Cave? I really don't understand the teleportation laws of the space-time teleportation array." Wu Yuan glanced at the surrounding environment.

   It was the place where Zhuo Haiyue and Kou Lei joined forces to forge ahead.

   Layers of ice and snow stretched away.

   "It's easy to teleport, but it will be more troublesome when you want to go back to Time and Space Island." Wu Yuan thought to himself.

  Take the time-space teleportation array from the time-space island, pay a thousand **** crystals, and you can descend to the approximate area of ​​the Taoist realm you have arrived at.

  Want to go back?

   Unless you just finished the space-time mission and have the privilege of returning, otherwise, you have to rely on yourself.

   "However, I basically don't need to worry about what other Indian journalists are worried about." Wu Yuan shook his head slightly.

   My mind moved.


  In silence, the space Wu Yuan was in was suddenly distorted, and immediately following him, he was already surrounded by countless strange threads.

  Countless threads, all parallel, like a trickle.

  It is the higher dimension beyond the material space layer and the space debris layer—the space turbulence layer.

   "The true meaning of time and space is comparable to the Dao domain of space, and the perception of space by ordinary space stars is not much better than mine, belonging to the same level." Wu Yuan secretly said: "It's just that my mana is too weak after all."

  If Wu Yuan's dharma body can step into the void layer of space with Xingjun's magic power, it would be terrible.

  The degree of control over the space today.

  Wu Yuan can step into the turbulent layer of space, which can only be said to be comparable to space star masters and ordinary star kings.

  Of course, it’s not as good as fighting head-on, so be more careful.

   "It's enough for now."

"Snow light and fog, star masters can't come in, and the strongest here is the star master." Wu Yuan shook his head slightly: "Space star master? It's rare to have one among thousands of star masters. Just be careful, you won't be able to touch it." of."


   So what if we encounter it?

  Although it is said that the body is not as vigorous and powerful as Yuanshen, and it can fight fiercely with the sacred forbidden technique, but with the Shiyuan Divine Pillar, if you really want to explode with all your strength, you will not provoke it.

   Wu Yuan has enough confidence to save his life!

   It can be said that as long as the Dharma Body does not intentionally go to a very few dangerous places such as the Black Demon Blood Cave, Wu Yuan is safe and sound.


"My dharma body came to the snow light fog realm, the main task is to sharpen myself, through fighting with other gods and gods, to sharpen a stronger fighting will and fighting skills..." Wu Yuan has long thought clearly: "Secondly, it is also revenge. .”

   "Because of the Black Demon Star incident, anyone who attacked me and is still in the snow and fog will take revenge."

  Repay kindness with kindness and revenge with hatred, this has always been Wu Yuan's principle.

  With ability and opportunity, if he doesn't take revenge, Wu Yuan's thoughts will not be clear.

   "Cause and Effect!"

  Wu Yuan stood in the void layer of space, and immediately the twelve layers of primordial spirit vibrated, and displayed the secret art of cause and effect.


  Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  A total of six paths are either weaker or stronger causal threads.

  In the 'virtual world' that cannot be detected by the naked eye, everything emerges and extends to the depths of the virtual world of fate.

  The virtual realm of destiny is the place where countless lives and destinies meet.

   "Causal line!" Wu Yuan clearly perceived.

  If he reaches the level of a monarch in the future, he can pass through these causal lines and directly attack the enemy, which is impossible to defend against. This is a causal attack.

  Cause and effect are the most unpredictable.

  Although Wu Yuan does not have the ability to attack with cause and effect, he can confirm the approximate position of the other end of the six cause and effect lines through the overlapping of cause and effect lines and space.

   "I didn't expect that I was so lucky that I would meet six enemies as soon as I came here." There was a trace of coldness in Wu Yuan's eyes.

  Causal perception is not unsolvable.

  First of all, there is a distance limit. For example, Wu Yuan is not strong in himself, and he is just a beginner in causal mysteries. If he is not very good at time and space, his perception range will be pitifully small.

   Even so, once you get a little far away, your perception will be blurred.

  Secondly, if the enemy is extremely powerful, when Wu Yuan perceives the opponent, the opponent may also perceive Wu Yuan.

   Causal perception is mutual!

   Fortunately, there were so many enemies chasing and killing Wu Yuan back then, all those who fought against each other more or less had some cause and effect, and he had a very high level of comprehension of time and space.

   can immediately perceive the six.

   "Six strong men."

   "Two of them seem to be just Shangxian...Giving up, there is no need, I am afraid it is just a tip-off." Wu Yuan also disdains to take action against Shangxian, which is of little significance.

  As for the other four, the degree of threat they posed to Wu Yuan should be at the level of celestial beings.


   "Let's kill them one by one." Wu Yuan moved forward in the turbulent layer of space at a speed of ten thousand miles per second.

  The higher the dimensional space, the more terrifying the extent of space constriction or expansion.

   Travel ten thousand miles in the turbulent flow of space.

   It is equivalent to traveling one trillion miles in the material space layer!

  Short for a few breaths.

  Wu Yuan has already traveled about one light-year in the material space layer, and is close to the target.

  Actually, during the process of moving forward, Wu Yuan tried his best to investigate and sensed many gods.

   But there is no grievance or enmity, and he is too lazy to take action.

  As the distance approached, Wu Yuan's perception became clearer.

   "Oh? It turned out to be an old acquaintance, is it him?" Wu Yuan showed a smile: "I thought it was a celestial being, but in the end I found a celestial being."

  The first target Wu Yuan approached was Li Xuan.

  At the beginning.

   It was he who was frantically chasing and killing in the sea of ​​frost and fog. If Wu Yuan hadn't been good at the law of time, he almost didn't escape.

   "If there is a cause, there will be an effect." Wu Yuan muttered to himself, feeling the wonder of fate more and more.


  With a thought, Wu Yuan chose to reduce the dimensionality from the space turbulence layer to the space debris layer.

   Space debris layer, fully condensed.

  Obviously the spatial fluctuations were suppressed, but it didn't affect Wu Yuan at all. His control over the space has surpassed the suppression here.

   There is never an invincibility rule.

  The so-called rules can be broken as long as the strength is strong enough.

  ... Baifeng River Basin is an extremely dangerous area in Xueguangwu.

  Back then, Zhuo Haiyue saved Wu Yuan's Dharma Body in the Baifeng Valley.

  In one of the voids, there is a black mountain suspended.

  In the void in all directions, cold winds are emerging from time to time, and then continue to tear the void, and there are four figures gathering together on the mountain peak.

   "Your Highness, this time I killed two more angels and got a lot of treasures."


   "Your Highness is amazing, if you don't make a move, it will be fine. If you make a move, you will directly tear the god's body, haha." The three white-robed celestial beings boasted.

  They are all ordinary celestial beings in Baixuan Palace, and their strength is only at the first or second level of celestial beings, and they belong to the bottom of the celestial beings.

  However, the three angels joined forces, but they were able to perform a joint secret technique, and their defense was stronger, which made His Royal Highness Li Xuan fancy.

  For the three celestial beings, following a peerless genius who is destined to be the pinnacle of the star lord in the future, and is even expected to become a star lord.

   Still very willing.

   "Don't be too careless, the Baifeng Valley is different from the sea of ​​frost and fog, and it is very dangerous here." The silver-skinned His Royal Highness Li Xuan said lightly.


   "Your Highness is wise." The three angels said.

   "It is really difficult to comprehend the complete median law. How to break through it." His Highness Li Xuan frowned and practiced silently.

  Having practiced for hundreds of thousands of years, he has already reached the ninth level of the median Dao domain, but he can't cross the last step no matter what.

  Through the past, you can reach the sky in one step.


  In the calm void in the distance, it suddenly seemed like a riot, followed by bursts of cold wind.

   Roaring and attacking, staggered cutting.

   Great movement.

   "Huh?" His Highness Li Xuan didn't raise his head, and looked into the void in the distance, and the three angels couldn't help but look over.

"anyone there?"

   "What a big commotion, someone dares to break into the Baifeng Valley?"

   "Take a look." The three angels kept talking, with a hint of killing intent in their eyes.

   They are waiting here to hunt.

   Only His Royal Highness Li Xuan was different. For some reason, a trace of uneasiness instinctively flashed deep in his heart, as if some great danger was approaching.

   This is an instinct.

  Although he has not practiced the secret art of cause and effect, his perception of Tao is extremely high. The stronger he is, the clearer his perception of fate will be.


   In the distant void, a figure quickly walked out.

  Suddenly, His Highness Li Xuan and the three white-robed angels saw clearly that it was a white-robed figure.

   "Earth Immortal?"

   "It's actually an earth immortal? Can an earth immortal withstand so many cold winds?" The three white-robed angels were dumbfounded, feeling a little unbelievable.

"It's him!"

   "It's the Immortal of Time and Space, and it's Mingjian." His Highness Li Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly, but stood up instantly.

  He has experienced the storm of arresting Wu Yuan.

   He even fought against Wu Yuan once, and he remembered the divine aura. Even if Wu Yuan changed his appearance, he couldn't hide it from him.

   Besides, Wu Yuan hasn't changed his appearance yet.

   "Singing sword? Time and space fairy? Is it him?"

   "It is indeed him." The three white-robed angels finally recognized it. Although they had never seen Wu Yuan's Dharma Body, they also knew the name of the Time-Space Earth Immortal Crying Sword.

   It can be said that everyone who ventured into the snow, light and fog environment knows everyone.


   Wu Yuan took a few steps forward, the space seemed to be distorted, he quickly approached them, and stopped at a place where there were only about two million miles left.

  Such a scene caused the expressions of the three white-robed angels to change slightly.

  His Royal Highness Li Xuan was equally astonished, but with his strong strength, he remained calm on the surface, and said with a smile, "Should I call you Ming Jian, or Time Space Earth Immortal?"

   "As you like." Wu Yuan said calmly.

   "Okay, then I will ask you to sound the sword." His Royal Highness Li Xuan said with a smile: "In the first battle back then, you relied on the law of time to escape, but today you saw me and you were not in a hurry."

   "Could it be that you alone are sure to escape from my hands?"

   This also reassured the three celestial beings on the side, and soon realized that they are all celestial beings, why should they be afraid of an earthly celestial being?

   "Li Xuan!"

   "I came here specifically to find you." Wu Yuan said suddenly.

"Specially looking for me?" His Highness Li Xuan was stunned for a moment, then smiled again: "Could it be that you want to make a deal with my Baixuan Palace through me to sell the Black Demon Star in your hand? If you are willing to sell the Black Demon Xingchen, I don't need to care about past grievances."

  He didn't take Wu Yuan seriously.

   "No! The Black Demon Star is not for sale."

  Wu Yuan shook his head and said, "I came here to kill you!"

   There was silence.

   "Kill me?" His Highness Li Xuan seemed to have heard some big joke, and a sneer appeared on his face: "Just because you are an earth fairy, come to kill me and the three angels?"

   Almost instantly.

  Boom! boom! boom! The three white-robed angels erupted, and their three unions instantly formed an extremely powerful magic circle, and the whole magic circle was like a majestic mountain range.

   Exudes a rich khaki airflow.

   "Boom~" The space was torn apart, and the three white-robed angels led the magic circle, swept across the void, and directly bombarded Wu Yuan.

   "Close to force the sword."

   "Look for an opportunity for His Highness to attack." The goals of the three angels are very clear. The three of them are weak, and their role is mainly to support.


  His Royal Highness Li Xuan also started at the same time, since there is going to be a battle, there is no need to say more.

"Singing Sword, who is also good at time and space, is very good at escaping. His attack is also very good, weird and unpredictable, but the disadvantage is that his mana is very weak...but his talent is extremely high. After decades, his strength may have improved. , be careful." His Highness Li Xuan is not a reckless person.

  Since the feud, he has been deliberately collecting information about Mingjian.

  Mingjian's biggest weakness is that he is an Earth Immortal. His magic power is very weak, but he can still burst out the strength of the Celestial Immortal Threshold.

  It is extremely against the sky, which shows that there is a sense of Tao close to the star master.

   "Let's test it first, and see what he can do." His Highness Li Xuan looked indifferently.

  Wow! Wow! I saw four silver lights surrounding the whole body, and a layer of spiritual tripods emerged, making complete defense preparations.


  One of the silver lights roared to the sky and the earth, and in an instant, with a terrifying power that surpassed the speed of light, it crossed the void and slashed towards Wu Yuan.

   "Really decisive."

   "As expected of His Highness Baixuan Palace." Wu Yuan praised in his heart.

  But his eyes also became sharp in an instant, and he swept across the three heavenly immortals and His Royal Highness Li Xuan, and cast one of the three great skills of "Starry Sky Sea" - "Star Seal"

  At the beginning, Wu Yuan selected three major methods from the vast number of methods in "Secrets of Time and Space".

  One of them is "Starry Sky Sea", which is a unique technique created by the master of time and space, which combines attack and defense in one.

  Most monarchs have practiced unique skills at this level.

   "Star Seal" is the group spirit attack among the three great techniques of Famen, mainly to shake the enemy's spirit, not to kill the enemy, but to influence the enemy.

  In these years, although Wu Yuan didn't deliberately cultivate, but since he formed the twelve-fold soul, he has a very high level of perception, and unconsciously, he has cultivated "Xingkonghai" to an extremely high level.


   "Boom!" "Boom!"

  The Three Great Immortals and His Royal Highness Li Xuan, who were still imposing, suddenly felt an extremely terrifying shock wave sweeping through their souls and souls, as if the world was exploding.

  The truly extremely high-level mystic art is not only for the soul, but also for the defects of the mind.


  The eyes of the three great celestial beings and His Highness Li Xuan all had a flash of bewilderment, obviously they were greatly affected.

  Although His Royal Highness Li Xuan is stronger and has extremely strong secret treasures guarding the soul, but his soul is weaker than the angels, so the defense of the soul is not much stronger than the three white-robed angels.

  Of course, this effect may only be for a moment.

  But for Wu Yuan, this moment is enough.


  In the palms of Wu Yuan's palms, there is an epee formation each, and each epee formation is condensed by nine fairy swords, intertwined with powerful and vast space-time patterns.

   Urging the nine-handed fairy sword to unite.

   This is definitely something that ordinary earth immortals and even upper immortals can't imagine. The mana required is too huge, and the requirements for the soul are also terrible.

  However, with Wu Yuan's spirit and understanding of Dao, it can be done easily.

   One sword strike.

  Even a small world will be severely injured or even torn apart.

  Wow! Wow!

  Two condensed swords of time and space crossed the void at the same time, and disappeared in the void.

  The next moment, they all appeared millions of miles away.


   Not only did it appear millions of miles away, but one of the fairy swords appeared directly inside the magic circle of the three white-robed angels.

  Wu Yuan's sword can break through the turbulent layer of space, and then reduce from high dimension to low dimension, and can ignore most of the so-called defense methods.


   "Puff!" "Puff!" A sword passed, as if swimming through the void, leaving no trace, and the bodies of the three angels were instantly annihilated.


  The fourth form of the Nine Swords of Time and Space-Void without trace!


   "Not good." His Royal Highness Li Xuan finally came to his senses, he was extremely frightened and furious, and just happened to see the scene of the fall of the celestial being under his command.

   Instinctively want to flee and also want to defend Wu Yuan.

   But by this time, it was too late.

   "噗嗤~" Without a sound, another Space-Time Excalibur suddenly emerged from the void a hundred meters in front of him, and immediately pierced through his body, and the sword light burst out and annihilated.

  The entire void was completely quiet.

   "It's really weak." Wu Yuan shook his head slightly, and waved away the many treasures left by several people.


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