My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World-Chapter 671

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Chapter 671

The welcome feast in Range village

Yes. I was very surprised when he attacked Leo, but I was even more surprised when I heard who he was. And then he apologized like that This has been quite a day.

Haha. But no one was ever in any real danger, so it was rather fun, wasnt it?

Hmm So you did not care at all that Leo was being assaulted?

Ms. Claire said with an annoyed look.

Of course, I dont want her to be attacked But Leo can handle such things easily.

I suppose

According to Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Lugretta, he was so weak without magic, that even a common soldier could beat him.

And if Mr. Ekenhart could not even touch Leo, then there was no danger of someone like Mr. Euto hurting her.

Regardless, the two of you talk like you are friends now. That was also surprising. Even my father does not talk to him so casually

Wellits because he asked me to. Also, we seem to be similar in age

I was also able to talk with Mr. Ekenhart on very friendly terms. However, since he was much older, I still saw him more as a nice old man.

But then againEuto was actually unaging, and over a thousand years old. However, that was hard to imagine or even believe. But he looked the same age as me, and so it was easier to treat him that way.

As for his rank As he had founded the country, he should also be the king. But apparently he abdicated after the war ended. He could have just kept being king, but he decided to let his children take his place.

And so now he just traveled and enjoyed himself. He did show his royal crest in Range village after hearing the news about a Silver Fenrir. However, normally he would travel just like any other ordinary traveler.

But I am also close to you in age. You dont talk to me like that When will you start treating me more like a close friend, Mr. Takumi?


Beforeright after you and Leo saved meyou said that it would take time to get used to it. Why is it taking so long?

Now that I thought about it, I did say something like that.

Im sorry, it might take a little longer Uh, Im too used to talking to you like this

But how long will it take!? I suppose its not been that long, buthow much more will you make me wait!?

UhMs. Claire?

After father returns to the house? Or when the house is completed in Range village? Or when the herb fields are created!? How long!?

A fire seemed to have been lit inside of Ms. Claire, and she began to question me heatedly with her face getting redder and redder.

Huh? Red face?

Ah, Ms. Claireyouve drunk too much wine

It had nothing to do with wine! Unless you are saying that we must drink the whole barrel before you can start acting like a normal person with me!

Nothats not what I In fact, weve both had enough. Lets stop drinking, alright?

Previously, she had gotten quite drunk with Ms. Anne, and regretted it later on. And though she had refused to drink for some time after thatshe had lapsed.

After all, this was a welcoming feast, and so we could hardly refuse. And though we had been careful to only drink a little, something must have triggered her, and she drank more than she should.

The reason Uh, I suppose that it was me

Even if she was currently in a drunken state, the fact that she was pressing me so hard now suggested that it really had been bothering her. The way that I still treated her with formal politeness

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World


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