My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World-Chapter 672

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Chapter 672

Provoked by bad adults

“Hahaha! You better watch out for that Takumi. Just look at what he has done to Hart’s daughter.”

“Mr. Euto?”

“That’s true. And yet Mr. Takumi… I wish that they would just settle down so that I don’t have to worry…”

“Even if that happens, there is a lot that Mr. Takumi doesn’t not know. And so I’m sure you will not be able to retire so quickly.”


“Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Lugretta…”

“Mr. Takumi. We’re still talking right now. Just ignore those other people!”

“Claire usually isn’t this bold… I suppose it is because of the wine.”

“Yes, yes. While getting so drunk is not commendable, sometimes it is necessary.”

As I was wondering how to handle the situation with Ms. Claire, the others suddenly appeared behind us.

They were all a little red as well, so they had been drinking quite a lot… Perhaps they had seen what Ms. Claire was doing and decided to come and make fun of me.

That being said, I had already spoken to Mr. Ekenhart on the matter. It was supposed to be settled!

“Now is the time! Talk to me like you would Leo or Liza!”

“Uh, but you are nothing like them…”

“Well, Mr. Takumi. I think your fate is sealed.”

“Man up, Mr. Takumi.”

How did this happen… I should never have suggested that Ms. Claire drink with me.

I had no allies here, and Ms. Claire looked like she was ready to pounce…

Would Leo help if I asked her? The thought entered my mind, but I did not want to be a coward. And so I sighed.

It couldn’t be helped. I did not want to be rude to Ms. Claire, and I was also sorry for my actions.

“Uhh…Ms…no, Claire. Yes, Claire. Well, that’s a good start, I think. Thank you for always helping me. I look forward to… Well, let’s continue to be friends, alright?”

“Mr-Mr. Takumi…”


I held her by the shoulders, mostly to keep her at arm’s length, and said it while looking into her eyes!

“It sounds…a little strange to just call you that, but….”


I said, just a little worried that she might not like it after all.

However, she closed her eyes as if waiting for something…

“How bold!”

“While I feel bad for witnessing such a moment, there is a little pride as well.”

“I am just a little jealous…”

“Huh? Hey, Ms. Claire?”


“Kiss! Kiss!”

Ms. Claire’s face was getting closer and closer.

It was not the ideal situation for that kind of thing, and so I tried to hold her back by the shoulders. However, I was in an awkward position, and she leaned forward and our faces…nearly touched, but then the strength seemed to leave her and she collapsed.


“Oh, dear… That was her limit.”

“Too much excitement and drink?”

“It looks like it… Because Mr. Takumi said her name while looking into her eyes.”

As I caught Ms. Claire and held her, the other three calmly analyzed the situation.

“No, no. This is not time to be talking about that. You should be more worried about Ms. Claire…”

“…But why should we be worried when she looks so happy?”

“As her father, I feel a little conflicted…but at least it is Mr. Takumi.”

“Yes, I don’t think there is a problem. While her breathing is slow, she is practically just sleeping.”

The others said as they peered into her face. Indeed, she did look quite happy.

My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World


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