My CEO Ex-husband Wants To Remarry Me-Chapter 112 - :1 Can’t Take It Anymore (1)

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Chapter 112:1 Can’t Take It Anymore (1)

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He was still carrying his big-mouthed monkey backpack, and his cap was slanted on his head. His delicate little face was dirty, and his clothes were dirty as well. His two clear black eyes looked at her with a hint of confusion.


Su Ruowan bent down and hugged the little one in front of her tightly. She caressed his thin body. Su Ruowan had a kind of excitement and excitement of recovering what she had lost. Her tears could not help but fall.

Su Ruowan cried for a long time, but she realized that the child in her arms did not have any reaction. She was so scared that she immediately let go of him and carefully checked him from head to toe. She muttered,” Yanyan, why aren’t you saying anything? Were you frightened? Are you injured? Yanyan?” “Wanwan?”

Jing Yanxi asked timidly. After Su Ruowan nodded her head forcefully twice, Jing Yanxi then cried out loudly. Two streams of tears instantly flowed out from his eyes. He threw himself into Su Ruowan’s arms and tightly hugged her neck with his two small hands. He sobbed and cried,” Wanwan, you bad woman. 1 thought you ignored me and 1 would never see you again.” I bought my own ticket, and the bus was full of unfamiliar adults. There was even someone who said that he would take me to find my mother. I didn’t believe it. Luckily, 1 was smart and knew that I had to look for the police if I was in trouble. Wuwuwuwu, Wanwan, I’ve finally found you. We can be together again.”

As Su Ruowan listened to the little one’s words, her heart was filled with shock and fear. When she thought of Jing Yanxi, a child, riding the bus alone without an adult to take care of him, what if he took the wrong bus, or…What if he encountered a trafficker and met with an accident…

The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became. Her tears kept falling. She picked Jing Yanxi up and sat down on the bed. The mother and son cried together.

Jing Muchen tightened his bathrobe, stood up, and walked to the door. He shook hands with the two policemen and thanked them.” Thank you for sending the child safely.”

One of the young policemen with thick eyebrows and big eyes lectured,” What kind of parents are you?!” Children nowadays are too bold. As parents, you can’t neglect education anymore. Otherwise, if something happens, it’ll be too late to cry!”

Jing Muchen felt a little embarrassed that the CEO of a listed company was being lectured by a young policeman.

He gave a fake smile and nodded, but did not say anything else.

After the two police officers left, Jing Muchen closed the door and went back to the bed to lie down. He picked up the wine glass and poured a mouthful of red wine into his mouth.

Su Ruowan had cried enough and wiped her tears away. She looked at Jing Yanxi’s dirty appearance and took out a tissue to wipe his tears and snot. She turned to Jing Muchen and said,” I’ll take Yanyan to take a shower. Wait for me.””

Seeing Jing Muchen nod his head, Su Ruowan took the big-mouthed monkey bag that the little guy was still carrying and placed it on the bed. Then, she carried him into the bathroom.

Jing Muchen glanced at the dirty little bag from the corner of his eyes. Out of the blue, he stretched out his foot and kicked the little bag to the ground.


In the bathroom, Jing Yan was naked and raised his head. His big black eyes flashed with excitement and anticipation.” You will never leave me again, right?”

Su Ruowan nodded and felt her eyes redden again.” 1 will never leave Yanyan again!”

Some things, if you never had them, could only be considered a regret at most, and it would ache in your heart..