My CEO Ex-husband Wants To Remarry Me-Chapter 113 - :1 Can’t Hold It In Anymore (2)

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Chapter 113:1 Can’t Hold It In Anymore (2)

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However, once you had it and lost it again, the pain would be even more profound than before. The suffocating feeling would be as if you had experienced it once in your life.

Su Ruowan looked at the cute appearance of the little guy’s smiling eyes and made a decision in her heart.

40 minutes later, Su Ruowan wrapped Jing Yanxi in a towel like a dumpling and carried him out of the bathroom. She looked at the man lying on the bed with a relaxed look and said,” Can you let Yanyan stay?””

Jing Muchen put down his wine glass and stood up. The huge difference in height immediately made Su Ruowan take a step back.

He lowered his head and looked at the resolute Su Ruowan. Her small face was as white as jade and was serious and determined. It must have been due to the heat in the bathroom just now. At this moment, there was still a faint blush on her face, making her look particularly tender and delicious.

In her arms was Jing Yanxi, whose hair was still wet, but he was looking at her with his big, black eyes.

In particular, Jing Yanxi’s two small hands were still firmly wrapped around Su Ruowan’s neck at this moment. Their eyes were surprisingly similar. They both had very deep and very beautiful double eyelids. At this moment, they were both looking at this man in front of them with puppy eyes that seemed to be able to decide whether they could be together.

Jing Muchen’s lips curled into a smile. His expression was a little unfathomable, but his thin lips spat out two words.” Sure.””

Su Ruowan was stunned and her pleading eyes turned into surprise. After staring into Jing Muchen’s deep eyes for a few seconds, she looked away and asked in a resigned tone,” What condition?”

Jing Muchen reached out and touched Jing Yanxi’s wet hair. He frowned and said,” Condition? I’ll tell you when I think of it.”

The next second, she said,” Blow your hair. Don’t catch a cold.”He looked at Jing Yanxi and ordered like a master. Then he added,” Also, Yanyan and I don’t have any clothes to wear.””

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Su Ruowan pursed her lips and placed Jing Yanxi on the big bed. She then instructed Jing Muchen, who was acting as if nothing had happened, and said,” Blow dry Yanyan’s hair. Don’t let him catch a cold. I’ll go out and buy some clothes for you.””

Just as she was about to turn around and leave, the corner of her shirt was grabbed by a small hand. She turned around and saw Jing Yanxi’s round little arm stretching out from the towel. He was holding onto the corner of her shirt. His eyes were filled with uneasiness and fear as he begged softly,” Wanwan, don’t go.””

Su Ruowan’s entire heart melted instantly. She reached out to shove Jing Yanxi’s small arm back and wrapped the towel around him tighter. She said softly,” Yanyan, be good. I’ll go out and buy clothes for you. I promise that I’ll be back in 10 minutes. You wait for me here obediently, okay?””

Looking at the little guy’s insecure appearance, the heart-wrenching pain was about to choke in her throat.

After all, Yan Yan was just a child. No matter how bold he was, spending an entire night in a strange place must have frightened him a little. He must have been extremely insecure in his heart… Su Ruowan stroked his little head, her heart filled with guilt and heartache.

Jing Yanxi pouted. His little head that was curled up in the white towel turned around to look at Jing Muchen. A few seconds later, he turned around and looked at Su Ruolan.

After Su Ruowan opened the door and left, Jing Yanxi’s initially disappointed expression instantly changed. His big black eyes gleefully smiled into two crescent moons as he said to Jing Muchen,” Little Uncle, don’t you think I’m very impressive? Wanwan must be feeling sorry for me right now. As expected, you need to use a painful trick on a woman. Just wait and see.. In the future, she will definitely be loyal to me and will never leave me again…”