My Ferocious Tigress Wife-Chapter 125 - : Chapter 125: Halfway Out

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Chapter 125: Chapter 125: Halfway Out

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“Yo, General Yang is really capable. The two little ladies are going against each other!”

“I think the one at the back looks good. No wonder he was so shy when I called him out just now.”

“Yo ho yo ho, they’re starting to fight. Little miss’s temper is quite explosive.”

The people outside the Zen Temple were watching the commotion. Several pairs of eyes were staring at Yang Shao and the others. If it weren’t for the noble people inside, they really wished they could get closer to the radio.

It was exciting. The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful. However, it was just looking at people but not hearing them. It made people anxious.

“.. What’s going on?”

” General Yang has been surrounded by two young ladies-” The guard realized that something was wrong with the voice. As expected, when he turned around, he saw Emperor Epsilon stretching his neck forward and squeezing in, following the crowd of onlookers as they looked to one side.

His face was full of interest, and there was no trace of depression from when he came earlier.

Even Xie Xian’s usually indifferent expression had loosened up. He took a step forward and looked at the edge of the forest. The Xin ‘an Prince followed quietly beside the Emperor, his eyebrows not even moving.

At the end of the group stood a skinny monk in his sixties. He had a kind face, his face was full of wrinkles, and his white beard reached his waist.

He looked into the distance indifferently, his face expressionless.

At this time, Xiao Baoxin was already too lazy to waste his breath on this female husband and wife. He directly ordered the guards to take Xiao Jing ‘ai back. In short, he could not let the Yang family see him. Otherwise, this misunderstanding would be big. It didn’t matter if the marriage was successful or not. This was a slap in the face.

Who knew that Xiao Jing ‘ai wouldn’t let go of Yang Shao and hid behind him. If he didn’t help her, he would only end up in a pig cage.

However, the guards were all burly men. No matter how they faced the little lady in their own residence, they would not be so unrestrained. Moreover, she was the county master personally conferred by the emperor, so they really did not dare to act rashly.

“General Yang,” Xiao Baoxin could not bear to see this and finally spoke again. His pretty face was already very impatient.”General Yang is in Waguan Temple by fate. Did you make an appointment with my sister, or do you have other important matters? If you have important matters to attend to, please go ahead. There’s no need to trouble the general with the Xiao family’s matters.”

Yang Shao finally remembered that he was here with Emperor Yu Heng, so he let Xiao Jing ‘ai confuse him.

Subconsciously looking over, Yang Shao saw Emperor Yu Heng leading Xie Xian, the Xin ‘an Prince, and a group of guards in a fan-shaped formation, looking at them with interest. Yang Shao’s mind instantly buzzed.

Second Lady Xiao has wronged me!

He turned around and grabbed Xiao Jing ‘ai’s wrist.””Second Lady Xiao, please have some self-respect! I still have important matters to attend to, so I won’t accompany you. In the future…Please don’t come looking for me again!”

Xiao Jing ‘ai’s wrist was in extreme pain from his grip, and her tears fell. His heart was so cold.

“General Yang, I didn’t lie to you. Why don’t you believe me?”

When Xiao Baoxin heard this, there was a chance. Did this guy tell Yang Shao about his rebirth?

At this time, at this point, was there sh * t in his brain?

Was she afraid that Yang Shao wouldn’t treat her like a lunatic and wouldn’t be able to show her uniqueness?

“Second Mother has been in a trance recently and is always talking nonsense. 1 hope General Yang will not take offense. When she fell ill, it wasn’t just you. Everyone around her would say that she was haunted by evil spirits or karma.

It was as if being born in the Xiao family was a punishment for her. General Yang shouldn’t take her past life and present life seriously.”

“Xiao Baoxin, can’t you just let me go?” Xiao Jing ‘ai gritted her teeth. Must you force me into a desperate situation? When the time comes, we’ll both die together, and you won’t get away with it!”

“Second Mother, you’re tired. Come back with me. Can’t you see that General Yang doesn’t want to talk to you? Isn’t it good to have some face?”Xiao Baoxin had a faint smile on his face, which made Xiao Jing ‘ai so angry that she couldn’t help but curse Yang Shao in her heart. Was she inferior to Xiao Baoxin in any way? He didn’t even want her when she offered herself to him?

She was still the county head!

Yang Shao wasn’t sure if Xiao Jing ‘ai was telling the truth, but he didn’t want to marry her.

Firstly, he really did not have any feelings for Xiao Jing ‘ai. Secondly, he had the same concerns as Xiao Baoxin. General Xiao had won a triumphant victory and was favored. He really did not need to offend an important official of the court for such a wife who did not have a good impression of him.

He lifted his leg and wanted to leave, but it was too late to stay out of it. Emperor Yu Heng was clearly not satisfied with watching the commotion from afar. He brought a large group of people over in a mighty manner, including the old monk Hui Neng who was untainted by the secular world and had a kind expression.

“Lord, Lord!” Yang Shao knelt on one knee, his face full of shame.”I have neglected my duty, please punish me.”

When Emperor Yu Heng arrived, Xiao Jing ‘ai did not dare to act anymore. He and Xiao Bao Xin hurriedly bowed and followed Yang Shao’s address as Lord Lang.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Emperor Yu Heng crossed his arms curiously and felt inexplicably happy. Abbot Huineng was a mighty person, and he had enlightened him with just a few words.

He was saying that he was rich in the world, but he did not do whatever he wanted. Otherwise, what was the point of being an emperor?

Huineng was speechless. That wasn’t what he meant, was it?

When Emperor Yu Heng asked, everyone fell silent. No one spoke.

Xiao Baoxin was silent. She was not going to stick her head out. She wanted to see how Xiao Jing ‘ai would make up this lie. After all, she was the one who arrived later. There were ten thousand excuses. It was impossible for her to cover up Xiao Jing ‘ai’s lie. She might not appreciate it and deliberately ruin her reputation. In the end, she would pretend that she was not a human.

“General Yang, please speak.” Emperor Yu Heng saw that there was something fishy going on. There was nothing that could not be said to others, and anything that could not be said to others was not a good thing.

Yang Shao gritted his teeth. Before he could speak, Xiao Jing ‘ai suddenly said,

“Xing Ping has a special liking for General Yang and wants to ask the emperor to arrange a marriage.”


Xiao Jing ‘ai didn’t say anything, but his words stunned everyone. Was this what a young lady would say?

Even Xie Xian raised his eyes to look at Yang Shao. He finally understood why Madam Xie was so dissatisfied with Yang Shao. It turned out that it had something to do with the other young lady of the Xiao family.

Not only Xiao Baoxin, but Yang Shao also felt suffocated as if he had been beaten until he vomited blood.

What was this? Why did he have a crush on her?

However, if he were to refute now, he was afraid that he would be seen as irresponsible in the eyes of others.

If Xiao Jing ‘ai hadn’t spoken, Emperor Yuheng wouldn’t have recognized her. However, when she called herself Xingping County Head, it made him remember that he had met her once in Noble Consort Liu’s palace.

Now, she was dressed as a maid, looking fresh and pitiful. Just by looking at it, one would know that he had sneaked out and not come by the right path.

“If I remember correctly, a while ago, General Yang asked the mistress of the Pan family to be a matchmaker and go to the Xiao family to ask for a wife.Js it Lady Xiao?”

Before Emperor Yu Heng could speak, Xie Xian spoke first.

Is it because I remembered wrongly?”

Xiao Jing ‘ai bit her lips tightly. She never dreamed that Xie Xian would appear out of nowhere. She was betting on whether Xiao Baoxin would ruin the reputation of the Xiao Residence and not let her get what she wanted.

Who knew that Xiao Baoxin didn’t say anything, but this Xie Xian suddenly popped out.

Who cared if he remembered it correctly or not, who Yang Shao proposed to, what did it have to do with him?