My Ferocious Tigress Wife-Chapter 126 - : Chapter 126 Killing a Chicken with a Bullknife

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Chapter 126: Chapter 126 Killing a Chicken with a Bullknife

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Xiao Baoxin laughed secretly. Xie Xian was really smart, pointing out the words that she couldn’t say without revealing a single word.

She was not afraid that the emperor would know, but she was afraid that he would not know.

Yang Shao had asked to marry her first, and now her cousin in the next room had taken the initiative to marry her. This was a matter of right and wrong. Those who had any thoughts did not want to get involved. Moreover, his father was in the limelight now. The Emperor would definitely not ignore her without asking about the reason.

If it wasn’t for Xie Xian, she would have said it herself and would not have let Xiao Jing ‘ai have her way. However, how to say it was a problem. The effect of saying it would definitely not be as good as Xie Xianlai.

How could he say that he didn’t like her? Why was he so stubborn?

Xiao Jing ‘ai said calmly,”

“Actually, Attendant Xie should know about this. The whole of Jiankang City knew that Elder Sister liked Attendant Xie and met him at Qingxi Bridge during the Qiqiao Festival. Wasn’t it already…Everyone in the Xiao Manor knew that Elder Sister had clearly rejected General Yang. It was me… Later, when he saw General Yang’s heroic bearing, he admired him in his heart.”

In order to avoid suspicion of her snatching her future brother-in-law, Xiao Jing ‘ai had already used all sorts of methods. Didn’t her sister take a fancy to Xie Xian? She didn’t mind gathering them together. One of them died early, and the other deserved to die early.

At this point, Emperor Yu Heng was completely shocked. Everyone in Jiankang City knew about it, so why didn’t anyone tell him?

His constant attendant was actually with the daughter of his trusted general…

Such a valiant Lil ‘Miss, how could his constant attendant endure it!

“There’s actually such a thing?” The Emperor’s interest was piqued, and he couldn’t help but click his tongue in his heart. He was still young, after all. It was so exciting for a young man and a young woman to be entangled in a love-hate relationship.

Her gaze couldn’t help but drift towards Xie Xian, but she saw that his expression didn’t change, his heart didn’t beat, and even his eyes didn’t panic.


Then, he looked at Lady Xiao. He was as unmoving as a mountain.

The two of them actually got together?

“Lady Xiao, do you like Attendant Xie?”

This time, Xie Xian didn’t pay attention to the demeanor of an aristocratic family. He spoke before Xiao Baoxin could. He had no doubt that if he asked her to answer, she would definitely admit it frankly.

And then?

Would he admit it or reject it?

Admitting it was equivalent to nodding his head, acknowledging Xiao Jing ‘ai’s claim that he and Xiao Baoxin had long been in an intimate relationship. Rejecting it was undoubtedly a slap to Xiao Baoxin’s face.

“I have clarified many times that my sister was there. My younger sister has invited Eldest Lady Xiao to celebrate the Qiqiao Festival together. Because of the lack of preparations in the residence, she went back too late. My younger sister is worried, so she asked me to send Eldest Lady Xiao back together. Near Qingxi Bridge, my sister’s feet went numb, so she got out of the car and took two steps. I didn’t know what was going on, so I went to ask. That’s why 1 fell into the mouth of some people with ulterior motives and started spreading rumors.”

“Second Lady Xiao, 1 once heard that you angered the mistress of the He residence for your sister, resulting in the annulment of the engagement. The Emperor took into account Second Lady’s eagerness to protect her sister and the deep sisterly love, so he specially promoted her to Xingping County Lord. However, since you two have such deep sisterly love, why do you not believe your sister’s character and instead believe the rumors in the city?”

With someone standing up for her, Xiao Baoxin was happy to stand aside like a quail. It had to be said that Xie Xian’s words were harsh, and Xiao Jing ‘ai’s face was slapped.

However, using a third-grade casual rider to deal with Xiao Jing ‘ai was a waste of talent.

Xiao Jing ‘ai was obviously flustered.” Sister did reject General Yang’s marriage personally. I heard it with my own ears.””

Yang Shao even had the heart to kick her to death. Who would believe that they were fine this time?

With this brain of hers, he really didn’t want to marry her. But if he didn’t marry her, he was afraid that she would grow a mouth and talk nonsense. What past life, what change of dynasty? He was afraid that even if he had ten thousand heads, it wouldn’t be enough.

How annoying…ln his previous life, his eyes must have been so bloody that he fell for such a thing?!

“Did you find this outfit secretly?”Emperor Yu Heng went straight to the point. This was what he cared about.

He had originally thought of this on the spur of the moment. If even the Xingping County Lord knew of his movements, where would his dignity as an emperor go? His sense of security was too weak.

Xiao Jing ‘ai’s face stiffened, and the tears in the corners of her eyes instantly stopped flowing. She knew that if she couldn’t answer this question well, all her previous efforts would be in vain.

Xiao Baoxin was to blame for this matter. Without her involvement, she would have already done it with Yang Shao. Why would she have to make a fuss in front of the Emperor? With the Emperor, there would be a huge variable. It was possible that the marriage would be arranged, but with Xie Xian stirring things up, she was not sure.

After all, this was the Emperor’s favorite official. His words were on Xiao Baoxin’s side, and the Emperor was on his side. It was really…What a frustrating reality.

What right did Xiao Baoxin have to take the initiative to seduce a man? Even if she dared to love and hate, she also dared to love and hate. Why did she incur public anger by taking the initiative to throw herself into his arms?

What’s wrong with brother-in-law? Can’t she have true love with brother-in-law?

If Xiao Baoxin didn’t want it, why wouldn’t she want it? What kind of logic was this!

The more Xiao Jing ‘ai thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. He didn’t want to make do with it. If I didn’t have anyone in my heart, I would definitely take care of my husband and raise my children. But now, I can’t. 1 can’t lie…At most, he would spend his life with a green lamp and an ancient Buddha. He did not want to marry someone who would harm others and himself.”

“Therefore, I originally wanted to secretly return to the residence to avoid this scene. Who knew that when 1 returned, I saw General Yang in the Waguan Temple, so 1 came over…”

“I think this is fate. I can meet General Yang wherever I go. I hope Your Majesty will fulfill Xingping’s wishes.”


Xiao Baoxin was utterly disgusted by the way she talked about the pure and innocent Little Lotus. She even said that she had lived her life as an ancient Buddha. She did not look like she wanted to stop at all. Even if she was sent to the ancient Buddha, she would still be able to jump up and down under the Buddha’s nose. She would not stop until she succeeded.

What a noble way of saying it. He could not harm others or himself. It was just that he could not let go of the mother of a country’s path to heaven. He would kick away anyone who stood in his way.

If Yang Shao had lived a miserable life in his previous life, and not only did he not become the emperor, but he was also killed as a traitor, would she, Xiao Jing ‘ai, still jump up and down in this life and not give up until she married him?

Xiao Baoxin wasn’t someone who didn’t show his emotions. When his emotions came up, it could be seen immediately from his face.

Emperor Yuheng’s eyes were extremely sharp. He could never hide the expressions of any of the officials in the imperial court from him. When he saw Xiao Baoxin’s aggrieved and disgusted expression, he immediately burst out laughing in his heart.

His Great General’s beloved daughter really had the demeanor of a father. She was so straightforward that she said she didn’t want it, but her expression was very honest.

It seemed that this ‘deep sisterly love’ was not reliable. There seemed to be an inside story.

After staying in the harem for a long time, Emperor Epsilon had gained some insight. Be it kinship or friendship between women, they were really too fragile. Perhaps it was because he would reward this hairpin today and that hairpin tomorrow. Wherever he went, he would be able to break it off by sitting in the palace for a while.

The Xiao Sisters probably couldn’t escape this curse, but they didn’t see that Yang Shao had such potential to cause trouble.

He turned around and looked at Xie Xian. If he was talking about Huo Shui, she should be as good-looking as his constant attendant, right?

“Xingping, it has always been the parents ‘orders and the matchmaker’s words. You still have to listen to Xiao Zhongcheng’s marriage. I won’t get involved. You, take care of yourself..”