My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved-Chapter 403 - : Five Years! (2)

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Chapter 403: Five Years! (2)

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

After seeing the information sent by the other party, Su Yang quickly made his own judgment.

The most important thing was to improve his own strength. Everything else had to be set aside.

Therefore, Su Yang directly rejected the other party’s request and told him his thoughts.

As for whether the other party would fly into a rage out of humiliation or have some unnecessary thoughts about him…

Su Yang did not care. If she really dared to dance in front of him, he would not be polite.

The so-called allies were just cultivators who temporarily belonged to the same camp.

As long as they provoked him, they would not belong to the same camp.

Immortal Dimension Realm

Under the gazes of many cultivators, the token that Xu Zhu had just used to communicate with Su Yang emitted a light and appeared with a vibration.

They knew what this meant. It meant that Su Yang had already replied to him.

” How is it?” Zhou Tianyu asked expectantly.” How is it?” What did fellow Daoist Su say?”

After seeing Xu Zhu’s calm expression, Zhou Tianyu had a bad feeling.

If Su Yang had agreed to help, Xu Zhu would not have reacted so calmly. At the very least, there would have been some emotional fluctuations.

However, it was obvious that Xu Zhu did not have any special emotional fluctuations. In fact, Zhou Tianyu could sense that Xu Zhu was a little disappointed.

Xu Zhu shook his head and said,”Fellow Daoist Su said…” “He’s not free now. He told me that if we can’t defeat the evil gods, we should first attack them. He told us to hide first or directly leave the Immortal Dimension World…”

Zhou Tianyu’s face darkened. Did Fellow Daoist Su really say that?”

Xu Zhu nodded and said,” That’s right. That’s what he said. Perhaps he’s busy with something more important. I’m afraid we have to think of a way ourselves. Or perhaps we might as well do as Fellow Daoist Su said…”

“After all, the final stage of the battle will definitely be a battle between the

Sacred Sovereigns. Even if we participate, we might not be able to help much.

On the contrary, we might be like those Perfected Immortals of the Great All-Embracing Heaven who can only directly withdraw from the battle…”

“This situation is not impossible.”

“What truly decides the outcome of a battle is the top combat strength.”

“In that case, there is no need for us to care too much about the outcome of this battle. Let’s do our best…

However, we can use this opportunity to obtain more resources. We can’t snatch high-level resource points but we can still snatch smaller resource points. ”

The Immortal Realm cultivators gathered here made this decision after discussing for a while.

Soon, they dispersed and stopped fighting the evil gods.

When they encountered evil gods, they chose to retreat.

If that was the case, the evil gods would not be able to do anything to them. However, if this continued, the more resources the evil gods obtained, the stronger they would become.

If this situation continued, they would definitely lose this battle.

However, that was all they could do. If they wanted to do more, they were powerless.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

Su Yang looked at his interface.

After nearly five months of collecting resources.

He had finally collected enough will of all living beings to raise his realm again.

“Upgrade! ”

With a thought, the three quadrillion wills on his interface rapidly decreased. Soon, only a few quadrillion wills were left.

Correspondingly, his strength had also reached the intermediate stage of the sage realm. In the blink of an eye, his strength had increased by a large margin.

Sword Intent (Intermediate Saint Stage): 0/30 million wills of living beings, 0/10 billion Chaotic Qi

After raising his realm, Su Yang looked at the consumption required to continue raising his realm.

This time, the consumption had increased by ten times.

Su Yang was already mentally prepared for this, but it was still alright.

Even with the speed at which he collected the wills of all living beings, he would only need 1,500 days, which was close to five years.

He could accept this time. Moreover, if he could deal with the nest of Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the late stage of sage realm, his speed would be much faster. However, he didn’t have a special advantage in dealing with Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the late stage of sage realm. Therefore, he might not be able to deal with them.

He could deal with Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the Intermediate Stage of the Saint Realm with the help of high-level Great Dao Divine Sense.

Thinking of this, he felt a bit regretful. Previously, he was lucky enough to encounter a Supreme Grade Great Way Super Power Seed, but it was snatched away. If he had that Supreme Grade Great Way Super Power Seed, he would definitely be able to deal with the Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the Late Stage of the Sage Realm.

Su Yang shook his head. He didn’t want to think too much. Even if he could only deal with the Chaotic Ominous Beasts at the Intermediate Stage of the Saint Realm, he would only have five years to deal with them at his current speed.

After Su Yang tried his new strength, he continued his path of harvesting.

Just as he had speculated, he could deal with a Chaotic Ominous Beast of the late stage of sage realm with his current strength. However, he would need to spend a lot of time. It would take him at least a month to slowly grind a Chaotic Ominous Beast of the late stage of sage realm to death in the continuous battle.

Su Yang was not satisfied with this result. The time spent was not proportional to the harvest. It was far slower than the resources he harvested from the Chaotic Ominous Beasts at the beginning and intermediate stage of the sage realm.

Therefore, he didn’t have any intention of killing the Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the Late Stage of the Saint Realm after trying once.

Then, he continued to harvest.

In the next five years, there were no major accidents. Even if some accidents caused his clone to be destroyed, it did not affect him much. After all, it was only a clone and not his main body.

During these five years, Su Yang had been constantly moving in the chaos, and he had gradually seen more scenes, such as some Saint Realm experts fighting.

Su Yangs understanding of immortal life also increased.

In five years, Su Yang had seen a total of six immortal life forms appear.

The moment an undying appeared, it would attract the pursuit of the primal chaos experts.

The main goal of these undyings was to devour the universe.

The universe seemed to contain the energy of these undying beings.

To cultivators like them who came from the universe, the undying life forms were their greatest enemies.

He wasn’t too sure what exactly was going on, but all cultivators who had stepped into the primordial chaos would definitely not allow an undying to do as they pleased.

Perhaps he would have to wait until he entered the Chaos Temple to find out more.

Five years passed in the blink of an eye, and Su Yang had gathered enough will of all living beings.

After obtaining the will of all living beings, Su Yang immediately raised his realm to the late stage of the sage realm.

“Upgrade! ”

-30 quadrillion living beings ‘will.

With the deduction of the will of all living beings, Su Yangs realm directly reached the late stage of the sage realm.

It was very simple. There were no bottlenecks or restrictions.

His strength increased by more than a hundred times in an instant.

With his current strength, it would not be a problem for him to deal with a Chaotic Ominous Beast of the late stage of the sage realm.

However, whether or not he could instantly kill them was a problem that he needed to consider.

If he had a top-grade Great Dao Super Power Seed, he could refine it into a top-grade Great Dao Super Power. Then, he would have no problem killing a

Chaotic Ominous Beast at the Late Stage of the Saint Realm.

He originally had it, and the culprit of all of this was Sacred Sovereign


Now that he had enough strength, it was time to find trouble with the other party.

Even if Sacred Sovereign Liuyun had helpers, they would at most be a late-stage Sacred Sovereign.

Now that he had already stepped into the late-stage Sacred Sovereign realm, he dared to say that he was invincible in this realm!

Su Yang looked up at the depths of the chaos.

A vortex slowly appeared in front of Su Yang. It was the vortex that led to the Heavenly Cloud Universe.

Su Yang stepped into it.

When he reappeared, he was already outside the Heavenly Cloud Universe.

A long time ago, he had made a mark the moment he discovered the Heavenly Cloud Universe.

He had been waiting for this moment.

“So, should I go in and observe first, or should I go straight to the door?”

“Yes… In order to prevent him from escaping, it’s better to find this guy first.”

After thinking about it, Su Yang decided not to give the other party any chance to escape, so he first secretly entered this universe.

He went straight to the Sky Cloud Martial School founded by Saint Venerable Flowing Cloud.

During this process, Su Yang also looked at his interface.

Sword Intent (Mastery Saint Realm): 0/300 million living beings ‘will, o/trillion Chaotic Qi .. .