My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved-Chapter 404 - : There Are Two Paths Above the Saint Realm!

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Chapter 404: There Are Two Paths Above the Saint Realm!

Translator: Daoist6fubtiW

Looking at the interface, Su Yang realized that if he wanted to increase his strength again, the consumption would increase by ten times.

However, he was already mentally prepared, so he was not shocked at all.

He could still accept a tenfold increase.

Even if it was converted into time, it would only be 50 years.

Moreover, he could now kill Chaotic Ominous Beasts of the late stage of the sage realm.

A lairs of Chaotic Ominous Beasts at the late stage of the Saint Realm contained more Immortal Qi.

There were about ten lairs of Chaotic Ominous Beasts at the Late Stage of the Saint Realm on a Chaotic Continent.

In other words, the lairs of Chaotic Ominous Beasts at the late stage of the Saint Realm alone could provide him with 100 quadrillion wills of all living beings.

In addition to the initial and intermediate stage of the sage realm…

In that case, his harvest from a primal chaos continent would be around 102,000,000 wills of all living beings.

However, this was not bad.

Under such circumstances, it didn’t seem difficult to collect the will of 300 million living beings. It might even be faster than the speed of breaking through from the intermediate stage of the sage realm to the sage realm.

In less than five years!

Thinking of this, Su Yang was a little excited and quickly calculated.

However, he soon had a rough estimate.

It might take about five years, but it didn’t get any faster.

But this was fast enough!

He had broken through from the late stage of the sage realm to the Sage

Perfection realm within five years. If this news was released to any sage expert, they might not believe it.

It was too terrifying!

” That’s good. If he can break through so quickly, then there’s no doubt about the victor of this cosmic war…

Su Yang dared to say this because he naturally had his confidence.

A sealed universe would not allow existences above the Saint Realm to appear.

Those Sacred Sovereigns, regardless of whether they were Evil Gods or Immortal Realm cultivators, were at most at the perfected Sacred Sovereign realm.

Their cultivation realm would definitely not surpass the perfected stage of the Sacred Sovereign realm.

This was Su Yangs confidence.

After thinking about his strength, Su Yang began to move again.

He took the initiative to collect information about Sacred Sovereign Liuyun.

His time was precious, and he did not want to waste too much time with the other party.

He could directly enter the Sky Cloud Martial School and use his own strength to obtain the information he wanted without anyone noticing.

Don’t forget, his sword intent contained the power of all laws.

He wanted to know something…Naturally, it was also very convenient.

” Exploring the Blackpit Continent?”

At first, Su Yang was still a little confused when he heard the news.

What Black Pit Continent?

However, as he gained more understanding, he understood that this was the name the Heavenly Cloud Cosmos had given to the surrounding primal chaos continents.

The Blackpit Continent was a primal chaos continent.

After knowing this information, Su Yang instantly locked onto the location of the Black Pit Continent.

Then, he disappeared in a flash.

The Sky Cloud Martial School didn’t offend him, so he wouldn’t destroy them.

When he reappeared, he was already in the sky above a primal chaos continent.

Many cultivators were currently exploring this primal chaos continent, collecting the resources on it.

However, most of them were exploring the outer regions.

There were very few people in the central region.

His strength had greatly increased after he had broken through to the late stage of the sage realm.

Even if the sword intent covered the entire central region, it would not be discovered by the Saint Realm Ominous Beasts of Chaos.

Naturally, no Ominous Beasts of Chaos would find trouble with him.

Previously, his strength was too weak at the initial stage of the sage realm. It was normal for him to be discovered.

Enveloped by the sword intent, he also directly locked onto Sacred Sovereign Liuyun’s position.

Su Yangs eyes flashed coldly, and he disappeared from where he was.

When he appeared again, he was already in front of Sacred Sovereign Liuyun.

“Sacred Sovereign Liuyun…We meet again.”

Faced with Su Yangs sudden appearance, Sacred Sovereign Liuyun also quivered and was shocked.

Before Su Yang appeared, he did not sense anything. It was not until he appeared in front of him that he realized it.

This meant that Su Yangs strength had surpassed his, or he had some special means.

However, since it had appeared in front of him, it was most likely the former.

Even though rational analysis told him the correct answer at the first moment.

However, after he saw Su Yang clearly and recognized him, he scoffed at this answer.

Su Yang… Wasn’t he the guy who had previously stolen a top-grade Great Dao Divine Power seed?

At that time, he was only at the Great Circle of Half-Saint Realm, not even at the Early Stage of Saint Realm.

How could his strength surpass his?

He must have had some fortuitous encounter to break through to the Saint Realm and hide his strength at the same time.

Thinking of this, Sacred Sovereign Liuyun became greedy and stared at Su Yang without hiding it.

‘ I was wondering who it was. So it’s you. Looks like your luck is pretty good, but you seem to have made a wrong choice…”

Sacred Sovereign Liuyun was halfway through his sentence when he was suddenly stunned. His expression became a little ugly.

“Damn it…You’re really afraid of death. Another clone. Boring, boring…”

After sensing that Su Yang was another avatar, Sacred Sovereign Liuyun immediately lost interest.

A clone definitely wouldn’t have anything good on him.

This was something that could be expected.

Su Yang saw the undisguised greed in Sacred Sovereign Liuyun’s eyes.

“I really can’t be bothered to waste my breath on a fellow like you. It’s time to return what you stole from me.”

“Starfire Sword River!”

After Su Yang finished speaking, he did not give Sacred Sovereign Liuyun a chance to speak and directly attacked.

In an instant, the Spark Swords that had reached the power of the late stage of the sage realm were condensed by Su Yang.

Some of them were slashed out by Su Yang with his Intrinsic Immortal Sword.

His Natal Immortal Sword had already reached the level of the Highest Grade Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Even if he was at the late stage of the Saint Realm, it could still increase his strength by five times..