My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences-Chapter 334 - A Strange Appearance

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334 A Strange Appearance

Mou Jinfu’s beard even showed signs of turning black, and half of his blood-stained body began to scab.

Boom! Boom!

Mou Jinfu’s aura continued to rise, and Qin Huai’s attacks became more and more effortless. The two of them clashed a few meters apart, with poisonous gas and the three beasts exploding continuously. There was no one else around, only the two of them left in the dust.


Suddenly, Qin Huai and Mou Jinfu widened their eyes at the same time. The two of them felt a strange fluctuation in their surroundings.


In Qin Huai’s eyes, he saw a strange green mist appear beside Mou Jinfu, causing his figure to blur for a moment. A familiar feeling surged into his heart, and Qin Huai’s hair stood on end. The image of the night when Hua Yanli disappeared into thin air appeared in his mind. It seemed to be this thing!

Qin Huai subconsciously jumped back, wanting to escape this strange area. However, Mou Jinfu, who was equally terrified, was not happy. He was terrified, but he still took a step toward Qin Huai!

“Even if I die, I will drag someone down with me!” he roared, advancing instead of retreating. He directly brought the strangeness around him to Qin Huai.

The ‘young’ Mou Jinfu had returned once again, and the pressure on Qin Huai’s body increased. Speed, strength, and even the aura around him had been greatly enhanced. The three beasts that had just shown their might were once again suppressed by Mou Jinfu.

However, at this moment, the two of them were slightly distracted. The faint fluctuations around them seemed to be tearing their bodies apart.


A spark of fire appeared on Qin Huai’s fist, directly slashing at Mou Jinfu’s arm. Mou Jinfu coldly shattered the seemingly vast flames. Google search 𝘧r𝙚e𝓌𝐞𝑏𝗻𝑜𝘷𝙚Ɩ. com

“Thunderbolt blade technique?” Mou Jinfu’s eyes flashed with surprise. “When did you learn that?”

Mou Jinfu frowned, his killing intent towards Qin Huai growing stronger. Qin Huai and the Thunderbolt Gang had only interacted for a short while, and this thunderbolt blade technique was already quite impressive.

The flames kept flickering on Qin Huai’s three beasts technique. The seemingly brilliant flame was visually shocking; but in fact, to Mou Jinfu, who had three full patterns, this temperature and power were no different from scratching an itch.

An expert with three full patterns was indeed beyond imagination. Whether it was the poisonous spear or the miraculous ‘rejuvenation of youth’, in front of Mou Jinfu, who had regained his youth, his dragon king form couldn’t even get close.

In other words, it was precisely because of the dragon king form that increased his physique, allowing Qin Huai to continue resisting Mou Jinfu’s bombardment.

Mou Jinfu’s terrifying power and cultivation technique kept him out of the poison technique. He didn’t want to give himself a chance to fight. It was the method of an old fox who had survived a life-and-death battle.

In Qin Huai’s hand, the power of longevity was gathering. The sparks from the basic thunderbolt blade technique kept eating away at Mou Jinfu’s vigilance against the flames.


Suddenly, the strange green aura in the surroundings disappeared without a trace. Qin Huai and Mou Jinfu heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

In the next instant, their eyes sharpened. The poisonous mist gathered on the golden walking stick and stabbed straight at Qin Huai. The terrifying power instantly shattered Qin Huai’s three beasts.

The surrounding power instantly gathered in one place. Even the air condensed and collapsed because of the terrifying power.


A faint flame flickered on Qin Huai’s fingertips once again, enveloping the three beasts.

“As expected of a young man.” Mou Jinfu saw Qin Huai’s unchanging moves and his heart calmed down. He knew that Qin Huai had already used up all his trump cards.

In reality, Mou Jinfu had already realized this when Qin Huai took out the pitiful thunderbolt blade technique that was only at the blood refinement level to increase its power by a tiny bit. This heaven’s favorite with the king’s force was very strong—very, very strong. To be able to force him to this extent with his fourth-level bone pattern realm… The only flaw was that he was too young.

Mou Jinfu’s dead snake spear easily pierced through Qin Huai’s three beasts. The terrifying aura was completely defenseless against his attack.

Qin Huai’s strength seemed like it had been completely depleted. This abnormal form of white hair indeed required a large amount of physical strength and blood.

In Mou Jinfu’s field of vision, the sharp dead snake spear stabbed into the last of the weak flames. He was only a step away from Qin Huai’s fist. And then…

It was a crushing bloodbath! However, the one who was bleeding was not Qin Huai, but Mou Jinfu himself!

The power condensed on the dead snake spear was instantly cut off. An inconspicuous flame instantly ignited, brushing against the golden cane and cutting off Mou Jinfu’s power in front of him.

In his pupils, the blazing flames instantly arrived in front of Mou Jinfu. Qin Huai, whose eyes were emitting the aura of a king, was also there.

“How can…” Mou Jinfu’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He did not understand how the flames of a mere blood refinement realm thunderbolt sword technique could suddenly become so powerful.


Before he could think of an answer, the flames instantly split Mou Jinfu into two.

“Flame longevity technique, twenty years of strength!” Qin Huai passed through the broken part of his body.

Behind him, Mou Jinfu’s corpse was set ablaze. The flames from the technique slowly devoured his entire body.