My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences-Chapter 335 - Massive Experience Points!

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335 Massive Experience Points!

Mou Jinfu didn’t utter a sound from beginning to end.


Qin Huai looked exhausted as he panted heavily. However, with just a few strokes, his expression turned determined. He shouted at Mou Jinfu’s trusted aides not far away, “Mou Jinfu is dead. We won’t kill those who surrender!”

There were still more than twenty trusted aides around. All the Dark Dragon Gang members have been killed, leaving only a few Thunderbolt Gang martial artists. Most importantly, they were Mou Jinfu’s trusted aides.

The onlookers in the distance gazed at the burning figure, their eyes filled with disbelief. They had never imagined that the old man with three full patterns would actually die at the hands of a young boy like Qin Huai, even if they saw it with their own eyes.

“Don’t be afraid. Qin Huai is no longer…”


A terrifying aura crashed onto the person who spoke. The heavy pressure caused him to be in a trance for a moment. In the next second, Qin Huai appeared in front of him. The golden cane and Silver Fox’s spear stabbed into his chest.

“Who else?” Qin Huai’s eyes, glowing with white shock, swept across the remaining people. His heavy heartbeat echoed in the silent battlefield.

“Kill the remaining members of the Thunderbolt Gang and work for me in the future. I usually use people and never care about their background. You all know that, right?”

Qin Huai was good at enticing people, and more than a dozen of Mou Jinfu’s trusted aides began to harbor wicked thoughts.

Indeed, Qin Huai was young and talented. He was already the next leader of the Blood Poison Gang. Most importantly, this Fifth Master was unrestrained in recruiting people, never hesitating to take in even the most vicious individuals.

The dozen or so Blood Poison Gang experts glanced at the few bone pattern realm experts from the Thunderbolt Gang. The battle instantly turned tragic.

These experts, aware that this first battle would likely determine their future status, exerted all their strength. In just a moment, the few bone pattern realm experts of the Thunderbolt Gang died in the hailstorm and foggy night.

“I’m willing to die for Fifth Master!”

“I’m willing to go through fire and water for Fifth Master…”

The dozen or so people carried the heads of the bone pattern realm experts and knelt in front of Qin Huai.

“Remember, don’t tell anyone about my king’s force.” Qin Huai’s voice was slightly hoarse.


“Don’t worry, Fifth Master. I won’t tell even if they beat me to death!”

Their voices were loud and sonorous.


Suddenly, one of them raised his hand, about to charge at Qin Huai. In the next instant, more than a dozen people spat out a mouthful of blood. The moment everyone raised their heads, Silver Fox flashed past their eyes like a crescent moon.

Dong dong dong…

More than ten heads fell to the ground.

“Your loyalty is not bad.” Qin Huai looked at the corpses on the ground. Only the dead could keep a secret.

Regardless of whether it was the king’s force or the flame longevity technique, both were Qin Huai’s greatest trump cards. He couldn’t afford to expose them. For this reason, Qin Huai had to bear the pain and kill these bone pattern realm experts.

After that, Qin Huai skillfully looted the corpses and picked up the experience orbs dropped by everyone.

“Ding! You have collected a [Poison King Technique Essence], [Poison King Technique] +21%!”

“Ding! You have collected a [Rockfall Fist Essence (Red)], [Rockfall Fist Technique] experience points +100,000!”

“Ding! You have collected a [Five Serpentwing Technique Essence (Red)], [Five Serpentwing Technique] experience points +100,000!”

“Ding! You have collected a [Poison King Technique Essence], [Poison King Technique] +1%!”

A massive amount of experience flowed into Qin Huai’s body. His blood and qi were steadily rising as he continued to break through the levels of his cultivation technique.

The dragon king form on his body was removed, leaving his face pale. It was all thanks to this blood essence that Qin Huai did not collapse.

Tonight’s harvest wasn’t considered significant, only a mere 500,000 taels of silver. Mou Jinfu, who had the most wealth, was burned to ashes by the flame longevity technique, leaving behind only a mid-rank treasured weapon golden crutch. Qin Huai’s heart wouldn’t ache too much.

Taking advantage of the night’s darkness and the fog, Qin Huai circled around the Blood Poison Gang. As for the battle in the distance, it seemed that it had no intention of stopping. But that had nothing to do with Qin Huai anymore.

After a long time, Qin Huai carried his golden walking stick and swaggered into the Blood Poison Gang’s territory.

Tonight, the Blood Poison Gang was exceptionally deserted. Qin Huai only saw two martial artists guarding the door. However, his speed was too fast, and the two of them didn’t notice his presence. As for the manpower in other places, they were either dead in the flower workshop or still fighting with the gang leader’s people.

Qin Huai safely entered his courtyard and slowly sat cross-legged on the bed. He held his breath and started to review today’s battle.

The first thing that appeared in his mind was not Mou Jinfu but the fluctuation that occurred when the two of them fought to the peak, as well as the green qi…

“That mysterious and strange green gas… Why would it appear in my battle with Mou Jinfu?” Qin Huai muttered. He recalled Hua Yanli’s disappearance, which occurred while he was fighting a genius. “Could it be that fighting is a condition for being devoured by the strange green gas?”

“No, this is just one of the conditions.” He shook his head. After all, there were countless people fighting to the death in the outer city every day.

However, very few could draw out the strange green qi. Otherwise, this strange green gas would have been known by everyone. It wouldn’t have only been circulated among the few supreme experts in the outer city as a taboo.

“And you need to be powerful enough? Or have destructive power?” Qin Huai murmured. “Perhaps there’s also the king’s force…”

Qin Huai thought of all the factors that had played out in his battle with Mou Jinfu tonight. The two of them didn’t make any significant moves in the first half of the fight until Mou Jinfu used a special technique to restore his youthful state.

“But… Why did the strange green gas disappear?”

Qin Huai’s mind was in disarray, but at least he identified a few conditions that could trigger the appearance of the strange green gas: king’s force and absolute strength, being in third-level bone pattern realm at least, and sufficient destructive power.