My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2272 Every Bone In My Body

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Chapter 2272 Every Bone In My Body

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Stark had been given some information about the one known as Jack. He had been informed by those such as Logan as well as Quinn and the others. However, when they did update the Penswi star about all of this, they informed him that the information they had might be out of date so to say.

A lot of what they knew about Jack, was from before, when everyone thought he was dead. His powers, they were strong but he himself was weak. He knew almost nothing about Qi, and although he was one of the big four, he had no Demon tier items.

After all, in the past, the Demon tier beasts and weapons were almost impossible to find. So much so that when they came across a Demon tier beast, all of the leaders had to decide who would get the Demon tier crystal for fear that it would change the power hierarchy.

Because of this, the general consensus was that Jack himself wasn't too strong and instead it was those around him. Which was why now that he had him here in this desert, he thought it would only take a little pain to convince someone like him.

"I can see the look on your face!" Jack said, all of his clothes lighting up. There were patterns on the whole entirety of his uniform, mostly lighting up in a white and green like colour. It wasn't any normal type of armour that was for sure.

"You thought that, if you were to get to me alone, that you would be able to finish me. You stupid purple alien!" Jack laughed.

Out from the armour a strange energy had pulsed out and now there was a see through bubble that could be seen around Jack. When looking at the energy, the grains of the sand had been pushed out as well.

"Crap what type of armour is this?" Stark ran forward, he didn't charge straight ahead trying to attack the ball of energy but stopped right in front of it. With his sharp hand, he went to touch the edge of the strange bubble of energy.

The ball flickered and with his strength he tried to push through, but force could be felt pushing back against him.

'Is this a defensive type of skill coming from the armour?' Stark thought.

He pushed harder and harder but it wouldn't budge and Jack, who was in the ball, looked to be doing nothing but standing there.

"What is this?" Stark asked.

"Do you think I would tell you?" Jack smiled. "You thought you had everything, but you have nothing and you will soon realise that. All I need to do is buy time. I told you before, everyone on this ship, will be after you. They will be here at any moment, for you this is a race against time."

Of all the things for a specially made armour to do, to create a defensive barrier. It was expected of someone like Jack. Never fighting directly himself, and instead just a way for him to buy time until someone else would come over and deal with the problem he had.

Stark pulled his hand back, still staying in the position he was in. He didn't charge forward, because there was a chance that running into the shield of energy would hurt him, so he moved his fist as fast as he could. He used the power that was given to him by the armour and slammed right into the bubble of energy.

The energy bubble rippled several times, and the energy was passing through the whole thing, shifting some of the sand as well. For a second, the face on Jack looked slightly nervous. He had never expected for an attack from one of the aliens to be that strong, but the energy ball still held up.

Stark's hand was sore, it felt like he was punching a wall, but at least a wall would give or break with that type of punch, but this one didn't. It was on the cusp of nearly breaking his fist, and if he punched the energy ball a few more times like that, then his hand would probably break.

"Why are you doing this!" Stark shouted. "How can you just stay there standing with a smile on your face, and even now you don't even fight yourself.

"People are dying out there, those that won't be able to go back home to their families now! There is no reason for you to do this, what do you even get out of this killing those you don't even know!!!" Stark shouted.

It was in one's nature to try to understand the other, their reasons behind doing something like this. It felt like, if they actually knew the reason, they would be able to forgive them a little bit. Because in one's mind they couldn't imagine someone doing this for a petty reason, a small one or anything like that.

"Why do I do this?" Jack started to laugh. "Wouldn't you like to know. A person in your position, who has never reached the top, would never know what it's like to be like me, to feel the way I feel. Even if I explained it to you, you would never understand.

"Look at our situation right now, I am here, while you are there. I have gone through my whole life doing what I want." Jack said. "And all I have ever had happened to me is good things in my life, that's when I started to realise this life is for me.

"Whatever I do, things always work out for me in the end. I am the one that matters, everything is about me."

The words spoken by Jack didn't even make a lot of sense to Stark. This was just causing him to be even angrier. What reason, what the f*ck reason was this? There were no consequences for his actions. Did Jack just feel like he was the chosen one, someone playing the main character in some type of movie. So none of his actions had consequences.

Just because he had never been punished before… but he had been punished, yet after that punishment his life had only gotten better. Is this what power does to a person?

Stark, filled with this rage, ran back through the sand a great distance away. He sprinted across the sand as fast as he could, and at the last moment, just like he had the times before, he jumped up spinning his body with both of his arms pointed out.

Hitting the bubble-like shield, he spun on the outside like a drill. It spun and the ripples on the bubble continued and eventually it was being pushed back. Jack, inside the bubble, had fallen over as if he had been pushed, but the shield of energy didn't break and was still there.

Eventually, Stark had stopped spinning and when doing so he fell to the floor on the sand. Blood soaked the sand underneath him, his hard hands had been ruined by the shield due to the power of his attack.

"You fool, this is a Demon tier armour set!" Jack souted. "Did you think your attacks would ever be able to get through something like this, now look at you, you were the one that was attacking and are even more hurt."

The bones in Stark's hands were completely crushed, when he got up the floor, even the slightest movement of his hands caused a large amount of pain.

"I can't… I can't let someone like this win."

Stark ran back once again, his legs were intact they were still strong.

"Even if every bone in my body is broken, I will take you down, and use my mouth, my ears, whatever I can to force you to take their powers away!!!" Stark yelled at the top of his lungs.

[Nitro accelerate activated]



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