My Vampire System (WN)-Chapter 2273 Who Is My Enemy?

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Chapter 2273 Who Is My Enemy?

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The battlefield had so far remained empty. Those who were able to stay somewhat close to the fight between two titans had tried their best, whereas others had passed out simply for being too close to the energy given off from the abilities and the attacks.

In particular, it was H's attacks that, even when missing, would send heavy vibrations through the air. When hitting the humans and those who were watching, it would just pass through their bodies, causing them to shut down.

Once fallen on the floor, since no one was brave enough to go help them, they would meet an unfortunate death when H displayed some larger attacks to the ground.

It was all of these actions that made it so no one would dare go directly onto the battlefield unless they were willing to lose their life. That was when everyone could soon see two figures that had joined the battle.

The two of them had become quite familiar to all of those watching since they had seen them deal with the last threat.

"What are they doing out there? Are they trying to get themselves killed?" Shiro shouted.

Using his powers, Shiro had been moving further and further away until he had managed to see Vicky, Logan, and Jake all together. The building they were originally in had crumbled, and now they were standing behind some broken debris that had been made of some of the special strong material of the Amra planet.

Shiro went to join them behind the piece of rock as well, since there were only a few of these pieces that were spread out or made of parts of the buildings. They were able to survive the shockwaves and using them as a shield they could watch the fight. Although from time to time, they did have to make sure their entire bodies were behind the rock, otherwise, they would get hurt.

"The two of them were able to deal with Pine, so maybe they have recovered enough," Vicky stated. "I'm sure you felt it, all this energy that was escaping from us."

"I doubt that," Jake added. "For one, H is a lot stronger than Pine. Even without abilities, I think he could smash his head in. On top of that, Layla looks to be in good condition, but I can't say the same for Russ. At the end of the day, Russ was the one who managed to defeat Pine as well. I doubt Russ will be able to regain enough Mc cells to do that sort of thing again."

Which made them wonder, why were the two of them out there in the first place then?

Out on the battleground itself, Russ had fallen over a few times. As he was hit by the shockwaves, he had no power to protect himself, and the Qi that had surrounded him was completely gone. The fight was still going on as the two had ignored the other two who had joined.

With her sword, Layla would hit and get rid of the bigger shockwaves from time to time, the ones she thought would damage Russ.

"What is wrong with you? First, you drain me of all my energy so I can't even fight, and then you bring me out here, in the middle of the fight. I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to force my hand, and I hate it when you do things like that!"

There was a lot of anger building up in Russ, but he couldn't gather any strength. However, in that little sprout of small anger, he realized something. His feelings were so strong that he was imagining himself taking down Layla.

He couldn't do it because of his energy levels, but he still gave it a good go in his mind, at least. Yet, there was no ache in his head when he had these thoughts, no pressure creeping toward his brain.

"This woman... was she getting rid of that thing called Qi in my body? In doing so, did she also get rid of what Quinn had put on me? Does this mean... does this mean I'm free? I don't have to worry about the Talen family anymore and can get out of here!"

Standing up to his feet, this thought gave Russ a new form of energy, until he was hit by a shockwave, this one with a trace of lightning powers. It hit his whole body and his legs, knocking him down on the ground.

"Shit! Shit! Shiiiit!" Russ screamed in his head.

Layla didn't expect Russ to get up like that and suddenly run away. She thought she had drained most of his energy, making it next to impossible for him to do things like that.

"What is a bug doing here on the field?" H shouted.

The voice was loud and powerful, as expected. It was only a matter of time before H noticed. Sil was battling against H but was doing next to no damage to him. H was confident enough to let his focus go elsewhere, and the sight of others was an eyesore in his view.

H transformed his hand into what looked more like a spear and charged forward, pushing off the ground.

"This is it, huh? This is how I die, by a damned Dalki Blade. Maybe I should have listened to that damned woman," Russ gritted his teeth. "I promise, if I get a second life, I will make sure to take you and everyone down!"

Russ was ready to run forward into the attack. If he was going to die, he wanted it to seem like it was at least somewhat his decision. But a frail man appeared in front of him and placed his hands on the ground.

Several large slabs of earth rose from the ground, appearing darker in color. They were condensed down with Sil's ability, forming even harder walls. However, the strong H broke through each and every one of them, piercing them with his spear and shattering them to pieces.

As he went through each slab, Sil then used his ice powers to surround them, making the substance stronger. Finally, he turned around.

"Get out of here. He's too strong. I can't protect you and fight back. I'm not strong enough!" Sil shouted.

The large ice slab had somewhat managed to stop H. His attack didn't cleanly go through, but all he had to do was move his hand back and shove it through again to break it.

"Protect me?" Russ thought. "All this time, I have been fighting to get rid of the Blades, and now one of them is trying to protect me?"

It didn't make sense to Russ. How many Blades had fallen due to his powers, due to his order? The two of them should be mortal enemies as they killed and fought each other. So then why did it seem like Sil didn't have a clue who he was?

"Fuck," Russ said to himself. "My real enemy... I guess all of them are already gone. No, there's still one."

Sil struggled as he extended the slab of earth and ice and decided to create a dome around the entirety of H's body. Then, while inside, he would extend the earth to create sharp pillars. As somewhat expected, when the sharp spikes from the earth hit H, it did nothing but break against his skin.

"A stronger body, a stronger ability. Maybe if Quinn was here, he would have been able to beat H," Sil thought.

Thinking this, a hand could be felt pressed right up against Sil's back.

"Listen well, I'm going to tell you how to use my power so you can beat that bastard!"


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