Naruto: The Wind Calamity-Chapter 556 - 550 : Kakashi’s Headache!

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Chapter 556: Chapter 550 : Kakashi's Headache!

For a moment, Kakashi was shocked. In his entire life, his house had never been broken into by anyone! Even when his father was disgraced and committed suicide, no one actually broke into his house. For a second, Kakashi had raised his alertness to the maximum. Just like the rest of the village, he had raised the security of his house after the Root Headquarters had blown up. novelbuddy.c(o)m

However, that shock and alertness quickly changed into worry as he thought, 'How can he not know the details of the jutsu he calls his speciality? The Shadow Clones are good at hiding the main body as they can replicate the appearance, chakra and even the scent perfectly. If he wants to sneak into my house, shouldn't he at least do something to mask or alter his scent? Sigh, I have so much to teach him...'

As he was thinking, several figures snuck into his room. They were wearing black clothes along with masks to hide their identity. All of them were surprised to see Kakashi awake and staring back at them.

One of them asked in surprise, "Why are you still up?"

Another asked, "And why do you wear that mask so late in the night?"

Kakashi watched with a deadpan expression. He decided to play along with Naruto and asked, "Who are you people and what are you doing in my house?"

One of the clones suddenly realized that and shouted, "Crap, change of plans!"

Immediately, all the clones exploded into a cloud of smoke, covering Kakashi's house in smoke. Knowing how strong Kakashi was, Naruto didn't see any point in trying to gang up on him with his clones. That would only expose him.

Some distance from Kakashi's house, Naruto exclaimed, "Crap! He's still awake. Our plan failed!"

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were hiding while keeping an eye on Kakashi's house and were waiting for their signal to enter Kakashi's house when Naruto's clones failed. Sasuke asked, "Did he know that it was you?"

Naruto shook his head and said, "No way. I didn't fight him as you planned."

Sasuke said, "Good. Let's retreat. We will try again with a new plan."

In the blink of an eye, the three Genins ran away stealthily. Of course, it wasn't stealthy enough to escape Kakashi's watch. He looked at his students from a distance and thought, 'So even Sasuke and Sakura were involved and yet they didn't notice such a simple flaw... Sigh, I wonder how long it'll take them to realize that I can identify their scents. That said...'

A tired expression appeared on Kakashi's face as he complained, "This is too troublesome! Will they keep bothering me like this all the time?"

Seeing how full of energy Naruto was, Kakashi understood that he wouldn't get any rest until he stopped them. He decided, 'I need to get to the root of this change. Someone is influencing this change for sure. Also, these three have too much energy. I'll borrow some of Guy's tricks. That should be enough to keep them obedient. Also...'

Kakashi looked around but didn't feel anything odd. He opened his Sharingan and inspected his surroundings again. Yet, he didn't notice anyone. He muttered to himself, 'Weird. I have been feeling like someone is keeping an eye on me for the past few days. Yet, I don't see anyone whenever I investigate. It shouldn't be those Genins. They can't hide this well. Sigh, who is playing games with me?'

After escaping some distance away, the trio gathered together again. Naruto complained, "Man, this is so annoying! Why didn't Kakashi sensei sleep yet? And, he wears his mask even when he is in bed!"

Sakura was surprised and muttered, "It's almost as if that mask is a part of his body!"

Sasuke ignored their complaints and said, "It was unfortunate that he didn't sleep. Now, he'll be ready if we try this again. We will have to think of another way."

All three of them began thinking but couldn't come up with anything. Seeing that, Sasuke said, "Let's think about it on our own. We will discuss our ideas while waiting for him tomorrow."

Naruto and Sakura nodded. The team finally dispersed.

Uncharacteristically, Fujin was still awake. Usually, he'd be asleep by this hour, but this day he was engrossed in his training. A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the new seal imprint on his palm. He was about to test it when he suddenly received a set of memories.

A giggle escaped his lips as he thought, 'Not bad. Not bad at all. Those brats broke into Kakashi's house, hehe. I wonder what he's thinking right now.'

For the last few days, Fujin would always receive memories from his Shadow Clone that trailed Naruto and company. Those memories kept him very entertained despite training with so many clones.

Fujin turned his attention back to the seal on his hand and thought, 'Anyway, time to test this!'

Fujin slammed his hand on the ground. In an instant, a new seal appeared on the floor of his basement. In the blink of an eye, several dozen seals appeared at some spots in the basement!

Fujin looked at his clones and dispelled all but one. The remaining clone left the basement and appeared on the floor above it. He extended his chakra field into the basement. A smile appeared on his face as he muttered, "Amazing! I can't sense anything inside the basement!"

He stopped using his chakra field and instead activated the Space Time Sensing Technique. He realized, 'Looks like it is useless against Space Time techniques though... The seals that I know are pretty much useless against Space Time techniques. Then again, I haven't run into anyone else who knows such seals either.

I guess seals that restrict Space Time techniques haven't been created in this world yet. Unless the Uzumaki clan or the Jashin cult knew them. If they don't, then it might be safe to say that there are none.

Though that ain't necessarily a bad thing. At least no one will be able to stop my Flying Thunder God. The only shame is that I won't have a way to stop that broken Mangekyou ability. I guess working with Kakashi would be the only way to deal with Obito.

Still, I should visit Uzushiogakure sometime in the future to see if any secrets are still hidden in the village. Though unlikely as that village was thoroughly plundered and scavenged several times, there is still some chance considering that the very thing they specialized in was seals. Perhaps taking an Uzumaki there might help in finding the hidden stuff.'

Fujin's clone stopped analyzing and sent the memories back to Fujin who was waiting in the basement. On receiving the memories, Fujin thought, 'Great, it works as I want. It seems like I can make a complete battlefield in this way. Though making the seal imprint for it will be far more complicated.'

Three days ago :

After deciding to make a stealth battlefield, Fujin decided to get down to work. The first task that he needed to do was to create the battlefield normally. That was the easy part. Fujin and his clones brainstormed and came up with a structure of the battlefield with seals placed in the right places within a few hours.

The stealth battlefield was different from the battlefield that Uchiha Sora had created to deal with the Jashinists. The one Sora created was to trap the enemies and prevent them from running while giving Sora and his allies the initiative to attack and defend at will. However, what Fujin created focused solely on the stealth aspect.

No sensor, no matter how good, would be able to detect that someone was in that battlefield as long as he didn't step into it. Only Fuinjutsu Grandmasters would be able to detect that something was off. However, it didn't have any other capabilities. Meaning, that the battlefield didn't assist Fujin in attack, defense or even in trapping the enemy.

The reason why Fujin created such a simple battlefield was the second task. It was very difficult and Fujin was sure that he would be the first Fuinjutsu Grandmaster to do something like this. The difficult part was that Fujin would have to condense the entire battlefield into one small seal imprint.

The seal imprints, though convenient, were traditionally used to create only one seal quickly. However, the battlefield that Fujin wanted to create had several dozen stealth seals of various types.

As a result, the seal imprint he would be creating was a seal imprint that consisted of several dozen seal imprints within it. And, each of those several dozen seal imprints had to be placed at the proper place inside the main seal imprint. If Fujin made a single error in the distances between each seal, the seal imprint would fail in creating the battlefield.

Most of Fujin's time was spent creating that imprint. He and his clones failed several times. However, he had managed to create it. Fujin looked at it and thought, 'This stealth battlefield will act as a prototype for my main battlefield. Hmm, main battlefield is kind of a boring name. I'll call it the Fuin Battlefield instead. Anyway, I'll begin working on it tomorrow.'

Fujin decided to call it a night. The next day, before he could begin his training, an Anbu appeared and called Fujin into Hiruzen's office!


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