Naruto: The Wind Calamity-Chapter 557 - 551 : Naruto

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Chapter 557: Chapter 551 : Naruto

At around 6 in the morning, team 7 gathered in the training ground. Well, all except their sensei. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke all had a sleepy face.

Naruto said, "We barely got to sleep last night. I am so sleepy!"

Since they had been up late at night to sneak up on Kakashi, they only got a few hours of sleep.

Sakura yawned and said, "Luckily sensei won't be here for at least another 3 hours. We can take a nap here."

Sasuke didn't say anything but agreed with her. The three of them sat with their backs resting against trees and closed their eyes.

"Hmm, did you come here for training or sleeping?"

It had barely been a minute since the three of them closed their eyes when they heard Kakashi's voice. All 3 woke up in an instant. Sakura looked at Kakashi and shouted internally, 'Of all the days, he had to come early today? Shannaro!'

Sasuke wondered, 'Does he know that it was us last night?'

Naruto watched nervously as well. Kakashi looked at his 3 students and said, "Enough lazing around. Today, we will have a special training session."

On hearing the words 'Special Training Session', the eyes of the three Genins lit up. Naruto thought, 'Did we prove ourselves to him? Fujin was right as always!'

Sasuke thought, 'Finally, we can get some real training.'

Naruto excitedly jumped and asked, "Will you teach us your special jutsus, Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi said in confusion, "Special jutsus? Well, the training will be very special. All three of you will grow strong rapidly with it. So, we will start right away."

Despite their sleep-deprived state, the three Genins were very excited. Unfortunately, the excitement didn't last very long. Sakura's excitement died 15 seconds after Kakashi's 'Special Training Session' started. Sasuke's excitement died after 10 minutes while Naruto's excitement nearly lasted for half an hour.

The training Kakashi put them through even surpassed the intensity of training that Guy put his students through! None of them had the physiques to endure such training. When Kakashi noticed Naruto running out of gas, he said, "The warm-up is over. Now, we will begin the real training."

This time, none of the three genins felt any excitement. Instead, horror was setting in! True to his words, the trio that had been harassing him for 3 days were being put through hell!

While Naruto and his teammates entered hell, Fujin woke and freshened up. As usual, he sent out a Shadow Clone to enjoy the entertainment. Unknown to him, he had missed out on some very entertaining scenes. By the time his clone reached, all three genins had passed out! Regardless, his mind quickly began thinking about the Fuin Battlefield.

He analyzed, 'I only used 83 seals in the Stealth Battlefield. And most of the seals were similar in nature. However, the Fuin Battlefield will be a lot more complex. free(w)ebnov(e)l

I have to make it strong enough to at least hold any non-Jinchuriki rank S ninja. If it can't do even that much, then what's the use of technique? I can already neutralize threats weaker than that even without using my Wind jutsus or any forbidden jutsus.

A normal barrier created with seals can't hold a rank S ninja. The barriers I integrate into Fuin Battlefield will need to have the feature of strengthening with the help of my chakra.

As long as I can do that, there would be no way to escape other than Reverse Summoning jutsu. Hmm, maybe Onoki's dust release might be able to destroy it. Sussano could be another variable. However, the rest of the rank S ninjas will be trapped without being able to escape, giving me a chance to kill them.

Oh well, I'll do my physical workout and then start creating this... Hmm?'

Fujin's bell rang. An Anbu had arrived and informed Fujin that Hiruzen had asked for his presence. Fujin followed him while wondering, 'Did he call me to give me the scroll of Spirit Transformation jutsu or is he ready to move the orphans here?'

When Fujin reached, Hiruzen ordered his Anbu Guards to leave the two of them alone. With all the seals activated, Hiruzen handed Fujin a scroll and said, "The details of the Spirit Transformation jutsu are in there. However, be careful while practicing the jutsu. The act of releasing your soul from your body is extremely dangerous. If you make a mistake, then it can injure you. And I can't estimate the degree of the injury.

Once your soul is out, your body will be vulnerable. If someone makes a move on you and damages your unprotected body, you'll die. Kato Dan, the one who created this jutsu, died in this manner during the war.

Always leave sufficient Shadow Clones behind to take care of your body. That way, you'll be aware of the danger and might be able to make it back in time."

Fujin nodded. He understood the dangers involved while learning that jutsu. However, he wasn't much worried about leaving his body vulnerable using that jutsu. After all, he knew the Flying Thunder God jutsu. His clones could escape with his body with rather ease even if someone found him.

Fujin asked curiously, "I will be careful. That said, can Shadow Clones use this technique?"

Hiruzen shook his head and said, "No. Even though Shadow Clones have a part of your spirit that returns to your body after they are dispelled or destroyed, it is extremely minute. No clone can use this technique. Even if you somehow manage to utilize this technique with that little spirit, the clone will be dispelled and it will return to you forcefully."

Fujin sighed and muttered, "That's a shame. Anyway..."

He handed a few scrolls to Hiruzen and said, "These have Sasori's puppets. I decided to keep 15 for myself. The remaining 49 are here."

Hiruzen nodded and took the scrolls while thinking, 'It is difficult for a puppet master to handle several puppets at the same time. Generally, 3 is the limit. Assuming that they need a couple as backup, these should be enough to equip the 5 I have in mind. The rest will be used to research and improve Konoha's knowledge of creating puppets. Normally, I'd have asked Danzo to handle this research. However...'

Thinking about Danzo, the headaches of a few months ago resurfaced. Hiruzen decided, 'Though I can't be sure whether Danzo had any hand in the death of the Root ninjas and the destruction of the Root Headquarters, there is no doubt that a lot of things don't add up. I can't clear him so quickly just because he suffered from that incident.

Not to mention, if I let him get his hands on this forbidden technique, Danzo will surely create a large number of Human Puppets. In the worst case, he might even use Konoha ninjas for this purpose and I won't be able to do much because it is very easy to keep these puppets hidden. I shouldn't allow him to get his hands on this technique unless we are at a war and in a tough spot. I will create another unit for researching such forbidden techniques.'

Hiruzen looked at Fujin and said, "There is another reason that I called you here. The construction of the buildings and facilities around your house is finally completed. I am planning to move the orphans there tonight."

Fujin nodded and said, "Sure, no issue. That said, I received a request some time ago."

Hiruzen was surprised. He wondered, 'Since when did Fujin start accepting requests? And, who is rich enough to ask for his help?'

He asked, "What is it?"

Fujin smiled and said, "Naruto asked whether he could move in along with other orphans."

Immediately, a thoughtful expression appeared on Hiruzen's face. He thought, 'So he only accepts requests that involve giving me a headache? I know that he has been teaching Naruto for some time, but Naruto moving into his territory will be a political matter...'

Naruto was the only Jinchuriki in Konoha. As a result, several clans and factions in Konoha wanted him under their control. Considering that he was an orphan, almost every clan, including the Uchiha clan, had offered to take him under their wing. In fact, even Hiruzen wanted to take Naruto into the Sarutobi clan. So did Danzo, who wanted him in the Root.

Since everyone's interests clashed and everyone restricted each other, Naruto eventually ended up alone. No one had asked to take him in recent times other than Danzo. So Fujin's statement came as a surprise to Hiruzen.

Hiruzen analyzed, 'Since I am placing several orphans under him, he does have a good reason to justify Naruto moving in with them. Not to mention, he is already on good terms with him. So it will be good for Naruto.

However, it will cause political clashes. It is difficult to say how the clans would see this. Danzo might even use this opportunity to say that I am trying to take control of Naruto through Fujin. The only good thing is that Fujin doesn't have an established faction yet. So others might not see it as a threat. Regardless, it will be a headache for me!'

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