Nice To Meet You, Mr. Xiao-Chapter 46 - 65: What I Bought on the Sidewalk

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Chapter 46: Chapter 65: What I Bought on the Sidewalk

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The two bodyguards let go of him, and he thought he had scared them off with his badass attitude! Just when he was feeling proud of himself, the two bodyguards reached out and lifted him up..

“Too smelly.” They said calmly, obviously his attire is so stinky, it would have tainted their clothes as well.

“Damn it, how dare you touch my clothes? Xiao Mohan, get out here! You…

bullying a lonely dog? Behind my back, you started dating! How am I supposed to explain this to the Wen Family.” Wen Shui barked hoarsely. Unfortunately, the bodyguards showed no mercy and tossed him out.

Gu Chuyan listened, the corner of her mouth twitching, discreetly she looked up at him. Yet there was no reaction on Xiao Mohan’s face, as if he didn’t hear the man’s rant. freeweb(n)

“I really envy you two.” Seeing this, Gu Chuyan shook her head, laughing.

Watching the two of them, they fought and they squabbled. However, it was clear that their friendship was profoundly solid, like real bros, or the type of friends who dabbled in mischief together.

“Envious?” Xiao Mohan seemed surprised.

Gu Chuyan stood up and said while looking at Xiao Mohan: “The one who keeps messing around with you must be your best bro! I think he looks out for you.”

Every time he and Han Changqing would yell at Wen Shui, he would respond by being rowdy, sticking to them like glue. That too is a kind of affection! Outsiders might see them as enemies, but from her perspective! It was a deep-seated bond. free(w)ebnov(e)l

“Hungry? I’ll cook for you.” Xiao Mohan rose to his feet, rolled up his sleeves, and spoke to her.

Seeing this, Gu Chuyan extended her hand to hold his arm saying: “No need, your hand is injured, I can do it myself!”


Gu Chuyan’s attention was diverted, she quickly grabbed his left hand and asked: “Did I touch your wound, didn’t I?”

She attentively looked at the man, unaware of the deep, inscrutable light in the man’s eyes.

“Hmm, it hurts a little.” Xiao Mohan said in a deep voice, indulging in her concern, acting a bit coy.

“I’ll change the medicine for you.” She said, supporting his hand before heading upstairs!

Gu Chuyan helped Xiao Mohan back into the bedroom, he stood by the French windows, watching her fetch the medicine chest, he turned slightly, watching her approach.

But, his hand did get hurt! The need to change the bandages was also real! She must be overthinking, she shook her head and advanced with the medicine chest.

Xiao Mohan watched her, a grin tugged at his lips upon seeing her innocent eyes.

The man’s big palm rested on her head as he said in a deep voice: “You will understand, in due time.”

“Boss.” Han Changqing walked in, noticing the door was not closed.

He was very upset, the boss was hurt but did not let Wen Shui tend to his injury, instead, throwing him out and letting Gu Chuyan, who had no medical background, do it. The sight of the bandaging was… that butterfly knot, too conspicuous! A grown man wearing a large butterfly knot!

“Hmm.” Xiao Mohan responded, Han Changqing walked in but turned his back towards them, gazing blankly at the door, refusing to see what was happening. Otherwise, he feared he would lose his composure.

“I have something to ask you.” After she finished medicating him, she remembered something.


She sat on the couch, her small hands on her knees, and spoke softly, “That day when I came back from school, there was a girl named Yao Rong. How is she now?”

Xiao Mohan looked up and saw Han Changqing turn around, he came forward and respectfully said to her, “Madam, Miss Yao was knocked unconscious and left in the bathroom. However, she merely has a minor concussion and is not seriously injured.”

“I see!” She listened but was still somewhat concerned.

Xiao Mohan got up, reached for his shirt, and put it on..

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