Nice To Meet You, Mr. Xiao-Chapter 47 - 66 What are you trying to do?

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Chapter 47: Chapter 66 What are you trying to do?

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“What’s the plan for that matter?” Xiao Mohan asked.

“I need to meet Xie Tianli.” She said softly, her tone unwaveringly determined.

She wanted to find out who was pulling the strings behind Xie Tianli’s actions! The person who communicated with Xie Tianli must be found.

“Aqing, make arrangements.” Xiao Mohan said.

“Yes.” Han Changqing obeyed, and respectfully left the room.

But Gu Chuyan didn’t know that Xiao Mohan had already taught her a lesson! However, he felt that it was necessary for her to address the matter herself.

“You don’t have to get involved, I can handle it myself.” She thought for a moment, and said.

Gu Chuyan wasn’t some pampered rich kid. She had always been independent and disliked relying on others!

“Okay.” He agreed, seemingly unsurprised.

S City, bordered by the sea to the east and high mountains to the west.

It was rumored that the city was built on a Dragon Vein! What is a Dragon Vein? It’s the place where the royal family is buried, a reservoir of auspicious Feng Shui! That meant that this place was destined for greatness.

The winter in S City was unpredictable, with sudden winds, occasionally rain and swirling snow.

At dusk, pedestrians on the street dwindled as the cold wind blew fiercely.

“Haha, that fool Gu Chuyan! Let me tell you, in this society, who doesn’t bow to power? With just a flick of my finger, I could leave her with nowhere to go, but fortunately, I didn’t want to kill her!” Xie Tianli’s voice echoed in the distance.

Behind her, several classmates followed, flatteringly listening to her “great achievements”.

“You’re really amazing.”

“Of course. Who dares to mess with the Xie Family in S City?” Xie Tianli arrogantly raised her chin.

“We heard you disappeared during that incident at the school, we thought you had been kidnapped for revenge.” One of the classmates said hesitantly.

Xie Tianli was also puzzled. She indeed had been kidnapped that day, but she didn’t know why she was released!

“Kidnapped? How could it be? I was invited to an upscale banquet! So, I wasn’t on the scene.” She said. When the cold wind blew, she realized it was particularly chilly that day.

“Gu, Gu Chuyan?” At this moment, one of the classmates pointed ahead, and exclaimed.

Xie Tianli looked ahead and saw Gu Chuyan leaning against a tree trunk with a milk tea in her hand. She was comfortably enjoying the beautiful “scenery”.

“Hi!” Gu Chuyan waved and greeted them.

The evening sun was setting, casting a golden glow on Gu Chuyan. She wore a white towel, a yellow down jacket, tight black pants and short boots! Her youthful aura brightened her colorful attire, resembling a ray of sunshine.

“Gu Chuyan, you dare to show up?” Xie Tianli’s eyes turned red at the sight of her.

Hold back? Xie Tianli was beaten by Gu Chuyan that day and she could not accept it! These were some inexplicable incidents in her family recently. It must have been Gu Chuyan’s doing.

Gu Chuyan was 168cm tall, and she was only 159cm! Gu Chuyan, being taller, held an obvious advantage and looked down at her dismissively.

“Gu Chuyan, are you insane? You dare to hit me again, try it?” Maybe she was scared her being beaten by Gu Chuyan would become public, degrading her reputation. free(w)

“Slap.” Gu Chuyan raised her hand and slapped her hard across her face!

Yao Rong, her best friend, was beaten into a concussion and left in the female toilet! Only Xie Tianli could do such a thing.

“Ah.” Xie Tianli was slapped. She retaliated, reaching out to scratch Gu

Chuyan’s face.

Unfortunately, her hand did not make it. Suddenly, a figure appeared, a hand gripping her wrist, then forcefully twisting it!

“Ah..” Xie Tianli cried out in pain, her eyes rolling back!

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