Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor’s Uncle-Chapter 144 - : Jumping Off the Cliff

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Chapter 144: Jumping Off the Cliff

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Not long after Liu Xin left, two men in black came over. Old Madam Jiang hid behind a tree and looked at the two men, clenching her hands tightly.

“Over here.”

One of them said excitedly when he saw the traces left by Liu Xin.

The other person looked at it and nodded.” Let’s go”

Old Madam Jiang’s eyes were full of worry as she watched the two of them chase after Liu Xin. She wanted to follow them but was afraid of wasting Liu Xin’s efforts

Meanwhile, Liu Xin had already reached the top of the mountain. Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her and turned around to see two men in black running towards her.

Her eyes were filled with panic. Then, she fell to the ground in fear.

“It’s not that old woman.”

The man who had caught up to her looked at Liu Xin on the ground and angrily said.

The other person standing beside looked at Liu Xin’s beautiful face and said,” How dare you ruin our plans? I’ll teach you a lesson today.”

As he spoke, he move toward Liu Xin and grabbed her ankle.

“Lao San, what are you doing?”

“What am i doing? It’s not easy to meet a young lady from a rich family everyday. I heard these girls are all well-fed and well-clothed. I wonder how they taste compared to the women in the brothel,” Lao San replied.

“Do you want to…?” the other man asked.


The man called Lao San sneered and looked at Liu Xin.

Liu Xin wasn’t naive. From their conversation, she knew what the man was planning. When she saw the man’s vicious look, her eyes were filled with fear. She raised her leg and kicked the man’s hand away. Then, she ran towards the top of the mountain.

Lao San was caught off guard and fell to the ground. The other man saw this and laughed mockingly, “Lao San, can you handle it?”

“Bitch, I’ll kill you today.”

With a fierce look in his eyes, Lao san chased after Liu Xin. He picked up the knife in his hand and stabbed it at Liu Xin’s calf.


The sudden pain made Liu Xin fall to her knees.

Seeing this, Lao San took out his long knife and taunted, “Run, why aren’t you running now?”

Liu Xin was on the ground, crawling backward, leaving a trail of blood.

“Lao San, you go first?” the other man said.

“Okay, I’ll go first,” Lao San replied, taking off his clothes. Liu Xin’s face turned pale when she saw this.

She looked around and realized that they were already at the top of the mountain. There was only one road in front of her and a cliff behind her.

Looking at the people approaching her, Liu Xin could only pull out the golden hairpin on her head and aim the tip at her neck. Liu Xin said in a hoarse voice,” Don’t come any closer, or 1’11 kill myself in front of you.”

“Hahaha…” The man laughed as if he had heard a good joke, but his eyes were full of mockery.

He looked at Liu Xin and said coldly, “For so many years, I’ve only slept with living people. I’ve never tried dead ones. Why don’t you satisfy me?”

“You… don’t come any closer!” Liu Xin’s eyes were full of despair as Lao San approached her.

Turning her head, Liu Xin looked at the cliff behind her.

At this moment, Liu Xin thought of Jiang Changbai.

“Jiang Changbai, goodbye,” she thought.

“Liu Xin’s eyes filled with despair. At that moment, Jiang Changbai had already climbed halfway up the mountain, reaching the place where Old Madam Jiang was hidden.”


“Miss Liu…”

Old Madam Jiang was exhausted, but she didn’t dare to move when the two man in black didn’t come down.

Hearing Jiang Changbai’s voice, Old Madam Jiang excitedly called out, “Changbai, over here, I’m here.”


“Old Madam?”

Jiang Changbai’s men had already found Nanny Xu, and upon seeing Old Madam Jiang disheveled appearance, Nanny Xu burst into tears. Jiang Changbai tightly held onto the Old Madam’s hand and asked softly,” Grandmother, are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not injured.”

“That’s good.”

Hearing Old Madam Jiang’s words, Jiang Changbai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Grandmother, let’s go. I’ll take you down the mountain first.”

Saying this, Jiang Changbai bent down in front of Old Madam Jiang, preparing to carry her down. However, Old Madam Jiang shook her head and said, “Changbai, you must go find Miss Liu first. She went up the mountain, and not long after she left, two rogue went up after her. I worry…”

“Nanny Xu, take good care of Grandmother.”

Before Old Madam Jiang could finish speaking, Jiang Changbai’s expression changed. He softly instructed Nanny Xu and then ran towards the mountaintop.

On the mountaintop, Liu Xin was already in despair and on the verge of collapse.

However, Lao San’s face was full of smiles.” What’s wrong? You can’t do it?”

Liu Xin’s hand, holding the hairpin, was trembling. When she saw Lao San approaching her, she suddenly got up from the ground and ran towards the cliff, jumping off.

“Liu Xin!”

The moment she jumped down, Liu Xin seemed to have heard Jiang Changbai’s voice, but very quickly, she smiled. Wondering why he would have come.

However, the voice became clearer and clearer, and Liu Xin couldn’t help but open her eyes, only to see a familiar face.

The wind blew Jiang Changbai’s hair, and he reached out his hand, saying softly, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

As his words fell, Jiang Changbai reached out and held Liu Xin.

The two of them were falling down straight. Jiang Changbai gripped Liu Xin tightly in his arms, his back facing the cliff.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a hint of green, and his eyes lit up. As they fell, he grabbed the green object.

Their descent stopped suddenly.

“It’s alright, there’s a tree here.”

Hearing Jiang Changbai’s words, Liu Xin looked at the tree in front of them.

Although it was called a tree, it was actually a small sapling on the edge of the cliff. The trunk was only as thick as an arm.

Jiang Changbai was holding onto the tree trunk, but the tree trunk was already shaking under the weight of the two of them.

“I’m afraid this tree won’t be able to hold our weight.”

“No matter.”

Looking at the height under his feet, Jiang Changbai looked at Liu Xin and said in a low voice,” Liu… Miss Liu, do you believe me?”

He subconsciously wanted to call her by her name. Liu Xin did not know what Jiang Changbai had in mind, but hearing his words, she nodded.

“I trust you.”

“That’s good.”

Hearing Liu Xin’s words, a faint smile appeared in Jiang Changbai’s eyes. Then, he let go of the tree trunk.

The two of them started falling again.

As they fell, Jiang Changbai pointed his toes. But when they landed, the momentum was too great, and they both fell on the ground..

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