Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor’s Uncle-Chapter 145 - : Jiang Changbai Arrives

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Chapter 145: Jiang Changbai Arrives

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The bottom of the cliff was full of rocks. When Jiang Changbai fell, his instinct was to hold Liu Xin close, cradling her in his arms.

The two of them rolled for a long distance before they stopped.

“Are you alright?”

Both spoke simultaneously when they stopped.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Changbai spoke first.” I’m fine. How are you?”

“I’m also…ah…”

Liu Xin began to respond, but a sudden, sharp pain in her calf made her cry out. Jiang Changbai, following her gaze, noticed the blood staining her foot.

Following her line of sight, Jiang Changbai saw the blood on her feet.

He hurriedly crouched down to examine her wound, but she held his hand, stopping him. A hint of blush spread across her face. She felt embarrassed at the thought of Jiang Changbai lifting her skirt to check the injury.

Misunderstanding her hesitation as fear of pain, he gently reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. 1 won’t hurt you.”

“I’m not scared of the pain, it’s just…it’s not appropriate.” Her voice was barely audible by the end of her sentence.

However, Jiang Changbai’s hearing was excellent, so he still heard it.

As if he had thought of something, he stood up and then looked at Liu Xin, saying, “During special times, we need to make special exceptions. Most of the female members of my mother’s Flying Feather Army are women. When they get injured on the battlefield, they also need timely treatment. If everyone is concerned about propriety, it would delay the treatment of many people.” “But…” When Liu Xin heard Jiang Changbai’s words, her eyes showed a hint of conflict and hesitation.

“Let’s leave this place first. It’s about to get dark,” Jiang Changbai said as he squatted down in front of Liu Xin. “Your leg is injured and you can’t walk. I’ll carry you.”

Although Liu Xin was still somewhat hesitant, Jiang Changbai had already gripped her hand, effortlessly hoisting her onto his back. This was the first time he’d ever carried a woman other than his sister. Liu Xin was so light; he could hardly feel her weight.

Even in the wilderness, she found comfort in Jiang Changbai’s presence.

Jiang Mansion.

Chrysanthemum Hall.

“Doctor, how is she?” The old madam had already been taken to Chrysanthemum Hall, and Xue Yan immediately had someone fetch a doctor. She looked at the doctor who came out from the inner hall and hurriedly asked.

“First Madam, don’t worry. The old madam was just startled and has already fallen asleep. There’s nothing serious,” the doctor reassured her.

“That’s good.”

“Mother, should we inform Eldest Sister about this?”

The person who spoke was Jiang Sijin. After she heard the news of the old madam’s accident, she immediately left the military camp with Jiang Changbai. Hearing her younger daughter’s words, Xue Yan nodded, “Even though your grandmother is fine, we should still inform Huan Er.”

“Sijin, get someone to send a letter to Qingzhou.”

“I understand, mother.”

After Jiang Sijin left, Xue Yan did not leave Chrysanthemum Hall but stayed outside.

Besides Xue Yan, there was also Liu Xiu guarding outside.

Knowing that Liu Xin had an accident, Liu Xiu’s eyes were full of worry.

Seeing the expression in her eyes, Xue Yan stepped forward and comforted her softly,” Third Sister, don’t worry. Changbai will definitely find Xin Er and bring her back safely.”

“I know. Thank you, sister,” Liu Xiu replied gratefully.

In the mountains.

Jiang Changbai and Liu Xin had already settled in a cave. Jiang Changbai lit a fire and sat down in front of Liu Xin before finally speaking to her, “If we don’t treat the wound on your leg soon, it might get infected.”

“I’ll help you treat the wound first,” Changbai offered.

“Okay,” Liu Xin nodded.

With her approval, Jiang Changbai gently lifted her leg onto his lap. He raised her skirt and rolled up her trousers to examine her wound.

Jiang Changbai had only seen the blood on her skirt previously. Now that he saw the wound on her calf, Jiang Changbai subconsciously frowned.

He had seen many serious injuries before, but Liu Xin’s fair skin made the palm-sized wound on her calf looked particularly gruesome.

“It might hurt a bit, so bear with it,” Jiang Changbo said.

She nodded again.

Seeing her nod, Jiang Changbai cleaned the blood around the wound with a wet handkerchief and applied a common medicinal powder.


As soon as Jiang Changbai sprinkled the medicine on the wound, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. It turned out that Liu Xin had gripped his arm tightly.

“It’ll be over soon,” he reassured her, continuing to treat the wound despite the urgency in his eyes.

After he bandaged the wound, Jiang carefully adjusted Liu’s trousers back into place. “Done,” he said.

Hearing him, Liu Xin relaxed her grip on his arm causing him to wince in response. Her face flushed with embarrassment at her strength, “I’m sorry,” she said.

“No worries, I can handle it,” he replied.

“Although I have already applied medicine to your wound, your injury is still severe. You should see a doctor when we get back,” Jiang Changbai said.

“It’s okay. As long as you’ve put on medicine, there’s no need for a doctor.”

Liu Xin could still convince herself to let Jiang Changbai apply medicine on her, but she couldn’t bear the thought of other men seeing her leg.

Jiang Changbo immediately understood what Liu Xin meant. Upon hearing her words, he said softly, “It’s okay. I’m sure my mother will send a message to Huan Er since my grandmother was frightened.”

“Huan Er’s maid has medical skills, she can examine you when we get back.” “Didn’t Sister Jiang go to Qingzhou? It would take at least two to three days to travel back and forth from Qingzhou,” Liu Xin said.

In Qingzhou..

“Ye Xiao, has all the poison in my grandmother’s body been removed?” Looking at Ye Xiao, who was examining her grandmother, Lu Yunyi asked softly.

After withdrawing her hand, Ye Xiao nodded, “Yes, all the poison have been removed from the old madam’s body. She just needs a good rest now.”

“Huan Er, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

“Yeah, Huan Er, without your maid, who knows what would’ve happened to your grandmother?”

As Jiang Peihuan listened to the words of Xue Tao and Xue Hai, she smiled and said, “Uncle Tao, Uncle Hai, it’s what 1 should do. There’s no need for such formalities.”

“Okay, it’s getting late. Let Huan Er rest now.”

With the absence of Wang Fengyi and Xue Ru, the entire Xue family was harmonious. Hearing the conversation between Jiang Peihuan and the others, Old Madam Xue said softly.

As soon as Madam Xue spoke, everyone started urging Huan Er to rest.

“Grandmother, i’ll go back first.”

Jian Peihuan said softly after she bowed to Old Madam Xue.

Leaving Old Madam Xue’s courtyard with Ye Xiao, Jiang Peihuan had just reached her own courtyard when she saw an anxious Deputy General Liu approaching.

“Eldest Miss, something happened.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There’s news from the mansion. It’s said that the old madam was attacked..”