Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously-Chapter 562 - I Want to propose

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Chapter 562: Chapter 562: I Want to propose

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If he was guilty, please let the law punish him, and not be stuffed with dog food.

“Thank you for your hard work. I’ll let you have 50% of the dividends during the New Year.”

Su Mu’s anger instantly dissipated. “Really? That’s great! Thank you, Boss! What other instructions do you have? I’ll write them down as well.”

Xie changze said, “I want to propose.”

Su Mu said, “Ah, haven’t we already gone to the Yan family to propose marriage? We can just get engaged directly… Alright, I’m just blabbering.”


Chief Xie had always felt that the sense of ceremony was very important. His parents were not good role models, but the Yan family had always had such a tradition.

Today, on New Year’s Eve, not only did he receive a red packet from his elders, but he also received many gifts.

As long as he was a member of this family, everyone had specially prepared gifts. No one would miss them.

He still remembered Qi Xu’s expression at that time. He was shocked and moved, but elder Xie was no stranger to it.

After he fell asleep that night, he had another dream.

In the dream, it was a lonely snowy day. The bell on New Year’s Eve Rang, and his parents were in a Cold War again.

Perhaps they were too well-bred to argue openly. The two of them especially liked the Cold War, as if it was not considered rude.

The two of them were sulking. When they left the villa where the old lady lived, they did not even realize that their son was missing.

Chief Xie stood in the darkness and looked at the happy family next door. The young, gentle and beautiful aunt suddenly stood up and took the initiative to open the door and walk out.

The other party called him over, smiled, and handed him a red packet. “You’re the child of the next-door Grandma Xie’s family, right? Happy New Year.”

From the open door, the sound of footsteps could be heard again. The little girl’s clear voice could be heard. “Mommy.”

Chief Xie looked up. The little girl in the dream was wearing a red and festive dress. Her features were exquisite like a painting.

Sensing his gaze, she smiled and handed him the gift in her hand. “This is for you. Happy New Year.”

After a pause, she took the initiative to invite him. “Do you want to come in and have a seat? I’d like to treat you to a cup of hot milk.”

Xie Chang heard his own voice say, “Okay.”


On the first day of the New Year, Xie Chang was the first to wake up from his sleep.

He quietly went downstairs and prepared to make breakfast for the entire family.

After the Yan family’s servants had eaten the New Year’s Eve dinner and received the red packets, they were given a break and went home to reunite with their families.

When he went downstairs, he saw Qi Wei standing in the kitchen, looking at each other with a face full of melancholy.

Qi Cheng said, “Sir, why don’t we try something with a low difficulty level? What do you think about making porridge?”

Qi Xu was wearing a red sweater. This was his first time celebrating the new year in China, and it was at the Yan family!

The meaning was extraordinary. He had to do everything well!

“No, congee is too low-tech. Besides, it’s not good to eat congee on the first morning of the New Year, is it? To have no harvest all year round? No, absolutely not!”

Qi Cheng:”…”

Sir, there’s no such thing as not being able to eat congee on the first day of the New Year! Sir, this is a feudal superstition!

Qi Xu: “Qingcheng taught me before that we have to eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, but isn’t it too simple?”

The dumplings were wrapped by a few chefs yesterday and were frozen. It did not take much effort to cook them directly. Qi Xu felt that it was still too monotonous.

The first breakfast that he had personally prepared for his children had to be sumptuous.

Qi Cheng Thought for a moment. “Why don’t we enrich the dipping sauce? I think the salad dressing, milk sauce, and the like are pretty good.”

Chief Xie stood outside and thought about the scene for a moment. He could not bear to look at it.

If he handed the kitchen over to these two, it would definitely only produce dark cuisine.

He walked over and said indifferently, “I’ll make breakfast. If Uncle Qi doesn’t mind, you can come and help.”

Qi Wang wanted to reject him emotionally. He wasn’t even considered a proper son-in-law of the Yan family, yet elder Xie was already becoming a grandson-in-law of the Yan family at such a young age. Wasn’t this too unfair? How could he let the other party have such an opportunity to perform?

However, he turned his head to look at Qi Cheng and quickly changed his mind.

The other party’s suggestion just now sounded very unreliable. He was definitely a useless teammate who would only drag the other party down.

“Alright, let’s do it together then.”Qi Wei smiled very warmly. He wanted to see what elder Xie’s true abilities were.

If it was just a good-looking face, then he would have to think of a way to stop the engagement.

An hour later, Qi Wei was completely convinced. This person who looked cold and otherworldly actually had some skills.

Qi Wei looked at the sumptuous and nutritious breakfast on the table and felt a sense of accomplishment.

When everyone sat at the dining table and chief Xie took the initiative to say that the two of them had made breakfast, Qi Wei was even more satisfied.

He was clearly just a helper, but chief Xie was willing to give him face. He still remembered this favor.

“Yan Yan, if you like it, eat more.”Qi Wei picked up a crystal prawn dumpling with his chopsticks and gave it to Yan XI. It was made from live prawns. It was fresh and sweet.

Yan XI: “Thank You, Daddy.”

Qi Yan buried his head in his food. He was extremely glad that he had tried his best to convince Huo Mingyue to come over for breakfast this morning.

Qi Wei couldn’t help but laugh when he saw him wolfing down his food. This child really could eat.

He had silently set his goal for this year. He had to learn how to cook! He would cook for the kids every day and enjoy the fun of being a nanny!

Perhaps it was because the food was too delicious, or perhaps it was because the happy scene was too appetizing, so everyone inevitably ate a little too much.

As an idol, Yan Feilu had always been very disciplined, but this breakfast was really too much. Qi Yan was like a reincarnated hungry ghost, so he couldn’t help but eat a little more diligently.

He glanced at Qi Yan and urged him to follow him to the gym in the basement to exercise and pay for the sin of a meal.

Qi Yan’s eyes widened. “Cousin, you’re too much. Why do you still need to exercise on the first day of the New Year?”

He turned to look at the others, wanting to seek support. “I’m not a celebrity. I don’t need such a good figure.”

Yan Qinghe, who was about to go out to digest his food:”…”

Huo Mingyue said with a smile, “Baby, although Grandma likes grandsons, Grandma prefers fresh meat.”

If all the male celebrities in the entertainment industry were to be rolled up according to the standard of Yan Feilu, how great would that be.

The old lady was among the group of fans. She saw that everyone was painstakingly looking for material for their idols. Even a picture of an airport could be licked for half a day. It was far less enjoyable than seeing the real person in person.

She did not hold any grudges against the Yan family, and she did not feel that there was anything wrong with her being a guest at the Yan family.

Not only did the children warmly welcome her, Yan Qinghe and Yan Yunzhi personally ran to the courtyard door to pick her up, afraid that they would neglect the old lady.

The Yan family was kind, so she naturally would not scowl at them and insist on making them hate each other.

Whether it was Xi Jingxing, who was still in custody, or Li Meiyun, Xi Jingren, they had been trying to sow discord in front of her recently. Even XI Yaohua had called early in the morning to accuse her of being cold-blooded and neglecting her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, she was so close to Yan XI who had harmed the XI family.

Of course, Huo Mingyue would not be wronged for no reason. She simply came to the Yan family as a guest and confirmed Xi Yaohua’s accusation.