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Chapter 563: Chapter 563, the end of chapter 1

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The other side was not as stubborn as before. They suddenly sent a text message saying that they wanted to pay a visit to the Yan family and asked if it was convenient for her.

Huo Mingyue felt that it was not convenient at all and directly rejected it. They wanted to take advantage of her old hag, but no way!

Huo Mingyue blacklisted XI yaohua and then dragged Yan XI to the basement, planning to enjoy the top-notch fitness scene up close.

So, inexplicably, after the meal, the exercise became a collective activity of the Yan family.

When the high school reunion was held, Ying Shiyu and Jin Zhao were surprised to find that Qi Yan actually lost weight when he gained three kilograms during the festive season!


Of course, Yan XI and Xie Chang were not very referential. These two had always maintained a good figure.

“Don’t you expose your delicious food every day? Why aren’t you fat from eating?”Qiao Qian, whose face had gained a round of weight, could not help but ask humbly, “What’s Going On?”

Qi Yan replied nonchalantly, “Nothing much. I just finished eating and exercising. It shouldn’t be difficult for me to do that, right?”

He had no choice. The family atmosphere didn’t allow him to lie flat, so he was forced to join the team that worked hard to train.

On the bright side, it was easier to exercise than to read the company documents with Qi Wei.

Qi Yan knew that he was different from his sister. He wasn’t a particularly talented person. He could work hard, but he wouldn’t work hard. Therefore, at this stage, the Qi group still had to rely on Qi Wei to support them.

At the very least, he would have to support them for at least another ten years. He might be able to turn himself into CEO Ba.

However, Qi Yan also had his own worries. During the New Year, many relatives of the Yan family came to visit. Everyone was surprised that Qi Wei was spending the new year at the Yan family, but they were even more surprised that chief Xie was also there.

There were many rumors floating around, and they all came to him.

“Qi Yan, you should advise your cousin. Boys should inherit the family business properly. See, you’ve already thought it through. Why Don’t You Help Your Cousin?”

“That’s right. He’s the heir to a hundred billion dollar corporation. What kind of entertainment industry is he in? How is he going to survive for long?”

“I’m afraid that Yan Fei doesn’t have the heart. If other people have the heart to eat the rich and die, the Yan Corporation will soon change its surname!”

Qi Yan wanted to laugh to death when he heard that. This group of relatives were scheming. Didn’t they know that elder Xie actually had a company to run?

At the end of the day, it was because chief Xie helped the cook cook every day that these people couldn’t help but look down on him. They felt that it was something that only incompetent men did.

Qi Wei also learned to cook every day. He was unbelievably diligent, but no one dared to gossip.

The president of the Qi group had a different status after all.

Those relatives even encouraged Qi Yan to take Yan Xi out for more walks and attend some banquets.

Perhaps they were still not giving up and wanted to make a fuss about their marriage, but they did not dare to go too far. After all, they had learned from their mistakes, so they were very subtle.

Qi Yan did not hear it at first, but Xie Chang walked over and began to talk to the relatives.

“Yan Yan is going to attend the banquets. Sure, is it yunding hotel? It’s my business, so I can give it to you for free.”

“Of course I’m good at cooking. After all, I’m in the catering industry… Yes, I run the gold and Silver Pavilion, the Hundred Taste Pavilion, the Four Seas family, and so on.”

“Yes, you’re right. Boys should show their sincerity. How about I bid for this pink diamond and make it into a ring to propose to Yan Xi? is that sincere enough?”

The group of relatives originally wanted to kill the poor boy’s spirit and tell him that he did not have the strength and status, and that it was not so easy to get close to a rich family.

However, the other party’s casual words made their legs go weak.

Was this one so rich? He bought a pink diamond worth hundreds of millions of Yuan just like that.

“Who knows if what you said is true!”Someone came back to his senses and was a bit dissatisfied. “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll hurt your tongue if you talk Big?”

Qi Yan coughed lightly. “That, it’s true. Oh right, he’s from the Xihe Research Institute. He’s in charge of researching anti-cancer Chinese medicine pills.”

All the relatives of the Yan family were so shocked that they were speechless. Even if they had any plans, they all stopped.

How could they compare? None of the young talents in their family could compare to this one. They were simply crushed in every aspect, be it in terms of character, appearance, speech, or financial resources.

Moreover, who could guarantee that they would not get cancer for the rest of their lives? It would not be beneficial to offend the other party.

After a few noblewomen looked at each other, they quickly changed the topic and became boasting about Xie changze.

Qi Yan could see clearly, while Xie Changze was well-grounded. He looked polite and dignified, and for some reason, he gained a good impression of him.

He shrugged and thought that this was good as well. His original intention of stopping his sister from getting engaged had also been cut off.

However, he had a question. Xie Changze had already won the Pink Diamond, so why hadn’t he proposed to Yan Xi?

After the New Year, XI he research institute’s anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine pill was officially launched, causing a huge uproar.

Xie Chang was so busy that his feet didn’t touch the ground. Yan Xi was also busy. After all, the targeted medicine from QC laboratory was also launched at the same time.

Research and clinical evidence showed that the combination of these two drugs could be used to better cure cancer.

Because of the benefits, they gave up the patent. The price of the two drugs was less than 30,000 yuan in the whole course of treatment. They were also covered by medical insurance. Ordinary people could completely afford it.

Compared to the high price of the F research institute’s anti-cancer injection, it was a huge benefit.

Moreover, the F research institute’s anti-cancer injection had a two-course treatment. Although the cure rate was not bad, there was still a 33% chance that it would relapse in a few years.

Compared to the XIHE Research Institute and the QC laboratory, this was a conscience. The cost was low and the safety was high. The relapse rate was less than 1 in 10,000.

Yan XI and Xie Changze had received countless awards and honors. The people from imperial university were completely convinced. Even if these two received the school’s Special Contribution Award every year, they would have no problem!

Many people could not wait to ask when Xie Changze and Yan XI planned to take on graduate students. They wanted to apply!

However, since the two of them had not graduated from undergraduate studies, this group of people could only regretfully give up.

It was another good spring day. It was Yan Xi’s 19th birthday.

The Yan family held a grand birthday party for Yan XI and Qi Yan.

In the past, because of Xi Jing Guild, they were so sad that they couldn’t control themselves. Yan XI and Qi Yan had never had a birthday after they turned 13.

Whether it was Yan Qing, Yan Yunzhi, or Qi Wang, they all desperately wanted to make it up to their children.

As soon as Yan Xi got off the plane, she was stopped by Li Weiran and her assistant, Helen. After getting into the car, they started to style her.

Thinking of Xie changze, who was separated into another car, she was a little confused. “Uncle Li, what are you doing?”

It was just a birthday party. Did It need to be so grand?

Li Weiran looked serious. “Yan Yan, such a grand day must be beautiful. It must be a time to amaze everyone. Do you understand?”

Yan Xi:”…”

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

When they arrived at the hotel, the gown had already been delivered and everything was ready.

Yan XI changed into the red gown and smiled. “Uncle Li, your style has changed a lot recently.”

This gown was dignified and imposing. It didn’t look obvious, but when she put it on, she realized that it suited her temperament and figure.

Li Weiran sighed. Looking at Yan Xi’s current appearance, this gown would soon become a classic and be imitated by countless people.

She had no choice but to accept it. Some people were God’s favored children with amazing talent in all aspects. They had no shortcomings at all.

“I didn’t design the gown… it was Xie changze’s handiwork.”

Yan Xi was a little surprised. She didn’t know whether she should be shocked that Xie changze was so versatile that he could design clothes, or shocked that he didn’t have the time to do all this in the United States.

Li Weiran inserted the gem hair clip into Yan Xi’s hair bun and led her to the entrance of the banquet hall.

The double-opened door opened with a bang. Yan Xi looked at Xie Changze who was standing on the stage. He was tall and slender, and his black and stable suit made him look very noble.

He was holding a bouquet of roses in his hand, and he was kneeling on one knee. On his other hand was a pink diamond ring.

“Yan Yan, Marry Me, okay?”

In the banquet hall, countless familiar faces, relatives, and classmates were looking at them with blessings.

Yan XI smiled and nodded without any hesitation.

Recently, Butler Liang had been discussing the engagement party with the Yan family. He did not mind the formalities at all.

He had long made up his mind to marry this person for the rest of his life. Without this proposal, the engagement party would be held in the second half of the year.

However, being proposed to by the person he loved was definitely worth being happy about. Yan Xi reached out her hand and let Xie Chang put the ring on her ring finger.

“Thank you for appearing in my life.”Xie Chang pulled her into his arms.

Thunderous applause rang in his ears. Holding the person in his arms, it was as if he had the whole world.

Before he met her, he thought that life was lonely and boring. However, after meeting her, he stepped into the noisy and lively world.

All things germinate, and life has endless expectations.