Permanent Martial Arts-Chapter 1552 The Evolution Begins!

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Chapter 1552 The Evolution Begins!

The origin of destruction. That was the origin of destruction!

The number of people who knew about the origin of destruction in the entire small chiliocosm could be counted on one hand, and Supremacy Epoch was one of them. He had entangled and fought with the Celestial Devil Ancestor for so many epochs. How could he not know the background of the Celestial Devil Ancestor?

The Celestial Devil Ancestor was originally a mass of origin of destruction, and was destined to be born. It was not wrong to say that the Celestial Devil Ancestor was born according to the "greater scheme" of the small chiliocosm.

The Celestial Devil Ancestor was born with destruction. Or rather, his mission was destruction! The origin of destruction was the foundation of the Celestial Devil Ancestor, and represented the destruction of everything!

In fact, to a certain extent, the Epochal Cataclysm was also related to destruction.

However, even the Celestial Devil Ancestor that Supremacy Epoch knew about probably did not have such a terrifying origin of destruction. It poured down majestically from somewhere in the void and pounced straight towards Lin Feng.

"The origin of destruction. How can the origin of destruction be here? It's actually much more terrifying than the Celestial Devil Ancestor."

Supremacy Epoch took a deep breath. Even he had to retreat far away. The origin of destruction poured down. Anything that came into contact with it would be destroyed. Be it Controllers, Celestial Devils, or even treasures, as long as they came into contact with a trace of the origin of destruction, they would be destroyed.

This amount of origin of destruction was far more terrifying than the foundation of the Celestial Devil Ancestor. This was the origin of destruction that belonged to the small chiliocosm.

"Could it be that metamorphosing into a Three-star Supremacy requires the origin of destruction?"

Supremacy Epoch did not know. He had a nagging feeling that something was amiss. He had also experienced several Epochal Cataclysms, and had even interacted with Three-star Supremacies of the medium chiliocosm before.

The other Three-star Supremacies had never tried to draw down the origin of destruction like Lin Feng.

Once the origin of destruction was drawn, it would undoubtedly be suicide. Even a Three-star Supremacy would not be able to withstand the corrosion of the origin of destruction, and would face destruction.

But now, the origin of destruction had already poured down, and instantly enveloped Lin Feng's body. Even if Supremacy Epoch wanted to remind him, it was already too late.


The origin of destruction poured down and instantly enveloped Lin Feng. However, most of the origin of destruction was directly devoured by Lin Feng into his internal chiliocosm domain.

Lin Feng did not know the questions in Supremacy Epoch's heart, but even if he did, he would not change his actions. Supremacy Epoch's feeling was right. Lin Feng was not just metamorphosing into a Three-star Supremacy.

In fact, Lin Feng's current actions had nothing to do with the realm of Three-star at all. He was not working hard to become a Three-star Supremacy, but clearly evolving a small chiliocosm!

"Destroy. After destruction comes rebirth, which would be… evolution!" Lin Feng muttered softly.

His internal chiliocosm domain shook wildly. Be it worlds or chiliocosm domains, be it rules or anything else, they were all completely powerless to resist this vast origin of destruction.

Destruction. Destruction of everything!

Only the Chaotic Lotus seemed to be frantically trying to stabilize the internal chiliocosm domain. Its roots stretched into the chiliocosm domain wildly, controlling everything in the chiliocosm domain firmly.

Unfortunately, facing the origin of destruction, even the Chaotic Lotus could only barely hold out.

Moreover, the Chaotic Lotus could hold out due to the world origin—a large, astronomical amount of world origin.

All this world origin was all obtained from devouring the Celestial Devil Ancestor Devour. Lin Feng had never even counted how much world origin the Celestial Devil Ancestor's true form was converted into. He only knew that there was a great amount of world origin, far more than just a few quadrillion portions.

A large amount of world origin supported the Chaotic Lotus and the entire internal chiliocosm domain.

The origin of destruction was constantly wreaking destruction, while the world origin was working hard to repair the damage to the internal chiliocosm domain. However, the origin of destruction was too strong, and there was too much of it. Soon, Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain was on the brink of giving out.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, did not seem to have moved at all. He was completely immersed in the devastation of the origin of destruction. He was trying his best to find rebirth amidst the destruction.

If there was only destruction and no rebirth, it would undoubtedly be a failure. Once it failed, Lin Feng would fall. There would be no way to luck out. Even the spacetime imprint could not save Lin Feng.

This was because it was the internal chiliocosm domain that was destroyed!

One world after another was destroyed. Lin Feng's consciousness was immersed in the internal chiliocosm domain. Lin Feng only protected a world in the center, the Chaotic World, with all his heart.

Even in the great tide of destruction, the Chaotic World was safe and sound.

This was because his family, his friends, and everything he had sworn to protect with his life were there!

"Qu Chen…"

Lin Feng heaved a long sigh. He felt very guilty towards his wife. He had not forgotten his wife, his son, his daughter, as well as his parents.

They were all in the Chaotic World. Among all the worlds, only the Chaotic World was special. Their lifespans were eternal and infinite. Even if they did not cultivate, Lin Feng could make them "immortal".

However, ever since he became a Controller, he rarely returned to the Chaotic World. He had never even paid attention to his wife or family.

The Epochal Cataclysm suffocated him.

The pressure of cultivation also made him neglect his connection with his family, and his concern for his family.

But now, as the origin of destruction continued to wreak havoc, Lin Feng did not seem to have any hope of finding "rebirth". He went further and further in the destruction.

The path of "evolution" was long. Lin Feng was definitely not the only one who had transformed into a universe. Although they were very rare, there might also be Controllers similar to Lin Feng in other small chiliocosms.

Unfortunately, while they all had great potential, in the end, it was just potential. Some fell before they could completely grow, while others were unable to survive the major hurdle of "evolving the small chiliocosm" even if they grew.

One would either succeed in evolving a small chiliocosm, or die trying! There were no flukes or accidents at all.

The collapse of worlds, the collapse of chiliocosm domains, the shattering of rules, and the descension of order into chaos… Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain could not hold out anymore.

The Chaotic Lotus was growing a large number of Boundary Stones into worlds in a frenzy, but it was useless. The worlds born were far less than the worlds destroyed.

Hence, Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain had already begun to collapse. Moreover, the origin of destruction seemed to be becoming stronger and stronger. Most of it was from the destructive power formed by the collapse of Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain.

The majestic power was ready to sweep through the entire internal chiliocosm domain, and destroy everything!

"Where is the rebirth? I still can't find it in the end…"

Lin Feng heaved a long sigh. He had let go. He had only seen destruction, and never seen rebirth.


The great tide of destruction swept through Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain majestically. Even Lin Feng's consciousness was dispersed at once, as if he had fallen into infinite darkness and was constantly sinking.

"He failed?"

Supremacy Epoch stared into the void. As the origin of destruction landed, Lin Feng's aura became weaker and weaker. In the end, it was already as weak as a tiny flame, ready to be extinguished at any moment.

And now, in Supremacy Epoch's senses, the last trace of Lin Feng's aura disappeared completely.

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