Permanent Martial Arts-Chapter 1553 Death? Time Reversal!

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Chapter 1553 Death? Time Reversal!

The aura of a person was illusory, but it was closely related to life. This was especially the case for Controllers. Even a Three-star Supremacy could not converge their life force.

If a person's life force disappeared completely, there was only one possibility—death!

Supremacy Epoch could not believe it. His mental power frantically sensed the center of destruction, but he did not find anything. Lin Feng's aura had completely disappeared, leaving only the violent aura of destruction.

Supremacy Epoch was very disappointed. He was an ancient Supremacy born in the first epoch, the leader of the Epoch Alliance, and could even suppress the Celestial Devil Ancestor.

He had seen too many geniuses fall, but he had never felt such pain as he did now. He even felt a sense of emptiness, and a huge sense of loss filled the depths of his heart.

There was only one reason. Lin Feng was their only hope. It was not the hope of becoming a Three-star Supremacy, but the hope of surviving the Epochal Cataclysm!

But now, the hope had been extinguished.

Time passed slowly, but there was no movement from Supremacy Epoch at all.

"Huh? Why hasn't the origin of destruction disappeared yet?"

Suddenly, the Supremacy Epoch discovered something. Lin Feng was already dead. Even the aura of his life had disappeared, leaving only the violent origin of destruction, which no one could approach.

Logically speaking, the origin of destruction should have long disappeared at this moment.

But now, not only did the origin of destruction not seem to be disappearing at all, in fact, it was becoming more and more intense and terrifying.

"Could it be that…"

A bold idea flashed through Supremacy Epoch's mind, but he could not quite believe it. However, that mass of origin of destruction still seemed to be churning violently like boiling water.

Vaguely, a special aura mixed amidst the aura of destruction rose slowly…

Endless darkness and endless oblivion.

Lin Feng's consciousness was already completely blurry. He could not even sense everything around him, nor everything in his internal chiliocosm domain. Even his connection with the Chaotic Lotus had been completely severed.

"Is this what death feels like?"

A thought flashed through Lin Feng's mind. Death had never been so close to Lin Feng as it was now. Every time he was on the verge of death, he actually had something to rely on, and would not truly die.

But now, Lin Feng was truly dead. He had already sensed the aura of death. Once his internal chiliocosm domain collapsed, even the spacetime imprint could not save him.

"My internal chiliocosm domain has completely collapsed by now, right? All those years of diligent cultivation have been for naught. Who would have thought that everything would be for naught in the end…"

Lin Feng seemed to be smiling weakly. Perhaps he could not even speak now, and only thoughts were spinning in his mind. Or rather, this was his purest consciousness, his true "self" in the depths of his soul.

"I wonder if there will still be any world origin after the internal chiliocosm domain collapses? Or what will happen to those Boundary Stones? In many years, will my collapsed internal chiliocosm domain also form an area similar to the ancient battlefield? Perhaps some worlds will be destined to be born…"

At this moment, Lin Feng let go of everything. He seemed to have no desires now. When people faced death, there would eventually be a moment when they would attain supreme enlightenment. Even Lin Feng was no exception.

He was even in the mood to think about what would happen after his death.


A thought flashed through Lin Feng's consciousness like a bolt of lightning.

"Would some worlds be destined to be born from the collapsed chiliocosm domain?"

Lin Feng recalled carefully, trying to grasp something.

This statement made Lin Feng feel something very important to him. He wanted to grasp it, but could not no matter how hard he tried. He was almost dead now, truly dead.

If he could not find rebirth under the origin of destruction, he would die. After his death, everything in the world would no longer have anything to do with him. Even if the world stopped being destroyed, and the Epochal Cataclysm did not descend, it would no longer have anything to do with him.

"Worlds destined to be born…"

Finally, an idea flashed through Lin Feng's mind. He had grasped something.

"Rebirth. So this is rebirth…"

Lin Feng was overjoyed, and ecstasy surged from the depths of his heart.

Destruction and rebirth. He had always been seeking rebirth amidst destruction. Or did the growth of worlds from the Chaotic Lotus represent rebirth?

But from the looks of it now, he was wrong. Wrong. He was wrong about everything.

This was because destruction was rebirth. They were completely two sides of the same coin. Since the moment of destruction, it actually represented rebirth. Even if Lin Feng fell completely, as long as the small chiliocosm was still around, in millions of years, worlds would definitely be born.

Even if the small chiliocosm was destroyed by the Epochal Cataclysm, new small chiliocosms would definitely be born countless years later.

This was the workings of order in itself. Destruction and rebirth had always been two sides of the same coin. The so-called "metamorphosis" and so-called "evolution" were actually repeated expansion amidst destruction to enhance the internal chiliocosm domain.

Only then could he truly "evolve" a small chiliocosm.

As for Lin Feng, he had already taken the wrong path at the very beginning of the evolution. He had lost his conviction and hope, so how could he "metamorphose" successfully?

"Hahaha, so this is rebirth. This is what I've always been pursuing…"

Lin Feng could not help but want to laugh aloud.

However, he had understood far too late. He only had a little consciousness left now. He could not do anything. How could he undergo metamorphosis?

If it were another Controller who had transformed into a universe, it would be useless even if they comprehended it now.

In reality, Lin Feng was not the only one. Other Controllers who transformed into a universe would also attain an epiphany the moment they were on the verge of death. This was what it meant to attain enlightenment and die in the next moment.

Many true Controllers who had transformed into a universe and had infinite potential died and lost their cultivation when evolving the small chiliocosm. They only attained a vague epiphany when on the verge of death and about to disappear.

But it was already too late. Even a Chiliocosm Sovereign could not do anything at this point.

However, Lin Feng was different. Although he had also transformed into a universe, and was only a Two-star Supremacy far inferior to a Chiliocosm Sovereign, he had something that far exceeded Chiliocosm Sovereigns, and that was—the rules of time!

Time was the most mysterious type of rules among all the rules. Even the supreme rules of space were slightly inferior compared to the rules of time.

The reason was very simple. It was precisely because the rules of time had the power to change everything in the world!

Now, Lin Feng wanted to use the rules of time to change the course of his death. Or rather, only the rules of time could change Lin Feng's situation.

This was the only chance!

"Come, come, success or failure depends on this. Since I've already understood destruction and rebirth, and the key to becoming a Chiliocosm Sovereign, no one can stop me!"

Lin Feng's consciousness was roaring.

"Time—reversal!" Lin Feng "roared".

In his consciousness, this was just a silent shout. However, as he mobilized all his consciousness and desperately mobilized the invisible power of time, everything seemed to have changed.

In the dark, the mighty power named "time" quietly began to change everything!

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