Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please-Chapter 295 - : Can Resurrect People Who Died Within Three Days

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Chapter 295: Can Resurrect People Who Died Within Three Days

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Su Chenghua almost suspected that Fan Jinghua had not slept for three days and nights, tie watched helplessly as the man lifted his leg to step over the threshold, but fell heavily on the ground. He was so frightened that he rushed forward and said in horror, “Young Sect Master! How did you end up like this?”

“For the sake to resurrect Xian’er, these are necessary things that must be done.” Fan Jinghua coughed weakly and stood up with Su Chenghua’s help. “Xian’er is ready now. Next, I’ll have to trouble Uncle Su and Auntie Su to give Xian’er a drop of your blood to wake her up.1‘

Su Chenghua was even more confused when he saw Fan Jinghua shrug off his hand and walk into rhe room. He turned to look ar Lady Pei behind him.

Seeing that Fan Jinghua had lit up the lights in the room, Lady Pei secretly gritted her teeth and said, “Old Master, let’s go in and take a look!”

“Alright.” Su Chenghua had no other choice. The couple walked through the door nervously.

At first glance, the room did not look any different from three days ago. Even the smell of blood in the air had dissipated a lot. The two watched Fan Jinghua light the candles on the table and walk towards the bed. Then, they followed him to Su Yunxian.

When they saw Su Yunxian’s appearance, Su Chenghua and Lady Pei were shocked.

“How did Xian’er’s face return to normal?” Lady Pei looked at Su Yunxian lying on the bed in surprise, so excited that she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The wounds on Su Yunxian’s face and neck seemed to have miraculously healed completely and disappeared. Apart from her excessively pale complexion, she looked no different from usual. Her skin was smooth like cream, and her facial features were beautiful and exquisite.

If she wasn’t devoid of breath at the moment, Su Chenghua and Lady Pei would have thought that their daughter had come back to life.

“Not only her face, but her body has also recovered.” As he spoke, Fan Jinghua carefully lifted the blanket covering Su Yunxian, revealing her body.

The limbs that had been cut off had returned to their original position. Su Yunxian’s body showed no signs of any scars. It was as perfect as a piece of art. “Young Sect Master, how did you manage this?” Su Chenghua stared wide-eyed at Fan Jinghua, completely astonished.

He still remembered the scene of his daughter being turned into meat paste by the evil people!

“This is a secret technique of our Devil Sect. It can resurrect people who died within three days.” Fan Jinghua sat by the bed affectionately and raised his hand to caress Su Yunxian’s cold face. “Xian’er loves beauty rhe most. Since I want to resurrect her, 1 naturally have to find a way to restore her body to its original state.”

Under the dim candlelight, Fan Jinghua s expression, which was filled with deep affection and love, looked somewhat eerie. Fan Jinghua looked up at the couple and said, “Give me a drop of your blood. I’m going to wake Xian’er up now.”‘

Su Chenghua and Lady Pei dared not hesitate. They quickly pricked their fingers and followed Fan Jinghua’s instructions, dripping fresh blood on Su Yunxian’s forehead.

Miraculously, the blood fused into Su Yunxian’s body. Then, Fan Jinghua infused all the spiritual energy in his body into Su Yunxian’s lower abdomen and placed a ghastly ghost head jade pendant on Su Yunxian’s waist. Suddenly, a blood-red light appeared around her body. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked around with a confused expression..