Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please-Chapter 296 - : Living Dead

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Chapter 296: Living Dead

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“Where, where am I?” Su Yunxian asked in a hoarse voice.

Very soon, the scene of her being tortured and abused by Xiao Yan before her death replayed before her eyes, scaring Su Yunxian so much that her body began to tremble uncontrollably.

The fear of death lingered in her heart. She sat up anxiously and hugged the blanket as she looked around warily.

“Xian’er! My daughter!” Lady Pei rushed forward and pulled Su Yunxian into her arms.

However, when Lady Pei touched Su Yunxian, she thought that she wasn’t hugging a person, but a block of ice that was so cold that it could kill!

She was so shocked that she let go of Su Yunxian. Only then did Lady Pei realize that something was wrong with Su Yunxian1 s condition. Not only was her body cold, but there was also a stench unique to corpses on her body. Her skin was pale and bloodless, and there was no redness that a normal person should have.

“Young Sect Master, didn’t you say you resurrected Xian’er?” Su Chenghua was equally surprised.

However, he quickly accepted the fact.

No matter how Fan Jinghua managed to do it, this man had really resurrected his daughter, and that was enough.

“My strength was not enough to completely resurrect her, so 1 could only restore her consciousness for now. To achieve full resurrection, 1 need to go through a series of tedious preparations.” As Fan Jinghua spoke, he pulled Lady

Pei aside and sat beside Su Yunxian’s bed. He held her hand and said affectionately, “I m sorry, Xian’er. I came too late.”

“Sob, sob, Jinghua, I’m really scared when you’re not around.” Su Yunxian choked on her tears and threw herself into Fan Jinghua’s arms.

Su Chenghua and Lady Pei witnessed the scene and looked at each other. They left the room, tacitly understanding each other.

Only Fan Jinghua and Su Yunxian were left in the room. She cried in his arms for a long time before she calmed down. She asked worriedly, “Jinghua, didn’t 1 die? How did you resurrect me?”

“Our Demon Sect has a very magical secret technique that can bring the dead back to life. 1 used this method to resurrect you.” Fan Jinghua gently caressed Su Yunxian’s face, and with concern, he asked, “How do you feel now?”

Su Yunxian lay in Fan Jinghua’s arms weakly. “I feel very uncomfortable. 1 have no body temperature and no heartbeat. 1 am like a living dead! Jinghua, you have to help me fully resurrect. I want to be a human, not a monster. Why didn’t you fully resurrect me from the beginning?”

Fan Jinghua was busy for three days and nights, yet Su Yunxian didn’t even thank him but instead criticized him. Surprisingly, he wasn’t angry at all.

Not only was Fan Jinghua not angry, he even apologized to Su Yunxian, “I’m sorry, Xian’er. It wasn’t intentional. Don’t worry, 1 will completely resurrect you sooner or later. By then, 1 will take you as my wife and let the whole world know that you are my woman! ”

As Fan Jinghua spoke, a hint of madness flashed in his eyes that even he did not notice.

“Sob, Jinghua, you’re so good to me. I love you so much.” After saying that, Su Yunxian hugged Fan Jinghua even tighter and a cold smile appeared on her face.

“Right, Xian’er, tell me first, who lulled you?” Fan Jinghua suddenly emanated a strong killing intent. After letting go of Su Yunxian, he steadied her shoulders and asked..