Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability-Chapter 921 - : Good People? Are There Any Good People?

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Chapter 921 - Chapter 921: Good People? Are There Any Good People?

Chapter 921: Good People? Are There Any Good People?

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Xue Fangling pretended to know nothing in front of Xue Fangyang. She even saw Xue Fangling pretending to be ignorant in front of Xue Fangyang yesterday, claiming she had seen a woman fall and pitied her, so she gave her many medicinal pills.

Actually, that woman was also one of Xue Fangyang’s many women. Xue Fangyang had also beaten her up.

She had witnessed Xue Fangyang’s merciless beating. He had left the woman covered in bloody whip marks.

Xue Fangling was ruthless and good at putting on an act. She could even lie to her biological brother, Xue Fangyang.

Shang Ningluo had finally seen it for herself.

Soon, Xue Fangling’s maid brought the pills and fed them to Shang Ningluo under her supervision.

Xue Fangling then muttered to herself before leaving with a look of contempt.

She would never stay behind to take care of Shang Ningluo. If Shang Ningluo was awake, she would be a good person and do it to gain her favor.

However, Shang Ningluo was “unconscious” now. What was the point of staying? Shang Ningluo could not see anything.

“Guard the tent. Let me know when she wakes up. I’ll come.”

Xue Fangling did not forget to instruct her maid to stand guard outside after she left. When Shang Ningluo awoke, she would rush over and put in a good word for herself. She would tell Shang Ningluo that she had given her medicine.

“Yes, Miss,” the maid replied and stayed outside the tent.

When Shang Ningluo was alone in the tent, she opened her eyes slowly. “Good people? Are there any good people?”

She used to think that her big brother, who doted on her, was a good person. Even if he kept going against Qian Jiyun, she still felt that he was the best.

Although they often bickered, she always had Shang Ningyi’s best interests at heart. She always considered how her actions would affect Shang Ningyi before doing anything.

But the person she believed doted on her had sent her to suffer in Xue Fangyang’s hands.

She used to think that although Xue Fangling was a little ugly, her gentle nature was always good. Even if her brother did not like her, she would still treat her kindly.

But what happened in the end?

The person in front of her had really overturned her own understanding.

She was not in a hurry to get up. She lay on the bed, waiting for the medicinal pills that Xue Fangling had fed her to take effect.

Her impetuous emotions finally calmed down today. She had thought about many things, from Qian Jiyun to Shang Ningyi to Xue Fangyang and Xue Fangling.

None of them were decent.

Her mind was finally clear. She took a deep breath, continuing to feign sleep with her eyes closed. However, her mind was spinning with thoughts.

If there was an antidote to the Mother-Child Reincarnation Pill, it could only be found in An Jiuyue. She had thought of it earlier, so Xue Fangyang must have thought of it too.

Since there was an antidote, Xue Fangyang would not sit still and wait for death.

Hence, Xue Fangyang would definitely go to Camp Zhan Yun again tomorrow to ask Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue for the antidote.

No, that was not right.

She denied this answer in her heart.

Would Xue Fangyang ask for the antidote?

How could that be possible? Xue Fangyang would not let anyone know he was poisoned—that would give them leverage over him.


He would not ask for the antidote openly. Instead, he would do it secretly.

Xue Fangyang would be going to Camp Zhan Yun tonight, and An Jiuyue was the person Xue Fangyang and Shang Ningyi were plotting to obtain..