Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability-Chapter 922 - : Your Little Schemes

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Chapter 922 - Chapter 922: Your Little Schemes

Chapter 922: Your Little Schemes

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Xue Fangyang would almost certainly want to bring An Jiuyue back in secret.

If he were to do so and obtain the antidote, Shang Ningluo would be worthless as a bargaining chip handed over by Shang Ningyi.

There was only one outcome—death.

Even if Shang Ningyi wanted to cause trouble for Xue Fangyang, he had a reason to refute him and prevent him from acting rashly because she had poisoned him.

Hence, if Xue Fangyang succeeded tonight, she would die tomorrow.

She had to escape tonight.

Shang Ningluo gritted her teeth. It seemed like she had to hurry up and send word to her subordinate so he could take her out of Huayan Peak. She could go anywhere rather than stay here and wait for death.

It was nighttime. There was no moonlight on Huayan Peak, and the ground was as dark as ink.

Xue Fangyang and many guardians had already hidden in the forest outside Camp Zhan Yun. The pitch-black night provided the best cover.

The man in black looked at Xue Fangyang and asked quietly, “Master, are we going to charge in together?”

They had brought so many people with them—more than enough to deal with Camp Zhan Yun. They could raze Camp Zhan Yun to the ground.

“What did you say?” Xue Fangyang glanced at the man in black calmly.

The man in black opened his mouth, wanting to say he had a good idea. Camp Zhan Yun should have been destroyed long ago. Once destroyed, it would not bring any more trouble to his master.

His master only wanted An Jiuyue. Couldn’t they just keep her alive?

“Do you really think Qian Jiyun is that easy to deal with?” Xue Fangyang retorted, not giving him a chance to finish his sentence.

The man in black asked, “If Camp Zhan Yun can’t even handle Camp Ning Se, what abilities do they even have?”

He did not think dealing with Camp Zhan Yun was difficult.

There was only Qian Jiyun, who had slightly higher Original Soul energy. What could the others in the camp be capable of?

Moreover, more than half of them were stationed on the protected grounds. They could have massacred Camp Zhan Yun by the time the guardians received the news and returned. No one in the camp would survive if he rushed in with his men.

“Shut up!” Xue Fangyang stopped the man in black with a hushed voice.

He thought the people around him would always have some brains. He did not expect him to be stupid.

Was Qian Jiyun unable to handle Shang Ningyi? Qian Jiyun simply did not take

Shang Ningyi seriously. He could not even be bothered to deal with him.

“Stay here with your men. There’s no need to go in with me,” he said.

“Master, I’ll go in with you. We have them here.” How could the man in black let his master enter alone? Even if there were other guardians with him, he still could not rest easy.

He had to accompany him. Even if his master did not want him to, he had to follow.

Xue Fangyang glared at him coldly and warned, “Then put away all your little schemes!”

The man in black fell silent. He did not dare say a word about his intentions to deal with Qian Jiyun.

Although he had always felt that Qian Jiyun was nothing to be afraid of, he decided not to kill him for the time being since his master had said so. He would leave him alive for a few more days..

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