Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 976 Three Red Zones!

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Chapter 976 Three Red Zones!

Deep within the verdant expanse of a South American forest, a majestic waterfall cascaded from great heights, its waters churning and frothing in a wild display of natural power. However, a lone figure crashed into the chilling waters fearlessly.

Liam smiled as he felt the tremendous pressure of the water pushing down on his body. It was rather soothing. He continued moving in further where the falls parted and revealed a concealed cave entrance.

And inside this space, surprisingly, there was a concrete building.

"What an odd location for a magic shop." Liam tiredly shook his head as he staggered inside along with a white fox who stuck close to him. He entered the shop and proceeded to walk toward one of the desks, opening the guild communications channel directly.

His pitch-black eyes then scanned for the specific information that he wanted. 

Liam had already dealt with the set of coordinates he had taken from the group before and had destroyed the hive hills in those coordinates. Now it was time to fish for some more of these pyramidal structures.

He tiredly went through the chat, which was full of utter nonsense, only to come across something that was completely unexpected. It looked like he was not the only one taking out the hive hills!

"So you are finally out of hiding, huh?" Liam grinned in amusement. 


He did not know how they were clearing the hive hills, but the news did not look fake. Not just that but the network of United Nations guilds and the momentum they had gathered so far using the threat that the isons posed. 

"Very impressive." He smiled. The only thing was… they had done all of this at his expense.

Liam sneered and moved on. It was not the time to deal with them just yet. He continued searching the chat for more coordinates, but it seemed like almost every single hive hill was already taken care of.

There seems to have been a red hive hill as well, which to his surprise, was once again taken care of. "Hmmm…" Liam creased his brows and continued searching when suddenly he once again came across something unexpected.

A hive hill burst open?

The latest chats were full of this news! 

At least in three different places, the isons seem to have completely hatched and taken over the entire zone with a swarm several times bigger than the typical swarm size. 

They were no longer hiding inside the hive hill. They were openly out and about and hunting in full swing. There were also several higher-level isons present in this swarm. 

Liam saw that some of the Level 30 and Level 35 people were facing difficulties in handling these isons, even in one-to-one combat.

This meant that not just the normal isons had broken out of the hive, but perhaps also the evolved isons and the mutated isons.

Liam then froze. What if the Generals and the Queen had also broken out? His expression became grave as he began to search for any news about these ultra-strong isons.

However, no such information was shared. 

​ The guilds in the vicinity had quickly cleared out, so they perhaps did not come across one. Or… whoever came across these isons simply did not survive to tell the tale. Liam had a feeling that it was the latter.

He had been clearing hive hills non-stop for the past couple of days. Although his current condition was extremely weak, and he was hanging on by a thread, he pushed himself only for one reason. That was to take these out before something like this happened.

And now, the situation he dreaded was playing out right in front of him.

The last time he faced the Queen's Generals, they were all around Level 70 and Level 80. After two days, what would be their current development state?

More importantly, just how strong would the queen be?!

It was one thing when they were all clustered together inside a hive hill which helped Liam take care of all of them at the same time without giving them any chance to retaliate, but now that they were spread out, it was an entirely different ball game.

He might have to face several of the high-leveled isons one by one.

The skill he had been relying on until now, the [Soul Splice] skill, only had a time limit of 5 seconds. 

Not to mention, it left him completely crippled for the next couple of hours, unable to defend himself even against the weakest opponent. He wouldn't even be able to summon his soul army. This essentially left him with very limited options.

"This is bad." Liam's gaze turned cold. He went through the chat logs and saw that this had only happened in three places which meant that these three were probably the last of the ison swarms. 

Three might look like a small number, but three was more than enough to destroy everything that was on earth. How were they going to deal with these three outbreaks? They had to do something, and they had to do something fast.

The death toll was quickly mounting up. Even in the time he was learning about those, the death toll was constantly increasing.

"Why are they not setting up a safe zone?" This was the obvious method to stay alive, at least until something could be done about the isons, so Liam was perplexed why the guilds were not using it.

The answer was quickly revealed when he saw some spam messages from the United Nations guild network. The government had asked everyone not to use their safe zone feature just yet and even mentioned that this was extremely important to get rid of the isons.

Liam's face changed. He did not know why they were spreading this, but right now, this was causing a huge death toll. That aside, this was an issue that needed to be quickly dealt with.

He closed the guild communications channel as he pondered how to tackle this problem. Without personally taking a look at the situation, it was impossible to decide anything.

Liam checked the chat logs, and the three outbreaks were located in Greenland, Africa, and India. The one in Greenland was in a remote place, but the one in Africa and India was smack dab in the center of civilization. 

"Hmmm… which one to pick?"

Liam's gaze shifted between the three red zones on the map, one after the other, as he finally made up his mind to pick the one that would give him the maximum freedom.

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