Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 977 Brrrrr

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Chapter 977 Brrrrr

Liam used the teleportation portal, and when he stepped out of the magic shop, a freezing cold wind assaulted him on his face. Brrrrr… Luna as well shook her body in discomfort. 

The two of them were currently standing in the middle of a frozen wasteland. Among the three red zones, Liam had picked the northernmost one, the outbreak in Greenland.

"Luna… you know what to do." Liam first sent away the white three-tailed fox. 

She nodded her head, and her figure disappeared somewhere in the sky, hidden amidst the raging blizzard. The heavy snowfall and the cold winds completely clouded her presence.

Liam then summoned his soul minions. However, he didn't call for his entire army. Instead, he only summoned the ten wyverns, Helikatos, Crawford, Dimitri, and some of the stronger soul minions, including the twenty Queen's Generals.

"Ok. Let's go."

Liam made his move. He dashed right into the unforgiving snowstorm that was cold enough to freeze a human being alive from top to bottom. However, this biting, deathly cold only registered as a slight sting on his body. 

Thanks to his relentless hunting down of the hive hills, his collected experience points skyrocketed, and his current level was already at 91. 

So the frozen wilderness around him was not enough to cross his base physical defense and make a dent in his body that was forged in several ways.

The same could not be said for others, especially the ones who are yet to form mana cores. They would receive severe debuffs just to step inside this zone.

This was the main reason why Liam picked this place as his first option to test the waters. This way, he would only need to plan for the isons. The chances of him crossing paths with other human beings were very slim.

Liam wandered through the endless snow-covered landmass, and before long, he ran into the first ison. It was a Level 45 ison that was buzzing around here and there aimlessly.

However, as soon as it sensed Liam's presence, the insect instantly reacted. Unfortunately, it was too late. The ison's body was severed into two halves that scattered on the clean snowy ground.

"So even the normal isons are already at Level 45?" Liam assessed the situation. One of the minions rushed forward to collect the mana core, and the group continued moving. 

As it was snowing heavily and very windy, the vision was somewhat obscured, but even then, they did not have to wait long before running into the second ison. 

This one was also high-leveled, Level 48, to be more precise. Moreover, this ison was buzzing around by itself, just like the previous one.

"Are these, by any chance scouting?" Liam had a doubt. If that was the case, then he made sure that the ison did not send back any information by finishing it off immediately.

The same happened with the next few isons, and every single one of them was dispersed swiftly. If things continued this way, then perhaps even stronger isons could be managed.

However, just as this thought entered Liam's mind, suddenly, the pure white snow around him started turning darker. How could things be so easy?

In the blink of an eye, Liam found himself facing a swarm of isons that was heading toward him at full speed. 


He did not need any special perceptive abilities to notice this one. The swarm coming for him was so dense that it stood out starkly in the snowy mountains.

Moreover, it looked like every single one of these isons was above Level 40. They were bigger than the normal ones, comparable to the evolved and the mutated isons, but these guys definitely did not have these prefixes in front of their names. 

So there were probably even stronger evolved and mutated isons coming behind these or lying in wait for him somewhere else. This was definitely just the beginning of what was about to come.

However, it was not enough to pose a threat or challenge to Liam yet.

"Here we go." He grinned in anticipation and summoned his entire army of soul minions without holding back. Even his weaker minions had already leveled up to 30 at the least and were no longer useless. 

Especially because he kept disposing of the weakest ones and added a few more isons along the way, the entirety of the army was now quite formidable.

"Attack and don't leave anything alive," Liam ordered his soul minions to charge first and stood back to observe the slaughter.

He had done this a few times before, so there wasn't really any suspense about this outcome. Or at least that's what Liam thought.

But to his surprise, this time, when his soul minions charged forward, the isons did not mindlessly do the same and fall into the trap. Instead, the swarm actually paused mid-air!

The group of insects that was charging toward Liam at full speed all of a sudden halted!

"Hmmm? This is new?" Liam narrowed his gaze as his pitch-black eyes quickly scanned the swarm of isons, coming to a stop at a slightly larger one that was intermingled in the crowd.

For a second, Liam would have missed this bug and mistook it for some random ison, but his gut instincts made him inspect the one. Immediately he was shocked. His eyes couldn't believe the details he was seeing.

<Ding. Level 110; Queen's General>

This small ison that was even smaller than an evolved or a mutated ison was actually a Queen's General? And it was already at Level 110! What a frightening rate of evolution!

Without any warning, the ison opened its mouth and let out a loud screeching noise. Immediately the group of flying insects changed their trajectory.

Instead of swooping down and attacking Liam and his soul minions on the ground, they zoomed right above him.

And it did not stop there. 

These insects completely ignored the soul minions and started raining down toxic and acidic globules of puss on Liam, coming straight for him, focusing all of their attacks on him!