Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady-Chapter 617 - : Investigation

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Chapter 617: Investigation

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In the living room of the Guan family’s villa, Su Han looked at Xue Li, who was hurriedly holding the documents, and quickly said, “Xue Li, it’s already so late. Why are you still busy? Lei ‘er, this child is really too much. He’s been giving you orders the moment he’s back.”

“Young Master is very nice to me,” Xue Li said with a frank smile. “I’m happy to have something to do.”

Su Han nodded and said, “There’s some white fungus in the kitchen. You can bring it to Lei ‘er and get a bowl for yourself.”

Xue Li looked at the information in his hand and said, “Then I’ll send the information to Young Master first. I’ll bring it over later.”

“I’ll help you take the information. You go first, and I’ll follow behind you.” Su Han said.

Xue Li thought for a while and finally declined. This time, he was asked to investigate Ms. Shen Xi.

And Madam had been close to Li Jin all these years. What if she found out Young Master was investigating Ms. Shen Xi and was unhappy?

Su Han sat down on the sofa angrily as she watched Xue Li leave in a hurry.

Guan Yan glanced at Su Han and smiled. “Why do you want to see Lei ‘er’s things?”

Su Han pursed her lips and said unhappily, “I just wanted to see what he was busy with when he came back. He had always been a loner, and he had become more and more silent over the years. I wanted to know something that he was interested in so that I could have a conversation with him.’

Guan Yan sighed. “Just let him be. He had been unhappy all these years. If you bother him like this, he will be even more annoyed.”

“If I had known that he liked Shen Xi so much, I would have snatched her back to be my daughter-in-law so that Lei ‘er wouldn’t be unhappy and Meng Yu wouldn’t be so lucky.” Su Han said angrily.

“Do you think she’s a commodity? You want to snatch her? That was the little darling of the Shen and Lu Families. If you dared to snatch it, you would be prepared to be surrounded by the Shen and Lu Families in the next second.” Guan Yan ruthlessly shattered his wife’s fantasy.

“Then what can we do? Four years had passed, and Lei ‘er had yet to recover. If it were four more years, he would not be able to survive in the future. In the past four years, I’ve introduced so many good girls to him, but he hasn’t gone to see any of them. I have no choice.” Su Han’s heart was anxious, but she helplessly complained about her powerlessness.

“Then let’s just forget about it. The child has his own life. Don’t worry about it. Look, you’re so anxious that you can’t sleep at night and toss and turn.” Guan Yan advised earnestly.

Su Han naturally knew this, but her children were her debts. How could she bear to ignore them?

Su Han looked in the direction of Guan Lei’s room and sighed in distress.

In the other room, Lei Guan listened to Xue Li’s report and frowned.

“Not long after Shen Xi returned from the engagement banquet, President Meng and Zheng family’s young master Zheng Huai went abroad. According to Zheng Huai’s whereabouts, Director Meng had been staying with Zheng Huai for two years. Just the treatment alone took two years.” Xue Li said, but he could not help but sigh in his heart. It took him two years to recover. How torturous was that?

“Later, I heard that he went to a backward country to teach. But I didn’t find his exact location. The only thing that could be confirmed was that in the past four years, President Meng had never come back Since I could not find the flight information, of course, I could not rule out the possibility that Ms Shen Xi would fly her own plane to pick him up.” Xue Li continued.

Guan Lei looked at the headband that he took out from the drawer. Four years had passed, and the rope on the rubber band had faded. It looked gray and gave off a sense of dejection.

“Continue!” Guan Lei said coldly as he stroked the hair tie in his hand.

“And Ms. Shen Xi entered the Imperial Capital Military University in the spring of the second year of the engagement party. In just half a year, she had entered the ranks of the academy’s special pilots. In the past four years, she had taken on countless missions. Because it was internal information, I had not yet found out all of them. What we know now is that she has accumulated 300 missions of various sizes, of which…” Xue Li paused for a moment.

Xue Li looked at Guan Lei’s expression and continued, “Among them, she was admitted to the hospital 10 times due to serious injuries. There was one time when he was in a severe coma and almost did not wake up.”

Guan Lei’s heart skipped a beat. She almost couldn’t wake up?

“The Shen family and the Lu family don’t care?” Guan Lei gritted his teeth and asked.

“After signing a confidentiality agreement, the Shen family and the Lu family barely knew what Ms. Shen Xi had been doing for the past four years. This time, the Shen family and the Lu family knew because the fighter jet was developed by the Shen family. When Shen Yan brought his men to the school for maintenance, he heard some rumours and guessed it.” Xue Li said..

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