Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System-Chapter 1068 Francesca

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Chapter 1068 Francesca

Francesca did not know what to do. She had thrown caution to the wind and had taken everything off and got into someone else's bed nude, only to be completely rejected! She wondered if her body was not pleasant to look at! This was a huge blow to her ego! But no matter what, she had to get Kana to be her best friend! "Please, I will do anything! I will even wash your feet!"

"Why do I need someone to wash my feet!? I can do it myself! I am not looking for a slave or anything like that!" Kana yelled back as she tried to cover Francesca back up. Francesca was desperate at this time. She only had one last thing she could do! She jumped up and threw her arms around Kana's neck, and pushed her lips towards Kana's, only to find a hand blocking her before she could seal the deal!

"What the hell are you doing!? Francesca, you are acting very strange. First, getting naked and jumping in my bed. Then trying to kiss me. What is wrong with you!?" Kana was doing her best not to beat this girl to death as she pushed the girl down onto the bed. "Stop before I get angry. I do not want a female lover. I only love my handsome husband and only him."

"Then what can I do to make u with you and become your friend!?" Francesca had never had to do any of this in her entire life. People always came to her, trying to kiss up to her and befriend her. Never the other way around.

"Just be nice to me and don't cause trouble for me or my family is all I ask. Friends do not lay naked in other people's beds, offering themselves up to a friend! You only do that to your lover, and we are never going to be lovers. Friends do not try to force kisses on others. They do not act like slaves either. They are friends because you can rely on them and hang out with them. Chat about things and get along normally. Francesca, I am someone who will not try to be enemies with others, but I have a few bottom lines. Some of which is that my family comes first before all. Anyone who dares to harm them or stand in my way when I am trying to take care of them is an enemy to me. I don't like others treating people like slaves. I don't like others trying to come on to me with lust filled eyes. If you really had designs on me right now and were not acting strangely, I would have already killed you.

"So if you really wish to be my friend. Start off by saying: hey can we be friends?" Kana answered with a long exhausted sigh. She had thought this woman would end up being her enemy, but it seemed she was just strange in the head. Since they were sharing a room, she did not want to have bad blood between them either. So being friends was best. Otherwise, she would need to beat the girl up every day until she finally submitted. She did not wish to do that, though.

Francesca blushed as she sat down on the bed. She never thought it would be so simple. She pursed her lips and looked up at Kana, and asked: "Can we be friends?"

"Mmmm! Good girl!" Kana smiled and patted Francesca's head. Francesca froze when she felt her head being patted. A warm feeling enveloped her as she lowered her head slightly. She felt that Kana had the warmth of a mother. A smile broke out on her lips that grew brighter and brighter. The arrogance that she once had was now long gone. She felt like a little kid again when her mother was still alive. She would be hugged by her mother in a warm embrace, allowing her to feel the love that a mother gave off.

"Mommy…." Francesca unconsciously blurted out.

Kana's hand froze as she looked at the girl who now had tears in her eyes and felt that maybe this girl was not as mean as she seemed to start with. She was just missing the love she needed. "I am not your mother, but as a friend, if you want head pats, just ask. I like giving them out. Especially with such soft fluffy hair."

"Hehe… Kana… I am sorry. Truly sorry." Francesca bowed her head to Kana. While she was used to running rampant and would normally never apologize for anything. Kana was different. She felt like she truly wished to be friends with Kana. Her first true friend.

"It's fine. I kinda went overboard as well. But remember, friendship is based on trust between two parties. If you break that trust, your friendship will end. Now come on, while you are very pretty, you shouldn't be sitting around naked. Riley keeps taking perverted peeks at your body." Kana teased. She had noticed Riley was looking at Francesca with a strange look in her eye.


"I was not! Kana, don't be mean!" Riley quickly protested. Her cheeks were bright red. She can't believe she got caught!

Francesca did not get mad and instead began to laugh. "I was really starting to think I was not good looking at all, but I guess I was just wrong." With a bright smile, she looked at Riley and said: "You can look all you want."

"I wasn't looking!" Riley would not admit to it! All the girls began laughing. For the first time since Francesca came to the academy, her room was filled with laughter.

After getting dressed, Francesca bowed her head to Riley and Kate and apologized to them sincerely. She even asked if they wanted her to wait on them to make up for all the times she made them into her maids. But the girls shook their heads. Just getting Francesca to apologize was already enough to make them surprised.

For the first time in her life, Francesca had finally made some real friends. She never thought that such a thing was possible, but now, thanks to Kana, she really did make some friends.

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