Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System-Chapter 1069: The History Of Aurora Part 1

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Two days passed, and Kana was now sitting in ancient history class. She was actually quite interested in this class which is why she took it. She wanted to know more about the history of Aurora and get a better understanding of the divisions that make this realm function. If she is to take over for the old man someday, she will need an understanding of all of this. This way, she can teach her future children that will take control over the realms after she leaves.

In this class, Kana was alone. She knew no one. She sat in her seat to the top left of the room, furthest from the door but right next to a window. It was the one spot she was glad to get because it allowed her to look out over the sea of clouds outside.

Classrooms were stadium seating with wooden bench seats with long desks attached. It was something one could find in a college on Earth. While Kana was lost in thought with her legs crossed under her, a young man walked in with shiny silver hair. He turned and looked towards the seat that Kana was in and frowned.

"Oh? Bradley, someone is in your seat. And it looks to be a delicate flower." Another young man a few inches shorter than the silver haired boy named Bradley said with a mocking tone.

"Josh, do the usual," Bradley replied while pushing the shorter boy forward. Josh let out a laugh as he swaggered his way over to Kana, who was still lost in thought, waiting for class to begin.

When Josh arrived next to her, he was kind of confused. First, the girl was devastatingly beautiful. She was slightly shorter than normal girls but only by a few inches. It was enough to make any man try his hand at asking her out. But what made him feel confused was that she seemed strange. She was sitting there looking out the window, but she did not seem to have a presence. It was as if she was not there. Like there was nothing there at all.

"It is very rude to stare, you know. If you want to say something, say it. Otherwise, leave me alone." Kana was not dumb. She had already heard what the two boys were saying, so she knew he was here to mess with her.

"I...." Josh's voice got caught in his throat, making him have to clear it before he continued: "Ahem... This seat is already taken. These two rows near the window are not for people to be sitting in."

Kana finally turned her head and looked at Josh, causing him to blush slightly. "If you want to sit, sit. There are many seats here. You do not need this specific seat. But no matter what, if you disturb me when I am trying to learn, I will toss you out the window and test to see what happens when someone passes through the sea of clouds out there."

Kana's words made Josh's pride begin to swell up. "Look, just because you are a bit beautiful doesn't mean you can act all high and mighty. Move now while I am playing nice!"

"Hah?" Kana raised her hand slowly. Josh's eyes were immediately drawn to it. He watched as she placed the tip of her thumb on her middle finger and then...


"AhhH!" Josh was sent flying with a smile forehead flick.

Kana snorted and looked down at Bradley, who had been struck stupid, and said: "You and your friends can do it elsewhere. What I do not get is that if you have come to this class before, why are you still here? This is a new student class! If you are here to just screw around, then find some corner on the campus to do it. You and your friends can play whatever sex games you want but do not do it in a place for learning!"

Bradley was in a state of confusion. And did not notice all the people walking into the classroom looking at him while whispering and giggling. All these people were new students, so they were here to actually learn.

At that time, a clapping sound came from outside the room. "Very well said!"

Everyone turned to see an old man with a hunched back walk in. He had on a long black jacket and wore a monocle. His mostly bald head shined under the light. While his side hair that wrapped around his entire head met up with the beard and curly mustache that stuck off both sides of his face. "Bradley, you have been coming to my classroom for many days now and causing a ruckus. At first, I was just going to ignore it since no one was saying anything, but now that someone has complained, I will say this now. Leave if you are not here to learn. While history is not important to become stronger, it is also a good way to learn about your ancestors and what it truly means to be strong.

"Also, I should let you know. In this entire academy, you trying to anger Miss Kana is just asking for the death of you and your entire family." The old man said with a snort. All the instructors had already gotten the news. No matter what they were to treat, Kana was an honored guest! But that only went so far as the treatment she got. If her grades were bad, they would not boost them for her. This was something they would not do!

Bradley heard Kana's name and his mind went blank again. He was told specifically the other day not to anger this girl and even try to befriend her, maybe even woo her and get her to marry him! But now.... He felt like he had just kicked a metal wall with bare feet! In fact, he felt like doing just that!

The old man saw Bradley just standing there doing nothing, acting stupid, and began to get angry. "Why are you standing there like an idiot!? Go sit down or leave, pick!"