Reborn as a DRAGON-Chapter 410: A Bard?

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Chapter 410: A Bard?

The sensation of flying through the vast expanse of space was an experience unlike any other, a sensation that left me awestruck and completely enthralled. With every movement, I found myself drifting further from my past and the conflicts that had consumed me, occasionally allowing myself to be sidetracked by the allure of exploring new planets and realms.

Though these planets and places held little significance in the context of the war that had once consumed me, I discovered that I derived immense satisfaction from this newfound form of exploration. It was as if I had adapted seamlessly to my current body, which bore a striking resemblance to my previous three-headed form, with scales that emitted a mesmerizing and ethereal purple glow.

Yet, there was a disconcerting aspect to my transformation—the absence of my soul space. It left an unsettling void within me as if there was nothing inside to anchor my being. Instead, the universe itself seemed to have embraced me in its entirety. The cosmos enveloped me, and in this sense, I felt nearly invincible, a dangerous thought that I had to keep in check.

I was acutely aware of the temptation to become intoxicated by my newfound strength, but I pushed such thoughts to the recesses of my mind. Now was not the time to lose myself in the beauty and grandeur of the cosmos, nor was it the time to grow complacent.

I had perished once before, a fact I could not deny. My arrogance had been my downfall, rooted in a lack of understanding of the scale of the conflict I had joined. That ignorance was a thing of the past, a lesson etched into my very essence. I swore to myself that I would not let history repeat itself.

What lay ahead was the crucial task of reuniting with my family and my siblings. They needed me, and I yearned for the safety of my Grandmother. The turmoil of the council's plane's apparent collapse hung heavily in my thoughts, but I clung to the belief in her resilience. "She has to. Grandma is strong," I reassured myself, hoping that my grandmother had survived the upheaval.

In this form, my body appeared translucent as I traversed the cosmic expanse, seemingly swimming across the stars. The vastness of space felt like an endless ocean, and each moment spent dwelling on this analogy stirred a pang of longing in my heart, a reminder of the absence of water mana around me.

I shook my head to dispel such thoughts; now was not the time for nostalgia. Instead, I channeled my focus on the next step of my journey, with the cosmic mana's whispers guiding me.

With my connection to the cosmic mana, I could perceive its subtle guidance, leading me to the location of the main world. Slowly but surely, I made my way back, all the while refining my newfound abilities and becoming more accustomed to my powers.

As I journeyed through the cosmos, I made a point to stop at the planets and battlefields plagued by the relentless presence of the Shades. In each instance, I intervened to turn the tide of the conflict. My appearances were abrupt, leaving my enemies with no time to react. A swift and powerful area attack would disperse the Shades with ease. The cosmic mana had become my willing companion, following my every instruction, reducing the margin for error, and making each intervention more seamless than the last.

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But with this newfound control came an ever-present temptation, one that grew harder to resist with every victory. My ego and pride swelled with each accomplishment, a struggle to maintain the humility that had been so painfully learned. It was a perilous balancing act, one that I recognized I must master if I were to navigate this new chapter of my existence successfully.


Sidus, wore an expression of disbelief as he faced Jon, the nervous intermediary who had brought an unusual request.

"A bard?" Sidus inquired, his voice laced with incredulity.

Jon, attempting to maintain his composure before the imposing Dragon, nodded hesitantly. "Y-Yes, esteemed Sidus. She insists on meeting all of you."

The imposing Dragon's eyes gleamed with a dangerous glint as he peered down at Jon. His voice resonated with an air of authority as he sought answers. "I believe we made it clear that we are here to hide from the world, not to announce our presence to it. Pray, tell me, why is a bard seeking to meet us, and how did she discover our whereabouts?"

Lana, realizing the gravity of the situation, swiftly interjected. "We do not know. We were unable to sense her presence until she arrived here. We cannot detect any mana emanating from her, but we have reason to suspect she may not be... human," she admitted, her voice tinged with uncertainty.

Sidus furrowed his brow at this revelation. He withdrew slightly and turned to his siblings, who shared in his wariness. Ynos, always prepared for potential threats, had already risen and stood at the ready. Essie, still maintaining her human form, edged closer to her siblings, a gentle swirl of wind mana surrounding her. Only Breta and Immy remained silent, their expressions reflecting deep contemplation.

Sidus, seeking the counsel of his twin sister, turned to Immy. "What do you think about this— this situation?"

Immy considered the situation carefully before responding, "I doubt this entity is a Shade. Perhaps she is a Goddess of some sort?"

Breta, displaying her curiosity, posed a question. "If this individual harbors ill intent, why would they take the trouble to announce their presence?"

Ynos, ever the pragmatist, chimed in, "Speculation is pointless. The bard is already outside our door."

Sidus, sighing heavily, came to a decision. "Very well, we will meet her. But be prepared for anything. Immy, you will take the lead."

With that, Sidus retreated into the shadows, his form seemingly melding with them until he vanished from sight, leaving the six disciples in a state of astonishment. Witnessing a colossal black Dragon seemingly vanish before their eyes was a bewildering experience.

Annoyed by the unexpected turn of events, Immy couldn't help but mutter under her breath, "Since when is he in charge?" f𝗿𝚎eweb𝗻o𝐯𝐞l.𝚌om

Nonetheless, she quickly regained her focus and turned to Lana and the others. "Bring her in." with the role of leadership being thrust upon her, she intended to handle the situation with the utmost care and caution, especially since it involved the safety of everyone.