Reborn as a DRAGON-Chapter 411: Syra

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Chapter 411: Syra

Anticipation hung in the air as the Dragon siblings awaited the arrival of the mysterious bard. Sidus had strategically positioned himself in the shadows, ready to gauge the situation from a concealed vantage point. Immy stood at the forefront, flanked by Ynos and Breta, with Essie positioned further back. The cave seemed to buzz with a sense of unease, the siblings exchanging nervous glances.

Their wait was mercifully short-lived, the cave echoing with the approach of footsteps. Lana and Halbor soon emerged, leading a diminutive yet attractive human lady. The bard's hourglass figure drew immediate attention, and Immy, sensitive to auras, detected a commanding presence emanating from the seemingly petite stranger. With brown hair adorned with magenta tips, bright electric blue eyes, and lighter-complexioned skin, the newcomer's appearance was both captivating and enigmatic.

Immy and her siblings observed the bard's every move as she approached, clad in black leather armor with a lute on her back and a flute at her belt. Twin blades crossed on her back completed her ensemble. The small woman walked over with a seemingly carefree demeanor, her aura exuding a blend of mischief and confidence.

Once she stood before them, the stranger broke the silence with a gentle smile and a wave. "Aren't you all just the adorable bunch?"

Immy, caught off guard by the unexpected compliment, stammered, "A-Adorable?"

The bard chuckled, "Why, of course! So young, cute, and oh-so full of energy. Makes me want to squeeze you!" Her light-hearted laughter resonated through the cave.

Essie, who had been observing from a distance, couldn't resist stepping a bit closer. There was something about the newcomer that reminded her of her own grandmother.

Collecting herself, Immy pressed for answers. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

The bard shook her head, maintaining her gentle smile. "First of all, it's bad manners to stay hidden and spy on others." Abruptly, she turned her gaze towards the right, where Sidus, who had been concealed in the shadows, now stood in dumbfounded surprise. "That's more like it," she said with a nod of approval.

"Come on, dear. I doubt you can't recognize your own kin," she added, mischief dancing in her eyes.

"A Dragoness?" Immy questioned hesitantly, still uncertain about the true nature of the enigmatic visitor. The strength that radiated from her was undeniable, and if her claim held true, her mastery over her powers was truly commendable.

Essie, breaking her silence, transformed back into her human form. The bard, seeing this, expressed a mild surprise. "Oh?"

"Excuse me, are you perhaps Grandma Syla?" Essie inquired tentatively.

The bard's eyes widened in genuine surprise, and with a swift, almost magical movement, she disappeared and reappeared before Essie. The Dragon siblings, ready to react defensively, found themselves frozen in disbelief as they watched the stranger extend a hand toward Essie.

Just as despair began to cloud Immy's face, the scene took an unexpected turn. The bard's expression shifted, and before anyone could comprehend what was happening, Essie found herself engulfed in a warm, tight hug. The satisfaction on the bard's face was unmistakable.

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"How cute! What did you call me? Grandma? Come on, say it again! Yes, yes, I'm your Grandma Syla!" The bard exclaimed, reveling in the endearing title as Essie stood embraced in her unexpected grandmother's arms. The cave, once tense with uncertainty, now resonated with warmth.


The atmosphere in the cave shifted from tension to a more relaxed setting as Syla, the unexpected grandmother, engaged the group in conversation. Seated together, the rhythmic tapping of Syla's fingers on the ground created a soothing backdrop to the unfolding dialogue.

"So, you ran away?" Syla inquired, her gaze moving across the faces of the Dragon siblings.

In an unspoken acknowledgment of their actions, all the siblings, save for Breta, lowered their heads in a shared moment of shame.

Syla, recognizing the weight of their decision, reassured them, "Oh dear, I don't mean to reprimand you. Quite the opposite. That was a smart decision. There's no point in losing your life to a meaningless conflict. You are too young for that," she mumbled the last part to herself, a testament to her wisdom gained through the ages.

Essie, unable to contain her curiosity, ventured a question, "Excuse me, how do you know Grandmother?" 𝔣𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔴𝔢𝖇𝖓𝔬𝖛𝔢𝔩.𝖈𝔬𝖒

Syla, seemingly surprised, pulled down her lute and inquired, "Oh, didn't she already tell you about me?"

Shaking her head, Essie shared, "She mentioned you a few times and said that your transformation art was on par with hers, but she never talked about the details," hesitating for a moment.

With a gentle pat on Essie's head, Syla sighed and suggested, "How about I tell you a little story?"

Essie's eyes sparkled with excitement as she eagerly nodded in agreement. Syla, with a hearty laugh, turned to the others and posed a question, "What about the rest of you?"

"We would be honored," Immy replied respectfully.

Syla, dismissing the formalities, lightened the mood with a wink and remarked, "Oh, dear. No need for the stiff formality. Just call me Grandma Syla. Or better yet, big sister." Her playful demeanor hinted at the depth of the connection she shared with the Dragon siblings, bridging the gap between generations with ease.

"Well, here goes," She said, her hand on her lute as she began to play a gentle melody.

"In the aftermath of battle, where silence reigned supreme,Two Dragonness, survivors lone, in the moonlit gleam.Comrades lost, a somber air, their wings worn and scarred,Yet fate had intertwined their tales, friendship unmarred."

"Through the echoes of the fallen, a bond began to grow,Two steadfast hearts, side by side, against the ebbing woe.On wings of camaraderie, through trials they did roam,In the shadows of the battlefield, a friendship found its home."

"Beneath the stars' quiet gaze, stories shared like ancient lore,Two kindred spirits, battle-weary, yet their spirits soared.With scales marked by war's cruel touch, a tale of resilience,Facing the unknown hand in hand, in steadfast alliance."

"Through the echoes of the fallen, a bond began to grow,Two steadfast hearts, side by side, against the ebbing woe.On wings of camaraderie, through trials they did roam,In the shadows of the battlefield, a friendship found its home."

"In the quiet moments of the night, beneath the watchful moon,A pact unspoken bound their souls, a kinship to attune.Through untamed realms and endless skies, their journey wide,A friendship forged in battle's wake, standing side by side."

"Homeward bound, the dragons soared, tales etched upon the wind,A chronicle of friendship strong, where destinies did blend.Through ancient realms and shadowed skies, their saga brightly told,Two Dragonness, steadfast friends, their bond a treasure to hold."

"Through the echoes of the fallen, a bond began to grow,Two steadfast hearts, side by side, against the ebbing woe.On wings of camaraderie, through trials they did roam,In the shadows of the battlefield, a friendship found its home."