Reborn to Be A Noble Wife-Chapter 573 - Want to imitate one, are you worthy?

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Chapter 573 Want to imitate one, are you worthy?

“Didn’t this hairpin say it was missing?” Pei Yusheng snapped, his gaze icy cold as he looked at Qu Qiuyan.

“Your Highness, this … this hairpin did not wind up before, the concubine thought … thought it was the fourth sister who took it away, I did not expect that it would fall here, Your Highness… . this matter really has nothing to do with concubine.” Qu Qiuyan covered her face and cried, and didn’t dare to get up, and knelt down in front of Pei Yusheng close by.

This incident, even if she was mistaken, was not intentional and not to be blamed on her.

“Tell me, why did you take this hairpin from this king’s study?” Pei Yusheng asked in a cold voice.

“Your Highness, the concubine said before that it was … because she saw that this hairpin looked good and wanted to take it to imitate one.” Qu Qiuyan didn’t expect Pei Yusheng to ask about this matter, and after freezing for a moment, she hurriedly explained.

This matter she explained before, thought it was fine, did not expect the king here still can not let go.

Which bitch did this hairpin belong to, or which bitch was it meant for? Qu Qiuyan hated and clenched her teeth secretly, but didn’t dare to show it on her face.

Her heart fluttered, could it be that it was really given to Qu Cai Yue? There was really a full moon on it, she had purposely said that it was given to Qu Cai Yue by King Jing in order to frame Qu Mo Ying before, that was what she said at that time, but now she felt that there was some truth to it, and her heart was hateful and anxious.

The hairpin was something she had occasionally seen in Pei Yusheng’s study, but it was placed to the side, looking not very valued.

The materials used are good, but the craftsmanship is actually average, just a round moon is a bit of a looker, just appearing in King Jing’s study is a bit wrong.

Especially after she picked it up and glanced at it, King Jing immediately told her to put it down, and his originally smiling face immediately became unhappy.

I can’t believe you’re so attached to it.

Qu Qiuyan kept her mind at that time, and secretly took the hairpin from the study this time, and when the time was almost right and the hairpin reached Qu Mo Ying, she went to report to King Jing, saying that she liked the hairpin and wanted to bring it over to take a look at it, and according to the drawing of the shape, let someone go and make a hairpin as well.

I didn’t expect it to be gone before I brought it over, and after checking, the only one who had time was my own fourth sister.

That’s how King Jing sent people to chase after the Qu Mansion’s carriage, intercepted the Qu Mansion’s people, and then, pressed to find out about Qu Mo Ying.

Now that the hairpin was recovered, Qu Caiyue thought that she was a sin of not investigating, not expecting that this matter would have to be investigated from the source, her face couldn’t help but be flustered.

“Wanting to imitate one, are you worthy?” Pei Yusheng coldly glared at Qu Qiuyan, his eyes somber, “You’re just a tiny concubine consort, not even a concubine consort, you don’t really think you’re the mistress of this king’s royal residence, do you?”

“The king … king …” Qu Qiuyan’s face reddened and tears fell from her eyes.

Even when she first arrived at the royal residence, Pei Yusheng had not been so unflinching as to directly poke her in the face of her untowardness, which had originally been her greatest fear, although she had allowed the people in the residence to call her Niangniang, and King Jing hadn’t said anything about it, but after all, the name was not correct, and the palace had not formally indicated that she was until now.

“Qu Qiuyan, your grudge with the fourth miss of the Qu Mansion, this king doesn’t want to say anything about it and won’t ask about it, but your current status, which is too much worse than hers, is better to be more peaceful and keep to yourself, lest you make a mistake for yourself when the time comes!” Pei Yusheng continued to warn in a cold voice.

After hearing that the hairpin had allowed Qu Mo Ying to take it out of the house, Pei Yusheng’s heart had been on tenterhooks, how could this hairpin fall into Qu Mo Ying’s hands.

If the crown prince knows that the hairpin is in his hands, he will refuse to stop, besides, he does not know what the hairpin is used for, he just heard that the crown prince himself made it with his heart, and did not reward it to anyone, but just put it on the bookcase in the study.

Such a hairpin, must be interesting within, King Jing guessed that it might be Ji Hanyue, all said that the crown prince is infatuated with Ji Hanyue, making a hairpin with a full moon and putting it on the desk is very likely.

After all, in the persona out there, the Crown Prince generally sympathizes with the fact that it is this former Crown Princess that he loves most in his heart.

“Your Highness, concubine is not, concubine is really thought to have disappeared, concubine is afraid … to be afraid of the tightness before talking to your Highness.” Qu Qiuyan cried out.

“You think?” Pei Yusheng lowered his body, strangled Qu Qiuyan’s neck, and laughed coldly, “You don’t think anything, you just need to know that in this king’s mansion, you have to curry favor with this king, and that this king can let you be a concubine consort, or he can let you be an aunt who is nothing, just like that cousin of yours.”

Qu Qiuyan shivered, but didn’t dare to struggle, allowing Pei Yusheng’s fingers to pinch out a blood mark fiercely on top of her tender chin before he pushed her away.

Receiving the handkerchief in the hands of the chamberlain, Pei Yusheng stood up straight and looked down on Qu Qiuyan, coldly grunted, turned around and left in large strides, and so on out of the door of the house, loudly instructed the chamberlain on one side,”In the future, you will no longer be allowed to allow concubine concubine Consort Qu to go into the study, and get into an argument with an aunt, and even disregard your own identity, grounded.”

Pei Yusheng was not willing to let people know about the hairpin, so he could only take Qu Caiyue’s matter to cover up Qu Qiuyan’s faults.

“Your Highness, what about Aunt Qu?” A chamberlain answered.

“Let it out, this has wronged her, send her a gift.” Pei Yusheng said as he raised his steps and walked outside, casually saying that Qu Caiyue was just a name with him, he hadn’t seen her since he entered the mansion and didn’t take her seriously.

He hadn’t seen her in the first place, and he wasn’t short of women, so why bother with such an unattractive one.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The chamberlain retreated and respectfully waited for King Jing to leave, looking back at the main house behind him, where Qu Qiuyan’s crying voice came from the main house.

The chamberlain tasted it back.

The concubine consort and a lowly aunt competed for favor, and in the end it was this aunt who won the competition, and the meaning of this was enough to make the subordinates of King Jing’s House, their hearts turn out many thoughts.

It looks like this Auntie Qu is going to be promoted!

With this in mind, the chamberlain didn’t waste any time, asking where this Aunt Qu was going and personally going over to release the person.

In the firewood room Qu Caiyue looked dumbfounded at the chamberlain in front of her, that kind of chamberlain was originally out of her reach, but now she is smiling and talking to her, although it’s not the ultimate in respect, but it’s also not as contemptuous and disdainful as it was in the past.

But this kind of chamberlain who served His Highness King Jing closely, for her, in the past days, she was just high and mighty.

I didn’t expect to actually see the day when I could really see myself as a master, for a moment my eyes were red, since she entered King Jing’s residence, what kind of days she had been living, only she knew best.

Not to mention that no one in the mansion treated her as King Jing’s person, even a random maid or granny in the mansion could squeeze her and order her around, living a life that was worse than that of a coarse granny.

This was also the reason why she immediately agreed to come down and help Qu Qiuyan to count on Qu Mo Ying together after being threatened and enticed by Qu Qiuyan.

“The concubine consort does … not blame me?” She asked in a trembling voice, wiping her tears with her hand.

“Naturally, I don’t blame you, the king has made a decision for you, how could the concubine consort blame you any more, now that the concubine consort is banned from her feet.” The chamberlain smiled and said.

Typical reporting of good news.

“What’s wrong with concubine consort?” Qu Caiyue’s hand wiping her tears stopped and looked at the chamberlain in shock, just now the chamberlain only said that she could go back, it was fine, and thought that Qu Qiuyan had let people come to release herself because her calculations had succeeded, and also used His Highness King Jing’s people because she was in favor.

“Concubine Consort has wronged Auntie Qu, His Majesty is most clear in his rewards and punishments, even if it is Concubine Consort, she will still be reprimanded.” The chamberlain laughed, thinking he understood the truth of this competition for favor.

That concubine consort is also indeed useless, even an aunt can’t compete, this will not be of great use in the future.

It would be better to make friends with the one in front of you early, this one’s family lineage and the concubine consort’s family lineage is now comparable, and it is heard that the concubine consort is now also just a concubine daughter.

“Wrongfully accused me?” Qu Caiyue repeated almost in disbelief, although it was also true that this was the case, but now that she heard someone else say this, her heart was thrilled.

“Yes, it’s wronged Auntie Qu, the king has said so, Auntie Qu please, go back to change clothes first, and then send a few handy snacks over to the king to thank him.” The chamberlain smiled and mentioned.

There are a lot of young ladies in the family who can make dim sum, and in the future, in the inner courtyard, you can at least do it occasionally to please your husband.

These words were completely different from what Qu Caiyue had imagined, she couldn’t react for a moment and looked at the chamberlain in a daze, and when she was able to savor it in her heart for a while, she was ecstatic and nodded her head back and forth, “Many thanks eunuch, many thanks eunuch, I’ll go back and prepare now.”

“Alright, then let’s go!” Seeing that she was still eloquent, the chamberlain was satisfied and turned to leave.

Qu Caiyue was stunned in place, agitated, her heart scratching hard, as if something had scratched her heart, pressing her heart with force, her anger force calming down.

Although she was still in a sorry state at this time, her face revealed an unprecedented bright light, and the words Qu Mo Ying had asked her earlier were even more ringing in her ears.

If there is a chance, she would not be willing to fall in the hands of the manpower, become Qu Qiuyan henchmen, and even more unwilling to their own son, by Qu Qiuyan’s children suppressed, and now, the opportunity is not to come?

She had finally waited for this day as well, and Qu Qiuyan had finally had this day.

Exhaling a mouthful of turbid air with great effort, Qu Caiyue calmed the excitement in her heart, this time is the opportunity, she must compete with Qu Qiuyan for favor, she must steal Qu Qiuyan’s position.

Qu Qiu Yue before the command of the thing, although she is also done, but now can be used in another way to say to King King His Highness cried …

Pulling this casually worn garment on her body, Qu Qiu Yue went over to the courtyard she lived in, that courtyard was far away, and it wasn’t lived by her alone, the people who came and went on weekdays were all subordinates, and when they saw her come over in such a sorry state, there were all kinds of things to say, pointing out all the taunts.

Qu Caiyue pursed her lips hard and told herself that all this is temporary, she will definitely let all these people kneel down at their own feet in the future, she wants to replace Qu Qiuyan to become the female master of these people …