Reborn to Be A Noble Wife-Chapter 574 - Auntie Qu’s Dim Sum

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Chapter 574 Auntie Qu’s Dim Sum

“Uncle Wang, do you have something to order my nephew to do today?” Pei Yusheng carefully looked at Pei Yuanjun, who was leaning back in his chair, and asked.

He had just left Qu Qiuyan’s courtyard when he heard his subordinate report that Pei Yuanjun had come, and before he could welcome him to the door, Pei Yuanjun had already come in.

There was no choice but to gravitate closer to the flower room.

“It was His Majesty who asked this king to take a look at King Jing.” Pei Yuanjun put down the tea in his hands and said indifferently.

Pei Yusheng was stunned and asked in surprise, “What is Father looking for me for?”

There wasn’t much he had done wrong that would cause his father to get on his case if he thought about it himself.

“In fact, there is nothing, just let this king to ask King Jing side, is not there another woman of the House of Qu?” Pei Yuanjun said carelessly, his sleeping phoenix eyes slightly raised, looking not much fury, calm and elegant.

“It’s this king’s concubine consort.” Pei Yusheng knew who he was asking about and said.

“A concubine consort is to be bestowed by the Empress Mother, has this woman been bestowed?” Pei Yuanjun was unimpressed.

“Still … no, it hasn’t been officially reported to the Empress Mother.” Pei Yusheng’s eyes flickered for a moment and said.

“Why don’t you report it to the Empress Dowager, the matters of the inner destined wife are all presided over by the Empress Dowager, and I heard that this young lady of the Qu Mansion, was also given the meaning of marriage before?” Pei Yuanjun swept a glance at Pei Yusheng, the corners of his handsome eyes picked up, “Could it be that King Jing has other ideas? Is it because of the recent events?”

“No … not, how is it a recent thing, just at that time in a hurry to enter the house, and then there are things that have not been put on the heart.” Pei Yusheng hurriedly said.

“Even if it’s not on your mind, this can’t be dragged out, yes is yes, no is no, we can’t let people say that we royals are too snobbish!” Pei Yuanjun said.

“This … nature is not, is the little nephew really forget, but is the trouble of the king’s uncle to go so a trip, just this kind of thing is not all small things, how also bother the king’s uncle over?” Pei Yusheng fixed God said, words since it is so said, Qu Qiuyan’s position of this concubine concubine consort is not rejected.

He didn’t have much of an idea to reject it before, but just before the party, he really wanted to put down Qu Qiuyan.

He just didn’t understand how his father would pay attention to the small things in his house when he was in charge of everything day-to-day, could it be that Crown Prince Pei Luoan was tripping him up again?

“The Crown Prince was also at the Emperor’s place just now, and mentioned it when he was talking about the thing that was making a lot of noise outside, and only then did the Emperor remember this unorthodox thing.” Pei Yuanjun leisurely said.

The flashing earrings between his ears gave his handsome smiling face, a little more evil.

The corner of his lips slightly hooked, “This king heard that something happened in King Jing’s mansion just now and something was lost?”

Pei Yusheng’s heart jumped suddenly, and he hurriedly said, “There’s nothing going on, it’s just that concubine consort Qu’s things fell off, and now that they’ve been found, they’re in their own house.”

“Found it? I heard that you even detained the Qu Mansion?” Pei Yuanjun asked elegantly and languidly, as if he was really just asking casually.

Pei Yusheng’s face changed drastically, it was only after this that he realized that Pei Yuanjun had only just arrived at his own doorstep as well, and actually knew some of it, how could he not be terrified.

Strongly smiled a little, “Is really nothing, is that Qu concubine consort and Qu four miss some … discord, this thing also made a mess to me here.”

Said here rubbing his brow, very helpless,”Women’s family things are really annoying, a little bit of small things still make a mess like this, let uncle Wang see laugh.”

Pei Yuanjun didn’t say anything, fiddled with the tea in front of him for a bit, then looked up at Pei Yusheng, his voice not too high,”It’s not that I would be laughing, I just thought that that Fourth Miss Qu’s relationship with the king is not ordinary, and I’m afraid that if you didn’t give her face, then the king’s face would be lost as well.”

He said this extremely mildly, and there was even a smile on his delicate face, but the meaning in these words made Pei Yusheng shudder.

It’s hard for Qu Mo Ying just doesn’t give Pei Yuanjun face, as for what will happen if he doesn’t give Pei Yuanjun face, of course Pei Yusheng knows that this one is never good to be with, not to mention himself, even the Crown Prince if he doesn’t give him face, he also has a pocket to go.

Accompanied with a smile, hastily explained,”Wang uncle, you can rest assured, this matter is really solved, really is not a big deal, Qu fourth miss left, the little nephew also specially let a person send two gifts, Qu fourth miss also gladly accepted.”

Regardless of the truth, it was certain that he had received his gift, and the words certainly had to be said in a sheepish manner so as not to annoy the bogeyman.

Even if Pei Luoan was giving him nails behind his back, and then there was such a Pei Yuanjun, he couldn’t truly afford it.

This will be even more annoyed with Qu Qiuyan’s insensitivity, she thought that her position as such a concubine concubine consort would be secure, thought that her position would be higher than this Qu fourth miss, but did not think that this sister of hers is already considered the face of the king’s uncle, which there is still anyone who dares to fold his face.

This matter was similar to his previous guess, with Pei Yuanjun’s cold and thin nature, it was impossible for him to really be attracted to a woman, but letting someone fold his people, he wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

Pei Yuanjun didn’t say anything, narrowing his eyes finely as he scrutinized Pei Yusheng.

The smile on Pei Yusheng’s face was set to stiffen, and he finally heard this king’s uncle wave his hand, and said in a cloudy manner, “None of it is a thing, but it’s just a matter of the women in the backyard, as long as it doesn’t hit the king in the face, how about all of it.”

“Yes, little nephew understands.” Pei Yusheng nodded repeatedly, a cold sweat breaking out at his undershirt.

Previously, if this Qu fourth miss really hit the wall, I’m afraid that this matter of their own will not be so cloudy, with father’s high regard for Pei Yuanjun, it’s really not easy to say what will happen in the end.

After all, this was the only woman that Uncle Wang had loosened his lips and was willing to accept.

In the future, he should be more respectful when dealing with this Fourth Miss Qu, this royal uncle of his own family was too ruthless and vicious, it was impossible to get involved from him, but it was feasible from Qu Mo Ying.

In his heart, but his face did not dare to show it, and then flattered Pei Yuanjun a few sentences, and finally personally sent people to the door of King Jing’s residence, promising to immediately put the residence out of order and report to the Empress Dowager.

Watching Pei Yuanjun’s carriage leave, Pei Yusheng went back to his study, today’s matter let him see clearly the relationship between Qu Qiuyan and Qu Mo Ying, the relationship between the two people is just like water and fire, once they meet, they are not the same kind of aura, if you want to get down from Qu Mo Ying, you have to find another person.

“Your Highness, Auntie Qu has come to bring you refreshments.” A chamberlain came in to report.

“Who?” Pei Yusheng did not react for a moment, subconsciously asked, to be able to ask before remembering that Qu Caiyue, today made a lot of trouble, this Qu Caiyue back into his mind, subconsciously disgusted with a wave of his hand, “Let her go, this king does not want to see …”

The words suddenly stopped here, Pei Yuanjun’s face changed, and his voice immediately changed, “Go and call her in.”

He suddenly came to his senses, he was still looking for someone to hook up with the Fourth Miss of the Qu Mansion, and now didn’t one just happen to come along?

What’s this gonna roll out for?

Qu Caiyue didn’t expect that when she delivered the snacks, she actually delivered them in one go, and the chamberlain came out from inside, smiling and guiding her in.

Entering the study and seeing the handsome His Highness King Jing sitting in the middle, Qu Caiyue’s eyes reddened with excitement, after entering the mansion for so long, it was the first time she had been in King Jing’s presence.

“Slave girl … see … have seen His Majesty.” Qu Caiyue knelt down, shivering.

“What is it?” Pei Yusheng’s voice was still calm.

“Slave girl thanks the king … for saving her life, specially sent snacks over to the king, which was made by the slave girl just now, and it is still hot.” Qu Caiyue excitedly said.

“The favor of saving your life? Where is there such a great favor?” Pei Yusheng said in disbelief.

“Your Highness, there … are, there really are, Qu concubine concubine consort let the slave girl … listen to her words to act, if not listen, have to be slave girl’s life, slave girl died does not matter, just . …just be wrongly accused of death, even if it is later to the ground, it is difficult to rest in peace.”

Qu Caiyue covered her face and cried.

She will have been re-freshened, although the clothes are not the best, but dressed in a very elegant, she is not longer than Qu Qiuyan, but is also colorful, this will be the look, demeanor are through a few points of careful tenderness and weakness, more let a person think that can be heart.

Pei Yusheng felt that the Qu Caiyue in front of him wasn’t as repulsive as he had imagined her face to be before.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Pei Yusheng’s body leaned back and asked.

“concubine concubine consort want to harm the fourth sister, let the slave girl put a hairpin to the fourth sister to take out of the house, and then you can defile her to steal things, the slave girl dare not should, the fourth sister and the slave girl although before occasional disagreement, but after all, is also a sister of their own family, and how can so harmful to her, concubine concubine consort see the slave girl does not allow, only with the slave girl two argument, only … . only then did the things behind.”

Qu Caiyue cried, her tears gushing down like pearls, looking at Pei Yusheng in sorrow and petulance.

Pei Yusheng’s face changed, “You saw that hairpin?”

The less people know about the pin, the better.

One look at King Jing’s form, even more than Qu Qiuyan’s attempt to harm Qu Mo Ying and herself made him pay attention, Qu Caiyue hurriedly shook her head, “No, the slave girl didn’t see it, she just heard the concubine consort say so.”

She had originally thought of some other things to say, to put all these things on Qu Qiuyan’s shoulders, but this time she realized that the hairpin was very important, and hastily stopped her mouth, no longer daring to say that she had also taken this hairpin.

Pei Yusheng’s face slowed down a bit, only his eyes remained gloomy,”You’re saying that Qu Qiuyan wanted to frame your fourth sister and have you defile her, but you didn’t do it?”

“Yes, slave girl didn’t do, fortunately didn’t do, the fourth sister also came to see me today, but also … also told the slave girl to be good, said grandmother and mother they all read the slave girl …” Qu Caiyue cried She clearly knows that with her status position, want to pull Qu Qiuyan down, will have to rely on her mother’s family.

She alone was no match for Qu Qiuyan, but what if there was also Qu Mo Ying? What about the Qu Mansion? One more person has more strength, the current Qu Qiuyan is not the previous Qu Qiuyan, Yu’s matter is making a big fuss, Qu Caiyue naturally knows about it, standing on the opposite side of Qu Qiuyan is standing on the side of Qu Mo Ying.

What’s more, the words that Qu Mo Ying had meaningfully said before were right in her ears, isn’t that how opportunities are seized? She was now seizing the opportunity.

Qu Caiyue didn’t know that she was really on Pei Yusheng’s mind with or without her heart …