Reincarnated As a Fox With System-Chapter 748 : Pretense!

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Chapter 748 Chapter 748: Pretense!

?Tang Li Xue was completely caught off guard by Zhu Yan's sudden hidden dagger stab!

Even her [Extrasensory Perception] warned her a bit too late since Zhu Yan seemed to not have any intention to kill her, so the danger sensed by [Extrasensory Perception] was almost negligible.


But Tang Li Xue still managed to tilt her silver furry body at the last moment before the hidden dagger hit her since she currently had an unimaginable fast reaction speed plus [Wind God's Eyes] in the [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya.

The hidden dagger only managed to slash at Tang Li Xue's right shoulder, leaving a quite deep wound at her right shoulder.

Of course, this kind of wound was nothing to Tang Li Xue since her [High-Speed Regeneration] plus [Sun And Moon Aegis] could heal it in only a few breaths of time. ๐’‡๐“ป๐™š๐™š๐™ฌ๐™š๐™—๐’๐’๐’—๐™š๐’.๐’„๐’๐’Ž

Tang Li Xue hastily jumped back to distance herself from Zhu Yan.

"Yan'er? No, you are not Yan'er~! You damn shameless scammer!" Tang Li Xue quickly realized and shouted angrily after being deceived by the woman who was wearing Zhu Yan's green dress.

"Hahahaha~! Fox Demon, do you think you are the only one who can use the art of disguise?! But I am really curious how you saw through my disguise so quickly?" The woman in Zhu Yan's green dress tore her skin mask while speaking and laughing mockingly at Tang Li Xue.

Of course, Tang Li Xue would never tell the woman that she just used her basic [All Knowing Eyes] to see through the woman's disguise.


[Gu Xiahui]

[Description: 4th Ancestor of the Gu Family. She might still look quite young, but she actually used the art of disguise to cover her old appearance. Never call her 'Grandma' or she might beat you up so badly in anger.]

[Cultivation Level: 2nd Rank of Nascent Soul Stage]

[HP: 1,450,000/1,450,000]


'What the heck?! This old woman actually learned the art of disguise to cover her old wrinkled face?!' Tang Li Xue blinked her topaz blue eyes in surprise.

'Humph~! You ugly old grand..." Tang Li Xue wanted to mock the old woman back, but her entire body suddenly felt very uncomfortable, stiff, and weak.

The woman sneered maliciously at Tang Li Xue while saying in a ridiculing tone: "Hehehehe~! How about it? It seems my [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] already works."

Tang Li Xue finally understood why this woman did not let out any murderous intention to her, so her [Extrasensory Perception] failed to sense any danger before.

It was all actually because this old woman only planned to poison her from the very beginning.

Just when that woman's [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] quickly spread in Tang Li Xue's entire silver furry body, the two bloodlines, [Imperial Moon Fox] and [Pure Sun Dragon], were immediately working to counter it!

Tang Li Xue's [Pure Sun Dragon] bloodline was working quickly to burn all of the poison in her body to nothingness, while her [Imperial Moon Fox] bloodline completely nullified all of the negative effects from the poison.

But Tang Li Xue has to admit that this woman's [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] might be the strongest poison she had ever faced until now.

Even her two extremely powerful bloodlines need more than a dozen seconds in order to completely burn and neutralize this [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison].

Despite that, Tang Li Xue was still acting as if she was still poisoned by [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison].

"Huff, huff... You damn deceitful human, where do you confine Zhu Yan?! Cough, cough... If you dare to kill or hurt her, I guarantee that you will definitely regret it sooner or later!" Tang Li Xue angrily said to the woman in disguise with a weak voice.

"Pfft, Bwahahaha~! You are indeed a funny beast, fox demon~! Don't worry that fish beast is still alive. As for where we confine her, you will meet with her soon after I catch you!" The woman laughed at Tang Li Xue while teasing her.

Tang Li Xue regretted very much in her heart that she had not let her perfect copy secretly put the [Mapping Sense] tracker on Zhu Yan before.

On the contrary, Tang Li Xue had already secretly put her [Mapping Sense] tracker on Instructor Mei Lan, so she could quickly chase after Instructor Mei Lan and the others after she completed this mission by saving Zhu Yan and bringing Zhu Yan out from this place.

Anyway, the first thing she had to do right now was to track Zhu Yan's current whereabouts.

After hearing this woman's words, Tang Li Xue immediately realized that the quickest way to find Zhu Yan might be to deliberately get caught by this woman.

Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] quickly sensed that several Nascent Soul Stage elders were already coming here, so she hastily acted falling weakly under the woman's [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison].

The disguising woman approached several other Nascent Soul Stage elders while proudly saying: "Hehehehe, you old guys are already too late~! The fox demon already falls under my poison!"

"Humph~! If not for Miss Rongrong's good plan, you will not be able to poison and catch that fox demon so easily like this!" One of the old Nascent Soul Stage elders replied in a tone filled with dissatisfaction.

"Hey~! You are just jealous of my accomplishment! Miss Rongrong tell me to do it because only I have completely mastered the art of disguise." The disguising woman replied with an even more proud tone.

To be more careful, Tang Li Xue took this chance when those Nascent Soul Stage elders were talking and arguing with each other to [Swap] with her perfect copy.

So if they tied up her perfect copy later with their spirit treasures, the real Tang Li Xue could still move freely after using [Swap] again with her perfect copy.

Just when Tang Li Xue thought her plan was already perfect, something out of her expectations suddenly happened!


Someone suddenly fell heavily from above and broke a hole in the ceiling!

From the rubbles on the floor, that person slowly crawled out while coughing a few mouthfuls of blood.

Surprisingly, that person was actually Elder Yang!

When Elder Yang saw Tang Li Xue's perfect copy, who was lying 'weakly' on the floor, he immediately rushed toward her without caring about the several Nascent Soul Stage elders in this room.

"Xiao Bai~!" Elder Yang shouted in a tone filled with worry.

Elder Yang hugged the 'weak' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy lovingly and hastily checked her current condition.

But Tang Li Xue's perfect copy opened one of her topaz blue eyes and glared angrily at Elder Yang who was almost ruining her plan for the second time.

Elder Yang: "???!!!"

'Damn idiot Xiao Hei~! Why do you always ruin my plans again and again?! Sigh, forget it... Try to ask where they confine Zhu Yan from those old men. It would be much better if you could convince them to take me to where they confine Zhu Yan right now.' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy secretly scolded Elder Yang with her [Lock-On Telepathy].

After that, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy immediately pretended to be weakly unconscious again.

Elder Yang quickly understood Tang Li Xue's plan, so he also put on his acting performance right in front of several Nascent Soul Stage elders.

"Wake up, Xiao Bai~! It is me~! What happen to you?! Xiao Bai, please don't die!" Elder Yang shouted in a tone filled with sorrow and worry.

The disguising woman explained to Elder Yang: "Elder Yang, that fox demon has already been poisoned by my [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison]. Without the antidote, it would not be able to move around anymore."

Elder Yang was secretly dumbfounded after he heard the disguising woman's explanation.

He had already heard about the well-known [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] from the Alchemist Sect before, even Nascent Soul Stage experts could be poisoned if they were not careful.

Elder Yang began to worry about Tang Li Xue's condition again, but he quickly calmed down since Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not show any sign of weakness after being poisoned by[Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] just now.

In the end, Elder Yang decided to continue his acting...

Elder Yang turned around and glared resentfully at the disguising woman: "Then where is the antidote?! Hurry, give it to me!"

"I am sorry, Elder Yang. But I cannot give the antidote to you without Miss Rongrong's permission." The disguising woman politely replied to Elder Yang.

The disguising woman did not dare to show any impoliteness to Elder Yang because Elder Yang might truly become a true Patriarch of the Immortal Sword Sect if he really married Rongrong in the future.

Of course, she actually secretly felt disgusted and looked down on Elder Yang for being infatuated with a mere fox demon in her heart.

Right at this time, the other few other Nascent Soul Stage elders and Rongrong also came into the room to chase after Elder Yang.

Previously, Elder Yang managed to escape from them by using his giant Asura Demon God's Avatar as a decoy to attract their attention. freewebn(o)vel

But it did not take them to realize that Elder Yang was no longer inside the giant Asura Demon God's Avatar, then one of the Nascent Soul Stage elders in this room also secretly told Rongrong using his communication talisman just now.

So, Rongrong and the other Nascent Soul Stage elders with her immediately rushed here to chase after Elder Yang.

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