Reincarnated As a Fox With System-Chapter 749 : Situation Escalating Out of Control!

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Chapter 749 Chapter 749: Situation Escalating Out of Control!

?When Rongrong saw Elder Yang embrace Tang Li Xue's perfect copy, who was still in her fox form as if he was embracing and protecting his most precious person, her heart felt really painful as if it was stabbed with a thousand knives.

Rongrong gnashed her teeth as her tears trickled down from her eyes.

"Yangyang, why do you have to fall for that fox demon? What am I lacking compared to that fox demon? I... I swear I will fix it as soon as possible, okay? So please, Yangyang..." Rongrong muttered to Elder Yang in a heartwrenching tone.

But Elder Yang mercilessly shook his head to reject Rongrong: "I am sorry, Rongrong. I have decided never to deceive you anymore. You are the best girl I have ever met. You are kind, smart, and beautiful. But my heart already belongs to Xiao Bai."

Tang Li Xue secretly felt a bit touched after she heard Elder Yang's words, but she still complained in her heart: 'What do you mean she is the best girl you have ever met?! Do you mean I am not kind, smart, and beautiful compared to her?! Damn Xiao Hei, I will teach you a lesson later after all of these are over!'

If Elder Yang knew what Tang Li Xue thought right now, he might roll his eyes and reply: 'Do you seriously think you are kind?! You almost kicked my balls twice before, okay?!'

After quarreling for some time, Rongrong wiped the tears on her face with her sleeve and said again in a much colder tone: "Yangyang, I do not care anymore about your feelings or who your heart belongs to. I just want you to stay by my side forever!"

"That fox demon had already been poisoned by the [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison]. If she does not receive the antidote in 3 hours, even her heart and blood flow will also petrified, and she will surely die horribly."

"Give that fox demon to me, Yangyang. I will make sure that fox demon would still remain alive as long as you stay by my side and obey all of my wishes." Rongrong offered to Elder Yang.

Elder Yang frowned deeply after he heard Rongrong's words.

He knew that giving the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue to Rongrong might be part of Tang Li Xue's plan in order to find Zhu Yan but he also felt really worried about Tang Li Xue's safety after she fell into Rongrong's hands.

When Elder Yang was hesitating for a while, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy secretly kicked Elder Yang's chest with her paw to let him agree with Rongrong's offer.

Elder Yang immediately put on his acting again.

He gnashed his teeth with an expression filled with unwillingness and sorrow.

Then he glared at Rongrong with a pair of bloodshot eyes while saying: "Rongrong, you can take her away, but you have to promise to never mistreat or hurt her! You also have to immediately give the antidote to her before it is too late!"

Rongrong finally smiled happily in great satisfaction after hearing Elder Yang's consent since it meant Elder Yang agreed to stay by her side forever as long as she kept that fox demon alive.

"Do not worry, Yangyang. How could I break my promise to you? I will guarantee that fox demon will not only be cured from the poison soon enough but it will also live well and happily later." Rongrong uttered to Elder Yang in a reassuring tone.

One of the Nascent Soul Stage elders approached Elder Yang to take away the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy from him.

Elder Yang's expression was still filled with worry and reluctance, but he did not have any other choice than handing over the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy to the Nascent Soul Stage elder.

Rongrong nodded her head at Elder Yang while smiling gently as she approached him to comfort him after the Nascent Soul Stage elder took away the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy from Elder Yang and brought her somewhere else.

This time, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not dare to make any suspicious movement or open her eyes to peek when she was in the Nascent Soul Stage elder's grasp.

The Nascent Soul Stage elder also did not bother to bind or imprison the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy with any of his confinement-type spirit treasures.

When Nascent Soul Stage elder brought the 'poisoned' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy to lock her up at some other place that Elder Yang could not find, something shocking had actually happened again all of a sudden!

BOOOOOOOOOOM~! freew(e)bnovel

The entire Garden City suddenly shook greatly!

Even the City Protection Formation that covered the entire Garden City was shaking violently like a jelly!

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy almost opened her topaz blue eyes and jumped away from the Nascent Soul Stage elder in reflex, but thankfully, she managed to resist the urge to do it.

"What is happening?!" The Nascent Soul Stage elder exclaimed in a solemn tone.

The Nascent Soul Stage elder quickly rushed toward the secret underground dungeon while giving the temporary antidote for [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] to Tang Li Xue's perfect copy.

Yes, it was only the temporary antidote that could delay the effect of [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison], so Tang Li Xue's perfect copy could live for several hours longer.

Rongrong never planned to give the real antidote of [Muscle and Bone Petrifying Poison] to Tang Li Xue at all.

Rongrong only planned to give this temporary antidote to Tang Li Xue periodically every day, so Tang Li Xue would not be able to escape from her grasp anymore, then Elder Yang would always stay with her forever.

After the Nascent Soul Stage elder threw the 'unconscious' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy into the secret underground dungeon, he immediately came back to meet with the other elders to check what had happened just now.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy still did not dare to do anything rashly and decided to wait for a few more minutes. ๐˜ง๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘’๐˜ธ๐‘’๐’ท๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐“‹๐‘’๐“.๐’ธ๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

But another loud explosion sound suddenly happened again for the second time!


The entire Garden City shook greatly, and the thin cracks began to spread on the City Protection Formation that kept shaking violently!

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy currently could not do anything, so she decided to ask the real Tang Li Xue instead.

"Hey, what the heck is happening out there?! Is there a terrorist attack or something?!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy curiously asked.

"How the hell I could know?! But who cares about what happening out there, right?! Anyway, it would be better for us if the situation became more chaotic out there, so those annoying old men would be too busy to handle it, and they would have no more time to pay any attention to us." The real Tang Li Xue replied in a nonchalant tone.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy agreed with the real Tang Li Xue's words. However, she still could not help but feel curious about it.


The loud explosion sound had already happened several times in those few minutes.

A lot of buildings in the Garden City had collapsed, and the City Protection Formation almost crumbled apart!

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy opened her topaz blue eyes again after making sure that there were no more people around her with her sharp hearing sense, and she immediately carefully observed her surroundings.

It was truly dark and dirty inside this secret underground dungeon, but Tang Li Xue's perfect copy still could see everything very clearly with her [Night Vision] skill.

She also found a half-fish and half-human creature confined inside the prison across her prison.

"Yan'er~?!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy exclaimed in an excited tone since she finally found Zhu Yan.

But when Tang Li Xue's perfect copy touched the prison bars...


Her paws felt electrocuted by the formation carved on the prison!

When she pulled away her paws from the prison bars, she found out that both of her paws had burn wounds, but her [High-

Speed Regeneration] immediately kicked in, and the burn wounds immediately disappeared after a few breaths of time.

"Damn it~! This prison is actually much more annoying than the previous metal cage!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy hissed in an aggravated tone.

"Just leave it to me! Let's [Swap] again!" The real Tang Li Xue suggested to her perfect copy.

After switching her location with her perfect copy with [Swap] skill, Tang Li Xue immediately condensed a pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] and [Sun Dragon Fang].

Then she activated her Domain prototype [Sun and Moon Domain] in the Sun Form and solidified a huge heavy flame hammer with the combination of her [Energy Manipulation], Profound Law of Heat, and Flame of Pride.

The prisons in this secret underground dungeon were much harder to break than the previous metal cage, so it took Tang Li Xue more time and effort to break them apart using her huge heavy flame hammer.


Tang Li Xue did not even realize that the bloodbath disaster would befall to the entire Garden City because of her!

The Nascent Soul Stage elder, who imprisoned Tang Li Xue's perfect copy a few minutes ago, came back to meet the other Nascent Soul Stage elders and asked: "What happened? Was there an earthquake or something?"

The other Nascent Soul Stage elder shook his head and replied with a solemn expression: "No, it is much worse than that. The Beast Tide has reached our Garden City! The four vile Spirit Beasts we have faced before have already started to bombard our City Protection Formation since a few minutes ago!"

"Our City Protection Formation might not even last for five more minutes! We have to prepare to face that Beast Tide and four vile Spirit Beasts as soon as possible!" The female Nascent Soul Stage elder added in an urgent tone.

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