Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3851 - 925 - Plot 095

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Chapter 925 – Plot 095

Dark purple flames suddenly burst from the void, forming a gigantic sword 10,000 yards long that struck at Angel’s Retribution’s members.

When the sword of flames appeared, all players within a 10,000-yard radius of Phoenix Rain felt their souls tremble with fear. This scene even caught the attention of the various powers’ experts all over Everlasting City.

“Is that…a large-scale Destruction Spell?”

“How can a large-scale Destruction Spell have such a huge range?”

Everyone participating in Everlasting City’s competition had seen large-scale Destruction Spells before, but never had they seen one with a range of 10,000 yards. Moreover, even at first glance, it was obvious the power of the dark purple flames exceeded the Tier 6 Limit standard.


The sword of flames fell on Angel’s Retribution’s members before they could react, effortlessly burning through them and the land they stood on. When the flames dissipated, a bottomless rift appeared on the island that Everlasting City stood on.

“They’re all gone?”

The spectating experts were dumbfounded when they failed to see any Angel’s Retribution members in the aftermath.

“Commander! What rank of Spell is that?!” Drifting Bean goggled at the scene below in disbelief.

As the Blood Wing adventurer team operated in the Angel Sanctuary, it had plenty of intelligence on Angel’s Retribution, the Angel Sanctuary’s number one power. It also had information on Blacksteel, Angel’s Retribution’s main force commander. The stalwart man was single-handedly responsible for eliminating many of the Angel Sanctuary’s powers, and even Endless Scars wouldn’t dare to say she could defeat him with 100% certainty.

Yet, Blacksteel had just been one-shotted by a Spell…

“This Spell should have already exceeded the Tier 6 Limit standard,” Endless Scars stated, gaping in shock behind her veil as she stared at the missing section of the island.

As the owner of the Origin Mage class, a Peak Hidden Class, Endless Scars knew that not even large-scale Destruction Spells that reached the Tier 6 Limit standard could injure Blacksteel. This was because he was one of the few experts in the Greater God’s Domain to have developed his Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard, which allowed him to exhibit 100% of the potential of Divine Artifacts. In a situation where he was fully equipped with Divine Artifacts, his opponents would have to be able to exhibit 100% of a Divine Artifact’s strength to threaten him.

On the other side, Dragon’s Crown’s members were similarly shocked by Phoenix Rain’s attack.

“This Spell is probably comparable to the attack Guild Leader Black Flame used before,” Kowloon Demon said, staring at the bottomless rift ahead in astonishment. “I hadn’t expected Zero Wing to have another monster like Guild Leader Black Flame.”

Purgatory Jade hadn’t expected Zero Wing to have such a trump card, either, and couldn’t help casting a long look at Shi Feng.

However, compared to everyone else, the ones most surprised by Phoenix Rain’s attacks would have to be Zero Wing’s executives.

“Guild Leader, what Spell did you let Rain learn? Isn’t it a little too powerful?” Hidden Soul asked Shi Feng quietly.

Hidden Soul knew Phoenix Rain’s strength better than anyone else. Normally, Phoenix Rain would be fortunate if she could defeat even one of the 100 experts who had charged them, let alone wipe out Angel’s Retribution’s 2,000 experts in one move.

If Hidden Soul had to guess who could have helped Phoenix Rain increase her firepower by so much in such a short time, it would have to be Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng had previously called Phoenix Rain and Gentle Snow aside. He must have given them something during that private discussion.

“It’s a secret for now,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “You can also learn something like it if the opportunity arises.”

The existence of the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells was a secret that Zero Wing could not afford to expose at present. It wasn’t that he did not trust Hidden Soul and the others. It was just that Zero Wing still couldn’t afford to ignore the threat of the human race’s various apex powers and the alien races’ powers. Thus, the fewer the people who knew about the Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells, the better.

Besides, obscuring the existence of the Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells could increase their effectiveness in critical moments. Unless Phoenix Rain’s opponents had the strength to counter these Spells, even sixth-floor experts would face certain death. Moreover, unlike the Profound Skills of weapons and equipment, the two Pseudo-Tier 7 Spells had short cooldowns of only three to five hours. In the current God’s Domain, they were weapons of absolute destruction.


“Am I hallucinating? Weren’t they supposed to be Angel’s Retribution’s forces?”

When Shuoyun and Lunar River’s other private guards returned to the bottom of Everlasting City and saw that Angel’s Retribution’s members were no more, they all gaped in shock. They also didn’t know how they should proceed in this situation.

They had already steeled themselves for heavy losses. After all, they would be going up against a legion organized by the Angel Sanctuary’s number one power. The legion was even led by the famous Blacksteel.

Yet, before they saw any action, Blacksteel and the rest of Angel’s Retribution’s legion were annihilated without the slightest bit of resistance…

“Is this why Zero Wing refuses to partner with us?” Shuoyun had a complicated expression as she stared at Shi Feng’s figure in the distance.

Not even King’s Paradise could annihilate Angel’s Retribution’s 2,000-man legion in one move. With such strength, Zero Wing was more than qualified to turn down King’s Paradise’s partnership offer.

Besides the various apex and royal powers, the other powers in Everlasting City quickly exploded in an uproar after a moment of silence.

“Zero Wing? How come this is the first time I have heard about this Guild? Could it be a hidden power?”

“We have to be careful of Zero Wing moving forward.”

“Someone keep an eye on Zero Wing! Once Zero Wing’s members make a move, I want to be informed immediately! We must not give Zero Wing any chances!”

There was no way the various powers present would not fear a Spell that could wipe out a 2,000-man legion in one move. They dared not take their chances with it, even if they knew such a Spell would have a long Cooldown and cast time.

Of course, the various powers didn’t get too hung up over the Spell. They simply had a few members watch Zero Wing’s movements before they resumed battling one another. After all, even if Phoenix Rain’s Spell could be reused multiple times in this competition, it would see limited uses, as the competition had a 12-hour time limit. The effect one player could have on a competition of such scale was also extremely limited. This was because each power had to occupy four plots of land to receive an Eternal World Magic Array. In other words, the outcome of the competition still depended on the overall strength of the various powers.

Moreover, once a power was given sufficient time, it could construct barriers in their respective plots of land to enhance their forces. Since Zero Wing preferred to spectate rather than compete for an early advantage, the various powers naturally wouldn’t mind letting it do so. They simply needed to be careful not to let Zero Wing snatch the fruit of their efforts.

“How cautious of these powers. They’re not giving us any chances.” When Shi Feng saw the numerous Observation Skills being used on his team, he knew it would only be a waste of time to continue waiting here. “It seems we’ll have to act in advance.”

Realistically speaking, trying to occupy four plots of land in Everlasting City with just a little over 600 players was absurd. With so few players, Zero Wing would not only have difficulty defending its land, but it would also have trouble collecting city tokens.

The competition’s rules stated that the power holding the most tokens on a particular plot of land at the last second would become its occupant. In other words, so long as another power snuck more tokens into Zero Wing’s land at the last second, this team could snatch Zero Wing’s land from right under its nose.

Simply put, the competition was about who could collect the most Everlasting City Tokens. Even if a power managed to occupy many plots of land with overwhelming force, its efforts would be futile if it couldn’t collect enough tokens. Thus, the competition was very disadvantageous to powers with few members like Zero Wing.

Now, Zero Wing’s only hope of succeeding was to compete in lands with the most players. However, timing was key. If Zero Wing acted too early or too late, it would cause an outflow of tokens to other plots of land, which, in turn, would reduce the number of tokens Zero Wing could collect. Before taking action, Zero Wing needed to collect enough intelligence and select lands with the most tokens. It also needed to ensure it could secure these tokens in one fell swoop.

“Guild Leader, according to our investigation, the three plots of land with the most players all have apex powers competing over them,” Hidden Soul said, frowning as she watched the fierce battles across Everlasting City. “Plot 034 has nearly 30,000 players, a human apex power, and a Crystallian royal power competing over it, Plot 068 has over 30,000 players and two Holy Race apex powers competing over it, and Plot 095 has nearly 40,000 players, a Crystallian apex power, and a Holy Race royal power competing over it.”

“Let’s go with Plot 095, then,” Shi Feng said without hesitation.

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