Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3852 - 926 - Ranking

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Chapter 3852 - 926 - Ranking


Everlasting City:

“Quick! Inform the higher-ups that Zero Wing is taking action!”

“The angle they’re taking… Are they going to Plot 095?”

“What?! Plot 095?! Impossible! Is Zero Wing crazy?!”

When the players monitoring Zero Wing’s movements saw that Zero Wing’s forces were headed to Plot 095, they were surprised. They hadn’t expected Zero Wing to make such a crazy move.

By now, the powers competing over each of Everlasting City’s 144 plots of land were already fixed. Among them, the royal powers were involved in 17 plots of land, making these 17 plots essentially off-limits for other powers. As it so happened, Plot 095 was one of these 17 plots. By aiming for Plot 095, Zero Wing was effectively snatching food from a tiger’s mouth.

“Rainbow, why is Black Flame going for Plot 095? You were the one who strongly recommended Zero Wing for a reserve slot in the Human Alliance. Is he not afraid Zero Wing will sustain heavy losses by going up against a royal power’s team?” a black-robed old man wearing the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Guild Emblem asked Verdant Rainbow after reading his subordinate’s latest report. “Our race is already at a disadvantage against the two alien races. We hardly have any powers that can compete with them. Now that Zero Wing has a chance to be cultivated by us, it would be a pity if it were to meet its demise here.”

“He might be trying to collect more tokens,” Verdant Rainbow said, her voice uncertain. Then, she recalled the situation in the last Continental Championship and added, “But you don’t need to worry too much, Elder Martial. I’m sure Guild Leader Black Flame knows what he is doing. Who knows? He might even give you a surprise.”

“A surprise?” The black-robed old man shook his head at Verdant Rainbow. “I only hope that it doesn’t turn into horror. Now that the two alien races have found a path into the Eternal Realm, there isn’t much time left for the human race.”

“A war between races, is it?” Verdant Rainbow’s expression grew solemn.

The current Eternal Realm had already become a junction for the three races. Previously, none of the three races had a reliable way to enter the Eternal Realm, so the human race wasn’t under much threat. However, following the discovery of the Eternal Realm’s entrances, the powerful Holy Race would likely invade the human race’s Greater God’s Domain. At that time, a war between races would be inevitable.

Everlasting City, Plot 095:

“Dammit! Those are Zero Wing’s members!”

“Run! Spread out and run away! We must not let Zero Wing take advantage of us!”

Following the arrival of Zero Wing’s team, the commanders of several 1,000-man legions fighting on Plot 095 promptly commanded their forces to scatter. In response, the experts operating under them fled in all directions without hesitation, as if they had just seen a terrifying monster.

Phoenix Rain’s All-Consuming Fire had left a deep impression on everyone fighting in Everlasting City. Everyone also understood that they could do nothing against such a terrifying Spell. Naturally, they wouldn’t waste time battling Zero Wing. Even if, deep down, they believed that Phoenix Rain couldn’t use that Spell again within a short time, they dared not take their chances.

Everlasting City’s competition was about which power could collect the most tokens. It wasn’t a fight to the death. So long as they survived, they would have more opportunities to collect tokens.

“Why did these people run away as soon as we arrived?” Hidden Soul was flabbergasted by the scene before her.

Once upon a time, Zero Wing was a pushover everyone dared to bully. Yet, it had now become an existence that everyone feared. Moreover, these were not ordinary players they were talking about, but experts from pseudo-apex powers. Hidden Soul found this situation truly unbelievable.

“Run? Not on my watch!”

As the various powers’ experts fled, Gentle Snow reached for the Chaos Windblade on her back and leaped into the air. Then, with the greatsword raised, she cast Chaos World, instantly creating a miniature world covering a 5,000-yard radius that was isolated from the outside world.

The Skill Gentle Snow had just activated was called Chaos World, one of the Chaos Windblade’s Additional Profound Skills. The Skill became much stronger after the Chaos Windblade was upgraded into a Divine Artifact. It now allowed Gentle Snow to create a realistic world comparable to Shi Feng’s Miniature Abyssal World. All enemies caught in the Chaos World would have their Basic Attributes and mobility heavily suppressed.

However, none of the players present was a weakling. They were all fifth-floor experts. Many were equipped with Fragmented Divine Artifacts, while some were even equipped with Divine Artifacts. The instant Gentle Snow activated Chaos World, many trapped players resisted it by using similar Skills. This greatly weakened the Chaos World’s suppressive effect, making it no longer capable of stopping players from fleeing.

It seems it’s still necessary to have Dragon’s Crown take action. When Shi Feng saw that Gentle Snow had failed to suppress the various powers’ experts, he decided to have Purgatory Jade’s group intervene.

There were only 40,000 players on Plot 095, while the battlefield he had chosen to land on had nearly 4,000 players. With how wary the various powers were of Zero Wing, he would have difficulty finding another big haul like this if he let these players escape.

However, before Shi Feng could give his command, Gentle Snow tightened her grip on the Chaos Windblade and swung it at the ground.

Suddenly, the Chaos World shattered, its countless fragments transforming into space-time storms that swept up everyone within its radius. Each space-time storm rivaled a Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill exerted to 100% potential. If targeted players couldn’t counter with a Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill exerted to 100% potential or a Peak Gold Combat Technique, they stood no chance against the space-time storms.

Gentle Snow’s complexion visibly paled after she completed her attack. It was obvious the attack had taken quite a toll on her Concentration. However, her efforts were not in vain; her attack had annihilated over 80% of the players caught in her Chaos World. As for the survivors, only a small portion of them were unscathed; the rest suffered heavy injuries, retaining less than 30% of their HP and looking worse for wear.

Was that a Peak Gold Combat Technique? Shi Feng was surprised by Gentle Snow’s attack, which was not much weaker than Phoenix Rain’s All-Consuming Fire.

Although Shi Feng did not know the exact rank of the combat technique Gentle Snow had just used, he knew it had reached the Peak Gold standard at the minimum. He even felt it could rival Ink Crystal’s serious attack.

How interesting, Purgatory Jade thought in admiration, a hint of approval coloring her eyes as she looked at Gentle Snow. Kowloon Demon and I should be the only ones in the team who can fully block this technique. It’s a pity it places such a heavy burden on its user. If she could use it repeatedly, she would stand a chance against Kowloon Demon and me.

Subsequently, the tokens owned by the 3,000-plus players Gentle Snow killed appeared in her bag space. This, in turn, caused a drastic change to Plot 095’s ranking list.

Plot 095 Team Ranking List1st – Zero Wing – 8,426 Tokens

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