Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3869 - 943 - Primordial Dragon Transformation

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Chapter 943 – Primordial Dragon Transformation

“Big Sis Jade, what do you think Guild Leader Black Flame is trying to do?” Kowloon Demon asked, dumbfounded by Shi Feng’s actions.

Logically, based on the current situation in Plot 079, there shouldn’t be anyone outside the four royal powers who would dare to get close to Ink Crystal’s tokens, let alone snatch them. Yet, Shi Feng had snatched the tokens right under the four royal powers’ noses…

Although the four royal powers currently did not have any sixth-floor experts present, their Epic Siege Weapons more than made this shortcoming inconsequential. Any of these Epic Siege Weapons could easily quash a sixth-floor expert. Ink Crystal had already demonstrated this point to everyone.

“…” Purgatory Jade didn’t know how to answer Kowloon Demon.

Dragon’s Crown was a royal power. As one of Dragon’s Crown’s Vice Guild Leaders, Purgatory Jade knew very well that there was a qualitative gap between Epic Siege Weapons and sixth-floor experts. Even a force of a dozen sixth-floor experts would not be enough to fight one Epic Siege Weapon, much less four.

On the other side, when Shi Feng finished looting the tokens Ink Crystal dropped, the four royal powers’ representatives finally returned to their senses.

“Black Flame! You’ve done it now!” Slumbering Vocalist shouted, excitement welling up within him as he looked at Shi Feng. “Blood God’s Heaven! Activate Crimson Space! Do not let our dearest Guild Leader Black Flame escape!”

At Slumbering Vocalist’s command, the operators of Blood God’s Heaven, an Epic Siege Weapon wreathed in flames, promptly cast a crimson barrier on the area, isolating a 5,000-yard radius from the rest of the world. So long as Blood God’s Heaven’s energy reserves did not run out, players inside the barrier could never leave.

“So, you are the Guild Leader Black Flame whom Garuda spoke of,” Parting Forest said, slightly confused as he looked at Shi Feng. He couldn’t understand how Garuda had been defeated by Shi Feng, a person who seemingly valued his wealth over his life. “I’ll cut to the chase. Hand over your tokens to me, and the Thunder Empire will steer clear of this matter.”

Parting Forest did not harbor any hostility toward Shi Feng. On the contrary, he had a somewhat favorable impression of Shi Feng because of how frequently Garuda had spoken about the other party. If there weren’t three other royal powers competing over Ink Crystal’s tokens right now, he wouldn’t have minded letting Shi Feng go.

“So, you are Black Flame?” Jade Hunter was also slightly confused as she took in Shi Feng’s inconspicuous appearance. No matter how she looked at him, she couldn’t figure out how he had secured second place in the most recent Continental Championship and even traded blows with Ink Crystal.

Shi Feng’s actions were also perplexing. It wasn’t a secret that he shared a feud with Evil Nature and the Sun Dynasty. Yet, rather than avoid them, Shi Feng had foolishly appeared before them. For a moment, Jade Hunter even suspected that the person before her wasn’t Shi Feng but someone disguised as him.

How dare he? Daystar was stunned as she looked at Shi Feng.

As someone who had fought Shi Feng on several occasions, Daystar believed she understood him well. She knew that he wasn’t foolish and that he would never do anything if he wasn’t confident of success.

However, no matter how Daystar looked at it, Shi Feng’s action of snatching city tokens from four royal powers was tantamount to suicide. It was especially so when all four royal powers had mobilized an Epic Siege Weapon.

Before Daystar could recover from her shock, Slumbering Vocalist had already commanded Blood God’s Heaven to attack Shi Feng.

Blood God’s Heaven took a different approach than the Lightning Nation regarding offense. While the Lightning Nation relied on numbers to overwhelm its opponent, Blood God’s Heaven relied on raw power. Under the control of 1,000 of Evil Nature’s members, Blood God’s Heaven conjured a 10,000-meter-long Blood Spear and launched it at Shi Feng.

The Blood Spear could seemingly penetrate all things in existence. As it closed in on Shi Feng, it gathered the space within thousands of yards at its tip, distorting the surrounding space to an extreme extent and immobilizing all the players within the affected area.

The Blood Spear also carried power stronger than that of Phoenix Rain’s All-Consuming Fire. Even if a Tier 6 tank fully equipped with Divine Artifacts had activated their Lifesaving Skills, they would still die if they got hit by it.

Is he not going to escape? Daystar was very surprised to see Shi Feng doing nothing in the face of the Blood Spear.

Evil Nature’s Blood God’s Heaven was no stranger to the Holy Race’s royal powers. On the contrary, they were very familiar with it. This was because the various royal powers relied on their Epic Siege Weapons to deter one another. Hence, they all knew about the abilities of their opponents’ Epic Siege Weapons.

In the case of the Blood Spear conjured by Blood God’s Heaven, it had the power to destroy an entire world in the truest sense. Any player who dared to block it would have only one ending.

Soul Annihilation!

Of course, players in Everlasting City would not suffer Soul Annihilation due to the city’s Law Suppression. However, anyone struck by the Blood Spear would still suffer heavy injuries to their soul, which would require a long time to recover. In the Eternal Realm’s ever-changing times, such injuries would undoubtedly cause a player in the first echelon to fall to the second echelon. They would also miss out on many of the Eternal Realm’s opportunities.

This was also why Ink Crystal had withdrawn from the competition without hesitation. Although the Lightning Nation’s Lightning of Destruction was not as terrifying as the Blood God’s Heaven’s Blood Spear, she still wasn’t willing to take her chances.

“You could only look down on Evil Nature before because you had two sixth-floor experts with you! Let’s see who will save you now!” Slumbering Vocalist gloated, looking at Shi Feng contemptuously.

In Slumbering Vocalist’s opinion, Evil Nature’s previous loss to Zero Wing was only because of Purgatory Jade and Kowloon Demon. Now that Shi Feng was without allies in the barrier, his fate was sealed.

“Is that so?” As Shi Feng looked at the sneering Slumbering Vocalist, he activated Primordial Dragon’s Power.

Suddenly, Shi Feng felt unprecedented power burgeoning forth from the depths of his soul. Immediately afterward, he allowed Kalisha to possess him. Subsequently, he noticed that time around him seemed to have stopped, as everyone and everything in his surroundings had apparently frozen in place. Even the Blood Spear was no exception. Then, his body burst apart, and his Concentration and consciousness were magnified countless times.

From the outsiders’ point of view, Shi Feng had suddenly disappeared as all of this happened. However, immediately afterward, everyone in Everlasting City felt a tremor of fear from the depths of their souls.

Before anyone could react, a dragon nearly 10,000 meters long emerged from the void. The dragon’s claws were larger than even the floating islands that Plot 079 had become, and the dragon itself could easily overlook the entire Everlasting City.