Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3870 - 944 - Primordial Dragon’s Might

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Chapter 944 – Primordial Dragon’s Might

“A Dragon!”

“How can there be such a huge Dragon?”

“No! That’s not a Dragon! That’s a Primordial Dragon of legend!”

The players in Everlasting City were stunned when Shi Feng reappeared as a Primordial Dragon nearly 10,000 meters long. This was especially so for the players and powers observing the situation in Plot 079. They had never expected Zero Wing’s Guild Leader to have such a trump card.

“A Primordial Dragon?” Endless Scars, who was spectating the situation from a different plot of land, was similarly stunned.

A Primordial Dragon!

Anyone who had bothered to learn about God’s Domain would know that Primordial Dragons were existences comparable to Primordial Gods. In other words, they were among the strongest existences in God’s Domain.

“A Primordial Dragon!” From his hiding spot, Kowloon Demon gazed upon the mountainous figure in the distance with a look of disbelief. “Is this the trump card Guild Leader Black Flame has been hiding?”

In all honesty, despite Dragon’s Crown’s partnership with Zero Wing, Kowloon Demon had never taken Zero Wing seriously. After all, the two Guilds operated on completely different levels.

However, as Kowloon Demon looked at the Primordial Dragon before him, he suddenly felt that Zero Wing was like a bottomless abyss full of secrets. Its hidden foundations were simply terrifying.

“No, that’s not a real Primordial Dragon,” Purgatory Jade said, firmly denying Kowloon Demon’s statement. “It should only be an imitation. Guild Leader Black Flame must have used some means to transform into a lifeform resembling a Primordial Dragon. If it were a real Primordial Dragon, we wouldn’t even be able to look at it directly.”

“That’s true.” Kowloon Demon nodded as he looked at the Primordial Dragon before him. Although he felt suffocated simply being in its presence, this degree of intimidation was nowhere near that of a real Primordial Dragon.

The Primordial Dragons of legend were akin to Primordial Gods. Even a remnant trace of a Primordial Dragon’s aura could immobilize Tier 6 players, let alone one that came directly from the source. Although the Primordial Dragon before him exuded an oppressive aura, it still wasn’t powerful enough to immobilize Tier 6 players.

“So what if you can transform into a Primordial Dragon?! Can you block the full might of Blood God’s Heaven?!” Although Slumbering Vocalist was inwardly shocked to see Shi Feng transformed into a Primordial Dragon, his expression remained calm as he looked at the descending Blood Spear.

The all-out attack of an Epic Siege Weapon exceeded the Tier 6 Limit standard and could injure even Taboo Bosses. Shi Feng’s imitation of a Primordial Dragon might seem intimidating, but it was nothing more than a glorified Tier 6 creature. It was not strong enough to block an attack that exceeded the Tier 6 threshold.

However, as Slumbering Vocalist spoke, Shi Feng, who had transformed into a Primordial Dragon, swiped his claw at the descending Blood Spear.


A thundering boom echoed across Everlasting City, while a powerful shockwave shattered the remains of Plot 079 and sent the debris flying to nearby plots of land.

After blocking the Blood Spear, Shi Feng staggered backward and crashed into a nearby plot of land, his claw trembling. His visible HP bar also fell by nearly 3%.

As expected of an Epic Siege Weapon. An imitation of a Primordial Dragon isn’t enough to match it in Strength. Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at his trembling claw.

After transforming into a Primordial Dragon, his Life Rating had risen to the limits of Tier 6 creatures. Nonetheless, he couldn’t match an Epic Siege Weapon in raw power.

However, compared to Shi Feng, the members of the various royal powers were even more shocked by this development.

“He lost only 3% HP?! How much Strength does this imitation Primordial Dragon have?!” Holy Blood’s jaw dropped when he saw how little damage Shi Feng had sustained.

As an executive of the Sun Dynasty, Holy Blood knew full well how frightening Epic Siege Weapons were. It was not an exaggeration to say they could destroy entire worlds in one hit. Yet, Blood God’s Heaven’s attack had barely damaged Shi Feng. If no Epic Siege Weapons were deployed in this competition, nobody could compete with Shi Feng.

“So what if you can take a hit?! You will still die to Blood God’s Heaven’s power!” When Slumbering Vocalist saw that Shi Feng was still alive and healthy, he commanded Blood God’s Heaven to launch another attack.

Immediately, Blood God’s Heaven conjured another 10,000-meter-long spear and sent it flying toward Shi Feng.

“That remains to be seen.” When Shi Feng saw another Blood Spear descending toward him, he swung his dragon claw again. Only this time, his claw transformed into 12 sword lights that converged on the Blood Spear.

Gold Combat Technique, Twelve Extreme Slashes!

Suddenly, a powerful impact resembling a planetary explosion shook Everlasting City. However, even after the Blood Spear disappeared, Shi Feng’s body remained in place, and his HP did not decrease.

“Impossible!” Slumbering Vocalist’s eyes widened in shock when he saw that Shi Feng had taken no damage.

Just a moment ago, Blood God’s Heaven’s Blood Spear could still damage Shi Feng. But now, it couldn’t even stagger him, let alone damage him.

Before Slumbering Vocalist could recover from his shock, Shi Feng executed Twelve Extreme Slashes again, targeting the imposing mechanical weapon operated by Evil Nature’s members.


Blood God’s Heaven shook when struck by the 12 sword lights, the barrier covering its surfaces flickering and cracking slightly. However, the Epic Siege Weapon’s energy reserves quickly restored the barrier to its original state.

The defensive capabilities of Epic Siege Weapons are truly incredible. No wonder they were used against Taboo Bosses back then. When Shi Feng saw that Blood God’s Heaven remained intact, he couldn’t help marveling at its defensive capabilities.

His Strength in his current form undoubtedly reached the limits of the Tier 6 standard. When he paired this Strength with a Gold Combat Technique, he could exhibit power matching that of Pseudo-Tier 7 Skills and Spells. Under normal circumstances, he could send even Taboo Bosses flying. Yet, his attack had barely exceeded Blood God’s Heaven’s defensive threshold. If any other Tier 6 player were standing in his shoes, they’d have no hope of overcoming its defenses. Even a sixth-floor expert fully equipped with Divine Artifacts would be no exception.

“Parting Forest! Jade Hunter! Daystar! Are you still going to stand there and do nothing?! He has snatched Ink Crystal’s tokens! With his current strength, he can easily break through the barrier! We won’t be able to find him again once he escapes!” Slumbering Vocalist shouted, seeking aid from the three other royal powers when he saw that Shi Feng could match Blood God’s Heaven.

“It seems this is the only way.”

Parting Forest, Jade Hunter, and Daystar exchanged looks with one another. They understood that should they remain passive, not only would they be letting Shi Feng leave with over 30,000 Everlasting City Tokens, but they would also become a joke to all powers participating in the competition.

Immediately, the representatives of the Thunder Empire, the Sun Dynasty, and Ninth Street commanded their Epic Siege Weapons to attack Shi Feng.