Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure-Chapter 740 Forced to leave

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Chapter 740 Forced to leave

?Early the next morning, I was on a carriage that was heading to the Dwarven Kingdom.

I didn't even get a chance to rest the night before, but it wasn't for the reason that one might think it was for...

It wasn't that my wives would miss me and they wanted to get a late night session in before I left.

Rather, they worked into the night to prepare everything that I would need to head to the Dwarven Kingdom.

Rose prepared everything that I would need to give to the Dwarven King and the other dwarven family heads.

Haley prepared all the goods that I would need for this trip, along with all kinds of goods that I could use as bribes if needed...namely a bunch of booze.

Cecilia gathered the strongest knights that we had, the ones that had been trained with the wyverns.

With this lineup that they prepared, it was almost as if they were preparing to invade the Dwarven Kingdom.

If it wasn't for the fact that Elsa was coming along, then one might really think that we were there to invade.

As for the side of our own kingdom, Angela would be heading back to the capital to take care of the king and the fourth prince.

She had been in the capital when I had left, but she had come to my territory during my outing to the different kingdoms. It was so that she could grow closer with Rose and the others, so that things would be harmonious in the future.

But now, she was heading back to make sure that the king and the fourth prince wouldn't stop me from heading to the Dwarven Kingdom.

The way that she looked as she prepared to head to the capital, I even felt sorry for the king and the fourth prince.

But then again, I was also scared of the other girls as well.

They had wanted to ride full on into the Dwarven Kingdom on wyverns, but I knew that this would send the wrong message.

If anyone saw a bunch of wyvern riders coming, then they would have thought that it was a full on invasion.

So that was why I had insisted on this carriage.

Though once we were out of the city, I felt something pick up my carriage.

I looked up to find that it was Cecilia's wyvern.

That wyvern was holding the carriage in its claws and it had lifted us high up into the air, but it was clear that this was something that she had done arbitrarily. After all, the horses that were tied to the carriages were still strapped to the carriage and dangling in the air.

They were kicking at the air out of fear, but there was nowhere that they could go.

So eventually, they tired themselves out and stopped struggling.

Cecilia just didn't care about any of this as she had her wyvern carry the carriage.

I could see that all around me, the other wyverns had also lifted the other carriages in the same manner. Just like this, we were all lifted into the air and were traveling much faster than before.

But there was a bitter smile that appeared on my face when I saw this.

I shouted up at Cecilia, "Wasn't the plan to take the carriage to the border and then bring the wyverns out? If we go like this, they'll surely misunderstand our intentions."

Cecilia just calmly said, "We'll be dropping you off near the border so that won't happen. We were traveling just too slowly before, so I decided that we needed to go a bit faster."

The bitter smile on my face became even more bitter when I heard this.

I really didn't know what had gotten into her, but it seemed like there was no way of talking her out of this.

However, the way that they did all of this…

It was almost as if I was being driven out of my own town.

It was like I was being forced to go to the Dwarven Kingdom as soon as possible.

I really couldn't understand why they were so desperate to send me to the Dwarven Kingdom as soon as possible.

No, that was a lie…

I did understand why they wanted me to head there as soon as possible since they had made it very clear last night why they wanted me to go there. I just never thought that they would be so headstrong about all of this.

This…weren't they being a bit too rash?

Weren't they being a bit too forceful?

Was it really that important to them?

I don't think I would ever understand how important something like this was to a woman, but it seemed like it was very important to them.

So the only thing that I could do was go along with them.

very important to them.

So the only thing that I could do was go along with them.

With the speed of the wyverns, it took us no time at all to reach the border.

Though…we did cause quite a bit of panic with the way that we were traveling.

It was mainly because our wyverns were flying so quickly that most of the villages under us thought that we were coming to attack them. Even if they were used to wyverns, most wyverns would slow down around villages to show that they meant no harm.

With the way that Cecilia did this, I was certain that it would cause a large commotion in the capital.

I could only look forward to being scolded when I came back.

Once we reached the border, she dropped us down like she had promised, but Cecilia still forced us to keep going even though it was already night time.

Normally, we wouldn't have been allowed past the border since it was already this late.

However, that was where Elsa came into play.


With her status, she was able to convince the border guards to open the gate for us even if they looked at us with strange looks.

It seemed that it wasn't just our capital that I had to apologize in, it seemed that I would also need to apologize in the Dwarven Kingdom's capital…

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