Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure-Chapter 739 Get going already!

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Chapter 739 Get going already!

The moment that I appeared back in the priest's office, I found someone grabbing my hand.

When I came back to my senses, I saw that it was the priest who had grabbed me.

He was holding my hand tightly, but it wasn't for the reason that one might have thought it would be for.

He grabbed my hand with both his hands and lifted it up in front of his face, turning it around a few times as if he was looking for something special. It seemed that his attention was focused on the Mark of God that was on my hand.

After fully coming back to my senses, I asked him, "What happened?"

The priest didn't seem to hear me at first, but he reacted when I asked this a second time.

The priest was still looking at my hand as he said, "There was a sudden white flash of light before you disappeared without a trace. I had no idea where you were, so I was waiting for you to come back the entire time."

I was surprised to hear this since I never thought that the gods would pull me directly into their space like that.

I thought that they would have only pulled my mind in like last time, but that didn't seem to be the case.

But then again, the problem was with my body…so it wasn't strange if they pulled all of me in so they could see what was wrong with my body.

While I was lost in thought like this, I found that the priest was still staring at my hand.

It was only then that I realized that my hand was still glowing as it was being raised towards the cross.

I pulled back my hand to the disappointment of the priest and when that happened, the light that had been coming from the Mark of God on my hand disappeared.

It seemed that only when it was near the cross like that would it glow like this.

Since I had already gotten the information that I wanted, I wanted to head back so I could discuss this with Rose and the others.

The only problem was that the priest didn't seem like he wanted to let me go.

It seemed like he wanted to keep analyzing the mark on my hand, but I didn't feel good about the way that he was looking at my hand. There was a strong feeling of rejection that was coming from inside of me that wanted to get away from here.

So in the end, I was able to convince the priest to let me go.

I didn't hesitate at all to leave his office while he just looked at me with a longing look as I left.

I had known the priest for a while now, but I never thought that he would have this kind of hidden personality…

Was it because he was a priest and he liked…

No, I shouldn't bring that kind of joke from my past life to this world or else it might actually become true. After all, this was a game that was created by people in my past life that were influenced by those jokes…

So it might actually already be in the game…

I quickly threw this thought out of my mind and went back to my manor.

This time, I just rushed there instead of leisurely walking back to the manor, so the people that tried to talk to me left me alone when they saw how much of a rush I was in.

When I arrived back at the manor, the first person that I saw was Cecilia.

She seemed like she had just gotten up with how she was dressed.

When she saw me coming in, there was a blush that appeared on her face since she didn't want to be caught like this. Her eyes showed that her thoughts were running fast until she suddenly decided to come forward towards me.

However, I didn't like the way that she was moving towards me.

Especially the way that she was raising her fists…

It almost seemed like…

"Erase the evidence. Forget what you saw."

She didn't even bother hiding it as she said it right to my face.

A bitter smile appeared on my face when I heard this as I quickly started moving away from Cecilia, but that didn't work since she was faster than me in the first place.

The only thing that I could do was try to distract her by saying, "Where are the others? There's something important that I want to discuss with you all."

Cecilia stopped for a second to look at the expression on my face.

When she saw how serious I was, she stopped trying to beat me up and went off to gather the others.

In the end, it took close to half an hour before all of us were gathered.

The ones that were gathered were the ones that I was married to. The fiancees were still waiting outside since I wanted to discuss this with my wives first.

After taking a deep breath, I told them what Solista told me.

When it was over, I just waited to see what their reaction would be.

But to my surprise…

"What are you still doing here? Get going already!" That was the first thing that Rose said to me as soon as I finished telling them the story.

I looked at her with a shocked look before turning to look at the other two, but I found that they were also looking at me in the same way.

I didn't know what to say, but there was nothing that I could say as Rose dragged me outside to where my fiancees were waiting.

I didn't even get to say anything as she told them the same story that I had told the three of them.

Once they were finished, Angela was the one that said, "What are you still doing here? Get going already!"

All of the others nodded in agreement to this.

The only thing that I could do was reveal a bitter smile.

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