Since The Red Moon Appeared-Chapter 482 - : I’ll protect you _1

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Chapter 482: I’ll protect you _1

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When Lu Xin said this in a serious tone, the atmosphere around them changed.

Everyone looked at Lu Xin with a strange expression.

It was as if he had suddenly become speechless.

It was as if he was trying to make sure Lu Xin wasn’t joking.

Lu Xin felt uncomfortable under her gaze. He touched his face subconsciously and found that his expression had not changed.

“What’s the matter?”

Captain, did you just say the kid from qingang?

“Because she insisted on coming out to look for you. Qingang is in complete chaos,” the lizard said.

when we set off, old Chen was crying so hard that he slapped his grandson.

who came to ask for pocket money. into his office to do his homework. The big Sisters in the service team insisted on forming a suicide team to follow them, and it was not easy to persuade them …

“You can say that qingang had no other way to make her stay other than to die with her. That’s why we made her join our team to help you. Even so, those old professors still repeatedly asked us to have big breasts … The respected team leader Chen has made several oaths to bring her back safely

Lu Xin was a little taken aback by the lizard’s seemingly simple words, “”And then?”

if we can bring back the treasure of qingang in one piece, we should be thanking the gods …

“In the end, not only did you really see her as your own team member Gecko said with a strange look in his eyes.

you still want her to exert her strongest influence? ‘

“This …

Lu Xin was unable to react to such a complicated situation.

Wasn’t doll also a wage earner?

He did not know how to answer and subconsciously glanced at Chen Jing.

Then, he found that Chen Jing was frowning at this time, as if she was also in a state of doubt.

From her expression, it seemed that Chen Jing had agreed with the gecko’s opinion for the first time.

Looking at drunkard again, he saw that the old man was also slowly unscrewing the thermos cup with a thoughtful look on his face.

The brat next to him was focused on playing games, but his ears were perked up.

“I didn’t think too much about it.’

Lu Xin thought that his suggestion was probably inappropriate, so he explained with a smile, “‘1 1 just feel that we’re facing such a troublesome problem right now. They released a mysterious pollution and surrounded

Happy Town. If we don’t use a more direct pollution to lure them away, we’ll have to infiltrate them first and investigate them bit by bit.” those people all have guns, and they’re not in their right minds. It’s dangerous to get in touch with them …

“Of course, the most important thing is to waste time.” the church of technology has been making preparations for a long time in

Happy Town. If we don’t go in now, I’m afraid …

Lu Xin’s explanation was very detailed and reasonable.

However, when everyone heard this, they still had an indescribable strange feeling.

Did he really treat doll as a member?

“That’s the truth . . .

Chen Jing saw Lu Xin’s gaze on her and frowned. She slowly opened her mouth and said, ” in theory, doll can solve our problem and save us a lot of time. But the problem is, doll is the person Qing gang cares about the most. In Qing gang, her every move needs the signatures of professor Chen, professor

Bai, and at least two other people.

now, we haven’t tested her ability for nearly three years, so we don’t know what her limit is …

what if the consequences are too terrifying after she releases the suppression

Hearing Chen Jings words, Lu Xin finally understood what their worries were.

“l support little soldier’s suggestion,”

At this moment, drunkard, who was holding a thermos cup, suddenly looked up and said seriously, ”

Chen Jing suddenly looked at her in surprise.

Even Lu Xin and Gecko were surprised to see her young and energetic face.

The girl’s expression was unusually calm and capable at this time. She slowly turned her head to look at Chen Jing and whispered, ” old Chen, I don’t have as many burdens as you do. I’m just thinking about how to solve this problem as soon as possible. I’m just thinking that since the church of technology is here, they must have found out about the ins and outs of qinggang, or they think they have.

they probably know that we don’t have a countermeasure and that we can only be led by the nose or even led into their trap. So. 1 think that at this time …

“Using doll’s influence is actually a strange move.”

the best way to fight against large- scale pollution is to cover the area with pollution. This principle has been proven many times.

besides, the influence of the doll can be controlled to a certain extent, and it can also ensure that those people can return to normal after they have a miscarriage.

“.. Of course, the relationship between husband and wife might be slightly affected! ”

“I admit that doll’s ability is very suitable, but everything related to doll must be carefully considered.”

Chen Jing heard drunkard’s words and immediately asked, “In our opinion, letting doll deal with this problem is the best solution. But have you ever thought that the church of technology released such a large area of pollution to lure doll out? ‘

Drunkard chuckled and that, did you think that Dolly would come out?”

Chen Jing was silent.

Drunkard continued,”before that, can you bear to let Dolly use her full strength?”

Chen Jing was silent again.

Drunkard slowly took a sip of wine and said with a smile, ” if we can’t even think of it, how could the church of technology think of it? ‘

“Besides …”

Slowly, she tightened the thermos flask and turned to Lu Xin. even if the church of technology is prepared, aren’t there still soldiers? ‘

“I believe he can protect Dolly.”

Chen Jing took a deep breath and no longer spoke.

She waved her hand to the crowd, indicating that she needed some time to think.

He slowly turned around and walked to the edge of the mountain, then raised his head and looked down.

At the foot of the mountain, gunshots could be heard from time to time. Armed vehicles full of people were driving around in the wilderness, full of killing intent.

Chen Jing slowly lowered her head, only a thin back could be seen.

“This …

Lu Xin did not expect Chen Jing to be put in such a difficult position by his suggestion.

He could tell that she was probably deep in thought through various aspects, so he did not want to disturb her. He only thought to himself silently if there was any other way to solve this problem besides getting doll to help.

“I’ve decided.’

However, before Lu Xin could start thinking, Chen Jing suddenly turned her head and spoke with determination.

Lu Xin lowered his head to look at his watch in shock. It had only been less than 20 seconds.

“Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.”

After Chen Jing made her decision, her expression suddenly became very relaxed, but her voice sounded very bold, ” I’ve given it a lot of thought. From many aspects, I think it’s worth the gamble, be it the urgency of our mission, the ability Test for doll, or the safety of the armed forces at the gathering point …

She paused and changed her words. “A decision to take a gamble!”

“Pfft …

The lizard, who was drinking water from the cup, almost choked. “Team leader, you’ve thought about it for so long and decided to take a gamble?”

Chen Jing looked at him coldly. I’ve made this decision after going through a deep scientific thought.

The lizard shrank its head and said in a low voice, “‘Do we still need to report this to the higher-ups?”

“No need,”

“After all, time is of the essence,” Chen Jing replied.

“Although it’s dangerous to do this, I think we have a good chance of winning,” he added.

The lizard couldn’t help but mumble,”it’s more like a gamble.”

This time, Chen Jing, the drunkard, Lu Xin, and the brat all turned around and glared at him.

I didn’t expect the leader to be so decisive when he made a decision despite his hesitation …

Lu Xin sighed.

Even he did not expect to be able to make a decision without reporting to the headquarters.

However, he had to admit that the team leader’s decision made sense. If he really asked the headquarters, the possibility of being rejected would be higher.

After all, he was a child from qingang.

But no matter what, it was good that he had agreed.

He looked at doll and said, ” then, shall we discuss the specific work? ‘

Chen Jing looked at him deeply and nodded: “”Alright,” he said.

Ten minutes later, Lu Xin and doll were in the modified car that belonged to the church of technology.

He was the driver while doll sat in the front passenger seat.

The two of them drove out of the mountain area and headed straight to Happy Town along the old and cracked road.

Doll had no idea what was going on. She only realized that the person who had come out with her had disappeared and Lu Xin was the only one left by her side. Thinking about it carefully, this was the first time they had been together since she had met Lu Xin.

Slowly, she turned to look at Lu Xin. She took off her mask and smiled.

take off your mask as soon as you get the chance …

Lu Xin thought to himself, it seems like the service crew was right. She really doesn’t like the feeling of wearing a mask …

Then, he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that they were getting closer and closer to the tents of the armed gathering point.

He said to doll,

“You’ve been suppressing yourself on purpose, right? is it because you’re worried that you’ll hurt others?”

“It’s okay this time. Not only can you take off your mask, but you can also take off anything you don’t like.”

The doll was taken aback by Lu Xin’s words.

She turned to Lu Xin in disbelief, her eyes widening.

“Yes, 1 am.”

Lu Xin was amused by her dazed expression. He nodded with a smile and confirmed his words before saying, ” because we’re working this time, we’re doing something serious. So, you don’t have to worry about hurting others. “Of course, you don’t have to worry about others hurting you.”

He turned to look into doll’s eyes and said in a serious be here to protect you..”